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[The Dressing Room has a sick sense of humor. Zack's finally been hit with his early Halloween costume, though it's less of a costume and more just injuries. The injuries that killed him back home to be exact. They don't hurt, and he's not in any real danger. But it's probably a little disturbing. Especially to those who know and love him.]

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[Zack's in one of the hallway's of the apartment building tonight. Or, more accurately, he's leaving the room of one NPC female of the DR after a mutual one night stand. What, most people here already know of his reputation. There's no need to be surprised.

He just pauses to pull his shirt back on before heading back to his place. Kahn is probably waiting for him.]

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[There are two things Zack knows right now. One: It's valentines day. And two: He cant find his girlfriend.

So of course, he is now looking for said girlfriend, so he can spoil her silly. The flowers he's carrying as he searches are just the beginning.]

5 Feb 2011 11:47 am
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[Has the temperature started getting warmer yet? Yes? No?

Well in any case, it doesn't matter to Zack! As he has found a surfboard! And he intends to use it, no matter what temperature it is.

Which is why you'll find him in the beach room, wasting his time by having fun. Such a good hero in training he is.]

6 Nov 2010 03:16 pm
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[Well it's been a while since this guy's been seen here. But at least he doesn't seem too surprised or stressed about being back. He actually seems rather calm and happy about it.

He glances at the friendship bracelet on his wrist, before deciding to go see if the people he knew from last time are still here.]

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[It seems that the dressing room has taken Zack during the middle of his training, now stumbling as he finds that he's now striking nothing but air.]

H-Hey! Where'd everyone go?

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[Arrivals from the future DR usually come in fighting. But not this time.

No. The 33 year old Zack and, very large dog walking beside him have no problems at the moment except for the fact that, they're no longer in their time.

Also they're hungry. To the kitchen!]

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[ [info]Vanitas , [info]Ven and [info]Zack . This dance and music. All three looking very much like they do not want to be here.

Ven = Zidane.

Vanitas = Bartz.

Zack = Squall. ]

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[Zack's currently in the kitchen, gulping down a bottle of water. Looks like he might have overdone it in his training today. His hands and wrists are taped up, suggesting he went a few rounds with a punching bag, and he's also lacking a shirt. It just got too hot to wear it. And sweaty. He's kind of in need of a shower.

But at least his training's paying off. He's gained a bit of muscle. And he's much more defined than before as well. Maybe that's the real reason he abandoned his shirt. He never has been a modest one.]

5 Aug 2010 03:16 am
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[Zack can be found in the kitchen this morning, wearing only his pajama pants. He's currently fishing a carton of orange juice out of the fridge. And he will waste no time in drinking from it. He doesn't need a glass if he's finishing it off, right?]
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[Hear that sound coming from that room over there? That's the sound of music. Rather classical sounding music. Those curious enough to have a look inside will find a large room filled with couches and tables. On said tables are tea sets and food. Mostly sweets, cake and sandwiches.

They'll also find two Zack's. One younger and one [livejournal.com profile] didibecomeahero  Neither of them seem all too happy to be here, but are unable to leave.]

[ooc: I'm enabled way too easily. Basically, it's like a host club. The Zack's have to entertain any girl who comes into the room. Just keep them happy. Any guys who come into the room will also be forced to stay and entertain clients which means thread hopping is not only allowed but encouraged! Have fun!]
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[See that open door over there? Anyone who goes to have a look, will find quite a sight. Should anyone venture further in, they may find one, or possibly more, very lifelike crystal figures.
Go on. Take a closer look. They're just statues. Right?

[ooc: Yes I am obsessed. You dont have to tell me. Okay. The person you get can be anyone from this list. They'll wake up from their crystal state when someone approaches. Go ahead and pick whoever you want. ^^]
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[He's always been one to try to keep his promises. And this is no different.

Which is why Zack's in one of the outdoor rooms, working on a flower cart.

And Kahn is lying down nearby chewing on a bone.]
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[Anyone walking into this particular part of the DR had better be prepared, cause there's quite the fight going on. There's several Heartless there of various strengths, and they're all attacking that young man and his dog.

However, both the man and the dog dont seem to be having much trouble. Just a little injury now and then. They've had worse.

Still, anyone is welcome to help if they think the sort of newcomers could use it.]

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4 Mar 2010 03:01 pm
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[It's lunch time. And, like most people at lunch time, Zack can now be found in the kitchen, making something to eat.

So far, it looks like he's working on making one big sandwich.]
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[Seems Zack overdid it with training today, cause he's now pretty much passed out on a couch. Though this happens often so it's not that strange.

The strange part, is the little German Shepard puppy tugging at Zack's hair to try to get his attention.
Zack groans and opens an eye to look at the puppy.]

...This is gonna happen a lot isn't it?


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[Zack can be found doing squats in the Olympus coliseum room today. He's been doing this for a while now too. But really, he just came in here to think. Just decided to get some squats done at the same time.

But, from the frown on his face, whatever he's thinking about has him worried. Or just upset.]
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[Well. This was bound to happen eventually. Seeing as so many people like watching this guy freak out, of course the DR finds it amusing as well.

Which is why Zack is now carrying a baby. And actually managing to not flail!

But when the baby starts crying, well, of course Zack is going to start freaking out. He doesn't know what to do!!!

Help pleeeeaaaaase!]
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[Should anyone be walking by the training room, they'll probably see a very grumpy looking puppy walking out of it...]

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[There's a Zack, leaning against the a wall over there. Seems to be waiting for someone.

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