2 Jun 2010 10:01 pm
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[This Yuffie is from a world where Heartless are like Pokemon. She is a hardcore Heartless trainer and travels all around to capture different types of Heartless. She carries around Shadow with her everywhere she goes. (Just like with Ash and Pikachu) Right now she's a little confused but she's used to traveling around the world. Shadow is currently on her shoulder looking around with her. She knows who everyone is in both the KH and FF7 series so don't be shy to talk to her!]

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[ A young six years old Yuffie is walking around, not really paying attention, and ... she trips. She gets up hurriedly, brushing the dirt off her knees and pants as she glances around this place, but not without teary eyes. ]
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... Cloud?

Guys? This isn't funny! Everyone's staring at me like they've heard this joke a million times.

5 Jan 2009 12:49 am
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(Falling from the ceiling; is a new Yufi. Crashing on the floor of one of the hall's of the dressing room wasn't her exact plan. Getting up and rubbing the dust off her self, a mad expression was drawn.)

Erg.....This better not be one of cid's nasty jokes!!!

(Yuffie seems quite tempered of her unexpected welcome to the dressing room.)

[OOC; new yuffie; and she's hear to stay. and of course; she's KH verse.  Of course she can kick butt with her Weapon's and magic. 8D)

1 Dec 2008 06:28 pm
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[Hey guess what we haven't seen in a while, it's a Yuffie]

I feel like I've had a three month long nap...

[>_>] Then again knowing this place-

Wondered what I missed while I was out cold.
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[So the dressing room's got some sort of weird sense of humour, apparently. This Yuffie is now dressed as Kim Possible. Taking the outfit off in favour of something else hasn't worked so well, so she's just going to go along with it. She's currently in a kitchen, standing in front of the fridge, opening and closing the door and staring in wonder.]

The is much better than the ice-boxes I'm used to! How's the light turn off?

[Open. Shut. Ooooopen. Shuuuuuuuuuuuut.]
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[All of a sudden a door bursts open. A Yuffie rushes out of it, pointing in front of her.]

You have money!

... Wait, where'd the street go?

[She's in a strange dress, a rope of pearls round her neck and a band with feathery things sticking out of it round her head.]

[[ooc: What happens when you cross a webcomic about cats in the Prohibition Era and Kingdom Hearts? This, obviously. She's taken from this page. Feel free to pick up someone else!

P.S. No she's not a cat. Also tags later when I get back. Alsoalso I suck when it comes to usernames. D:]]


24 Sep 2008 11:11 am
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Which way is Wutai?

Who stole my bike?


[since [livejournal.com profile] squareenixparty isn't going anywhere... sigh]
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[is more or less fascinated by the new addition to her his body.]

83 I'm a boy now!  This means I can finally play with the other boys and not have to worry about Cloud or Leon threatening to hurt them if they hurt me!

COOL. I got one problem though. How do I go to the bathroom?

1 Aug 2008 02:44 am
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[Mirror!Yuffie is currently sitting on a table somewhere, merrily observing everyone.] I hear we have over 1500 people now. My my.

SO! Is this place still going to hell in a handbasket, or have some decent people showed up? Dead or alive, or something out of one those fairytales, doesn't matter to me. This place is so interesting at times. Live entertainment, better than tv, with twice the drama. Queenie would like some of you, almost as good as us mirrors.

Don't tell me everybody's still having tons of different relationships with everybody else just because they can't keep Mr.Happy tucked away. Just tell me that someone has the foresight to warn the kids and keep them away, unless you WANT them to grow up to be mass murderers and psychos.

That's how it alllll starts, you know. One traumatizing experience, next thing you know, whackity whackity~ 
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[Yuffie is merrily dragging pillows to a spot in front of the nearest bookcase in the library, and making a line of them from the bookcase to a nearby couch. She keeps leaving and returning with more pillows until she finally decides there's enough of them.]

Well, if Peter Pan can do it, so can I!

[With that, she carefully tightens her cape, and proceeds to climb a very tall bookcase. When she reaches the top, she stands up, takes a deep breath, and yells "Here goes!" before jumping.]
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O-Oi what the heck?
[blinks about, may notice she is lacking in shirt and only has bandages over her chest- vest in her hand]

This must be some joke right? Did someone kidnap me?
Augh, no way- I'm an awesome ninja, there's no way that could happen to me again. [small twitch]

Maaaaaaaan, and Vince had just gotten everything sorted out too...

[ooc:Mostly OC post DoC Yuffie, but uh she had an incident while snooping about Deep Ground at one point- which makes her slightly more cautious of things...you may be able to figure out what happened by her icons FFFFFFFF-ohgodgoingtohell]
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[There is a little girl, about 8 years old, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, and  wandering around the room dragging a stick behind her.]

...I want some ice cream. A big sundae, with lots of syrup, nuts, and whipped cream.  Someone get me one, please. Or tell me where I can find the kitchen.
I got some gummi worms to put on it. A big kid with grey hair let me whack some pinatas, so I got plenty of candy now.  :D
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Note to self. Never drink again, ever, in your whole life, at any point. Ever. Ever. Urgh. I feel worse than when I was kidnapped by that rapist and turned upside down.

This suuuuucks.

[holds head in pain.]

Bwuhhhh. How long does this laaaaast.

[faceplants in the couch with her arm dangling over one side]

3 Jun 2008 04:29 pm
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[There's a Yuffie coming into the dressing room, via a mirror.]

Hmm. Well, this isn't the other side of the mirror. But it's so very entertaining all the same. I've been watching you all. So much drama, so much angst~ You guys could give Linda a run for her money. Hell, even the mansion residents aren't as bad as you guys, just twice as silly and a lot less self-sacrificing.

Let's stir things up a bit, shall we? [With that, she grins in a very not-nice way, hooks her thumbs into her pockets, rocks on her heels, and begins to sing, almost mockingly.]

Move out the way when I'm passing through.
I got heads to the front and the back of you.
I got the world in my hands you can have it, too.
I got two middle fingers and they're pointing at you.

I'm the messiah, I'm anti-celebrity,
I'm anti-war like John Lennon in the seventies.
Dead celebs the movement, you're the students.
It's time to change the world kids.
Here's the blueprint.
Something smells like teen spirit,
like the ghost of Kurt Cobain wrote these lyrics,
and forced America to listen,
with a million angry misfits screaming "fuck the system!".
I'm the pain in Axle Rose's diary.
That's why you know the type of destruction that lives inside of me.
I'm not your typical lyricist.
Acting gangster and selling on appearances.
They need to take a musicology class,
so thank God the prince has finally come back.
To save us from the wack sideshow.
I'm the anti american teen idol.

(ooc: Say hello to Mirror!Yuffie, who normally is very lazy in the mirror world. Here, she'll be a bit less lazy, causing mischief. Just don't invade her pillow port without invitation, you might get hurt. XD]
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Was there always a Chocobo stable behind this wall? It's outdoors but you go ten feet and the outdoors.... stop. There's like five of these guys.


They look hungry.

What a totally weirdtacular day.
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[in ur games romm, playin ur FFVII.]

This game sucks. These lameoid old timey graphics are from like the Atari Age, I swear.

They didn't capture my flawlessly graceful battle style or anything. And how come this big green thing keeps swimming into me? I totally don't remember meeting any demons like that.

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and where the heck is Cloud? He's got my Materia! I need those, okay?

3 Apr 2008 11:43 am
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I'm coming to get you, Leon. Watch out!

9 Mar 2008 11:07 pm
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[ GOING TO SLEEP~ Will reply after I wake, promise! ]


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