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[Well. This is not what he expected. Oh, well. He can deal with it. Scythe in hand, he'll walk along the hallways, inspecting them because, well, new location. Maybe he'll find some souls to eat, maybe he'll find something else interesting. Either way, it's time for him to explore.]
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[ Well, well. What have we here? The Dressing Room's resident feminine Heartless terror and darkness aficionado, of course. It's been quite a while since she's been seen, but she never left. She was only lurking in the shadows. There's no telling what she's out for tonight.

She's sitting on the bridge - on the handrail, specifically, with her legs crossed and a large, old book in her lap. She's been distracting herself with it for quite some time, carefully and meticulously tearing out pages. Several of those page are now floating along the surface of the river below. Hopefully they were nothing important. ]
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[ Three Xehanort had tried to track down Miss Kingdom Hearts, with certain difficulty. Namely, Rikunort, Ansem, and Master Xehanort. Although they failed, they noticed that many idiots, self proclaimed good guys fighting for the light, gathered into a room, protected that they couldn't enter. easy to guess what this room is all about.

As they tried to think about a mischief to do, they noticed a little girl leaving before the others idiots: Aqua. They wouldn't ask her what happened in there, it was fairly obvious. But they are going to give a message to all of the idiots gathered in there. And this message is going to be carried through by this little girl.

Before the others get out, the three Xehanort circle around the tiny Aqua. ]

((OOC: Anyone who was part of KH's reunion, feel free to react to that thread if you wish, it was locked to
[info]makeswayfinders but the big part of the scene is now completed.))
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[ There is a new room that appeared, and through a mistake you walked right into it. You might have thought you were going back to your bedroom, the living room, or another place, but it quickly appears to be obvious you walked into the wrong room. The first thing that probably caught your eyes once you were inside was [livejournal.com profile] crimson_leader sitting on a throne in the middle of the room, with a satisfied smirk on his face. If someone looked closely to the throne, it could be seen it was made of accumulated Unversed having taken together the shape of a throne.

Next to the door, a [livejournal.com profile] crimson_youth was leaning against the wall, looking outright bored. Now, if you were to look at the back of the room, you could probably spot a large window from where Kingdom Hearts could be seen, with a [livejournal.com profile] crimson_nobody standing next to it, watching the Kingdom Hearts with passion and love. Standing close to Xemnas was a man watching the Kingdom Hearts as well and holding a Dark Keyblade in his hand. This man looks very similar to [livejournal.com profile] crimson_vessel.

The left side of the room looked darker than the rest of it, probably due to the Heartless creeping around [livejournal.com profile] crimson_heartle the Seeker of Darkness. This man is having an intense discussion with a [livejournal.com profile] crimson_key in dark armor and holding the Keyblade of Hearts. On the right side of the room was a desk with various experiment reports and laboratories stuff. It appears [livejournal.com profile] crimson_student the Apprentice pierced yet another secret of the Darkness.

Having seen the content of that room, you might want to leave, especially if you are one of Xehanort's enemy. Unfortunately for you, the door closed right after you entered. If you look, there’s a text on the door reading:

“Xehanort Resting Room
Reserved for Master Xehanort and any of his Incarnations.”

Sorry. And, only the Xehanorts have the power to open back the door. ]

(( OOC: You don't need to be a Xehanort to post here, just to precise. Obviously there might be lots of spoilers in this post, and in the icons as well, so beware. It’s an open post, just pick who you wish to speak to (or don’t pick and I’ll pick for you). ))
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[Some of you may be enjoying the ball. Others may be doing whatever other habits might be seeming appropriate. But 'tis the season for darkness and shadow and where one or the other is, so too is Ansem. This particular one hasn't been here before, but that doesn't stop him as he steps quietly out of the shadows.

For those so inclined to sense such things, he's certainly dark, but whatever he is, he's no Heartless.]
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[It's another busy day in the dressing room. Here and there, people seem to be preoccupied with a number of things, be it research breakthroughs, sneaking around, or just trying to have some fun.

If one looked hard enough, they might find a [livejournal.com profile] darkenedgale lurking in the shadows, while a [livejournal.com profile] kindofazombie fights off a rather annoying Heartless in one of the larger areas.

There's a [livejournal.com profile] friendsarepower running through the hall with some misc art supplies, and a [livejournal.com profile] chosenwielder on the lookout for something... or someone.

Many others, too, seem to be busily enjoying or dreading their time in the dressing room. Best be careful who you run into.]

[ooc: Open post! Didn't feel like doing anything gimmicky, so feel free to pick any of my characters, preferably someone that isn't on the very bottom list (super inactive), though I may make exceptions, depending on the character. We'll see.

EDIT: Oh, and if you don't want to pick, I can just surprise you. :} And spoilers will be marked and spoiler icons won't be used 'til tables collapse, so don't worry about that.]

6 Apr 2010 10:02 pm
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How quaint.

[He mostly means the place in general, but passers-by are more than welcome to assume that he's talking about them, or some aspect of what they're doing. He certainly doesn't care after all. He'd probably find it rather amusing, actually.]
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How nostalgic...

[Look! It's Ansemku. Except...he's holding a different Keyblade than usual. Some may recognize it, in fact.]

I do wonder if this is some sort of elaborate joke. Then again, there's little merit in questioning this fortunate gift.

[And he said that all in his double!voice, laced with Billy Zane awesomeness. What does this mean? Is there something Ansemku knows that he isn't letting on? Either way, he seems entertained.]
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[ This room once housed a large, colorful ferris wheel, and nothing more. It seems now more components of a carnival have appeared - namely, a food station and a dozen games. Darts, skee ball, a strength tester, ring toss, milk bottles, and so much more. The prizes all seem to be stuffed toys, hanging from the roofs of the tents. But these aren't just animals. With those, humans, Heartless, and Nobodies dangle and sway, just waiting to be won. They won't budge if you try to take one, but the games are all free. Care to test your luck? ]

[[ooc; Multi-post! You play, you win a character. And I mean that. This list includes pretty much everyone I've ever played in the DR, so! Pick someone and I'll toss them to you! You can even pick from the inactive list, because I feel like using some of them. Or, you can ask for a random and it'll take me a little while to think of who to throw, but I'll get to those. Hell, I might even throw two if you want. This product brought to you by boredom.]]
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[Well now. Just when things were about to go quiet, it seems that there's a bit of liveliness in the dressing room. Some people are passing through the halls, perhaps stumbling upon weird rooms, getting lost, or just minding their own business in their favorite spots.

Either way, there's plenty of folks to pester and whatnot, some of which haven't shown their faces in ages.]

[ooc: Open post! The DR's been too quiet today, and I couldn't decide who to post with, SO. Pick anyone here, or anyone else you know I play, I guess. Just know that I'm more inclined to pick someone who's active as opposed to someone I haven't played in over a year.]
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[ Near the main room there is a spiral staircase that leads up through the ceiling. It's fashioned similarly to a set of lifts that more than a few people might recognize, with beams of light and holders to connect them at the corners. One could question its creation. Magic? Science? From a world where the two are so closely linked, you can never be sure. The stairs seem to go on forever, well over ten times the height of the main floor, and the reward of the climb is access to a chapel. There's no other door or exit, and the sole inhabitant of the room is kneeling down on one knee, her back to the entrance. ]

[ooc: Do be careful, she's in the market for a new host. Rikus should be especially cautious.]

1 Sep 2009 04:29 pm
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[Ansem has, as of late, been unseen in the dressing room. Today? Not so much. He's going around, pretending to be Riku, right down to the lack of doubled-voice. It seems he's looking for people. It can't be for any good reasons.]

Hey, anyone seen Kairi around? It's important.


30 Aug 2009 12:28 am
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[Someone looks depressed. Riku is tossing m&m's at a wall... He has a mighty big bowl of m&ms.. Looks like he can go on all night. Looks like he could use a hug too. ]


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[don't mind him, he's just sitting on a throne in an abandoned room with a couple of Roxae, Riku, Sora and Axel sitting on the floor around him. he's got Nox in his lap, and ... his Guardian is actually in his human form, taking a seat on one of the armrests.]

How weak-minded these all are. It's pathetic.

[and everyone but the two Rikus closest to him murmur a 'yes, sir'. B) ah, it's good to be king.]

[ooc; mindrape imminent. ... also you can fight him. :|b]

4 Aug 2009 09:12 pm
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[sudden burst of darkness--heeere's an Ansem. however, he's not bursting into a monologue or suddenly tearing up the place. in fact, he looks... like a businessman. an innocent, innocent businessman. he's silent, standing in place. however, people who can sense darkness will be able to tell that he's filled to the brim--and it's oddly wild, raw.]

... how odd.

[ooc; if you tag, you might get [livejournal.com profile] greypetals or [livejournal.com profile] roseofgrey.]

5 Jul 2009 11:15 am
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G..Get out! You won't use me for this... any of this!

[Well that's funky. Ansemku seems to be struggling, for a change, gripping onto his head tightly and glowing just a bit while making his way through the hall. Though he looks pained, that doesn't stop him from... throwing himself against the wall, oh dear!

In his free hand he summons the Dark Keyblade, then pushes himself away from the wall, the glow dying slightly.]

That foolish girl. Perhaps I should have anticipated such results...

2 Jul 2009 03:23 am
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[Remember this guy? He's been hibernating sleeping for the past few months, it seems. His hair is all messy and he still looks rather tired and he's in the kitchen, eating tomatoes.]

( ooc: h-hi. I sort of migrated to other fandoms. ;; /revives muse

If I don't tag back within a reasonable amount of time, I've gone to sleep/is distracted/busy/dead. )
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[ The dressing room is a busy place today, people buzzing around, doing different things. In the kitchen, in the lounge rooms, down the halls and 'outside' (so to speak). Some are exploring new rooms, some are falling victim to the usual pranks of the world, and some are finding new ways to entertain themselves. Whatever the case, it seems like a good day for socializing.]

[[ooc: This is how bored I am. In this post, feel free to talk to anyone listed here. Anyone at all. Multiple people if you so wish! Just state who you want.]]
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[Rikus aren't an unfamiliar sight in the dressing room, naturally, but this "Riku" seems to be totting a peculiar, if not familiar Keyblade, black and lacking a keychain. Furthermore, his stance and movements are a lot calmer than those of a Riku, and as he gazes around, his expression seems...errie.]

What a peculiar place this is...

[Hmm, a bit of a setback from his goal, but no matter. He'll complete the Keyhole some way or another.]

[ooc: Canon. Ansem!Riku. Expect him to pose as Riku at first. ]
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[He hasn't been around in a while. But right now, he is sort of limping to the fridge. He goes for that temping jar of pickles.

After that little run in with a certain gemini, his wounds are still healing. If it weren't for Sora, he likely wouldn't even be able to walk. Sort of looks like he is having trouble opening that jar... ]




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