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[In one of the libraries, someone has set themselves up a cozy corner, making a virtual clubhouse of books--all on lore and mythology and world travel throughout the ages. And sitting on a beanbag char he'd found is none other than a young Master Xehanort, nose buried in a book detailing lore of the ancient Keyblade War. And he seems to be bored with it. This is all stuff he already knows, after all. But maybe there's something he's missing...]
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[Oh, great. Is that a Xehanort in a black coat, lounging at a tram stop? As if there weren't enough of them already.

What's notable about this one, though, is just how ... awkward he seems to be in it. Tugging at the zipper, sleeves, hood (annoying thing doesn't want to sit flat down, or maybe he's imagining it), adjusting this, that... he is not a happy fellow about it. But for the moment, he'll put up with it.

For the sake of something else, Xeha thinks, he'll put up with it. That something else he's carrying with him; a something about four foot long, wrapped in the same black fabric as the coat's made of, secured with a couple of chains.

He doesn't want to get a keyblade in progress contaminated, after all...]
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[Watch out below!

There's a streak of light and dark crashing between walls, here, on this wide columned corridor. One that's looking like it's trying to form something - someone?

And as it smacks into the ground, it's clear that what it was trying to form was, in fact, Xeha. One keyblade wielder delivered to your doorstep.

The last of the glow fades, and he groans, putting a hand over his heart. As he does so, a look of panic crosses his face.]

No ... I didn't...

[And - flop. This is not a happy 'nort. Not happy to be back? Not happy about something else? Hard to tell.
But something's definitely bugging him apart from the crashing.]

((Okay, canon updates done for now. 'KH2'!Xeha. Updating to 3D will be done when he -has- a workable 3D plot.))

3 Aug 2012 04:50 pm
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[Heartless get about the place. This is something that no-one should be surprised at by now. Some dangerous, some less so.

The one that's stalking through the corridors in the main hub of the DR, though? It's hard to tell which category it falls under. While it's not seeking to attack anyone, it's hard to call its behaviour passive, either. Quick and agile, it's moving from hiding spot to hiding spot, tracking various individuals down the corridor.

If they were to look at it, they'd see a unique figure, too: a humanoid halfway between a Shadow and the dark Guardian. Bandages and wraps seem to be echoing clothing in spots, protecting its arms and legs and crossing across its shoulders and face. What little expression it has seems almost - curious?

It might be watching you right now.
Especially if you're anyone who a certain young Xehanort of a normally lighter persuasion might think he recognises.]

((Part one of canon-updating mininort. Part two'll come when game is cleared.))
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[It takes a lot to freak a Xehanort out. Almost by nature, they're designed to take the strange and dark and twisted in stride. However? For this one...

Being turned into a creature of the night, caught in a web of madness and trickery, having his mind disintegrate on him to leave him listening to illusory whispers of who he was and who he could have been? Feeling the beast within growing louder, angrier, hungrier every night, and... had he- had he?...


That'll do it any day.

It's no surprise he hasn't been sleeping.

So this morning, he's found his way into one of the bigger kitchens. The one with the biggest coffee machine. Because he knows damn well that various flavours of caffeinated beverage are the only thing that stand between him and total collapse right now. ... yes, that one mug has hot chocolate in its marshmallows instead, what about it?

Feel free to talk to him, though.
He won't bite.]

((Bodyswap aftermath. Hopefully marginally less scary?))

3 Jul 2012 10:55 pm
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[There's a place that looks awfully like Castle Oblivion, here. And a rather confused looking white-haired boy stepping into it, out of a room full of the sounds of wild falling waters. He turns, looking back the way he came, yelling back-]

Grandfather? Terra? Can you see this? I-

[Peek in. Peek out. Rub his head. Something's wrong - something's very wrong. But he'd just stepped from home, with his grandfather-namesake and his older brother and all his family, to out here, and that isn't something that's supposed to happen. You don't just - step out of the world. Not out of somewhere you're meant to fit in.

Still, curiosity's built into Xehanort almost by definition. Muttering directions under his breath to make sure things are okay, he heads onwards, through the shining white corridors... because he's going to get to the bottom of this.

The fact that he never had a grandfather or a brother in that sense isn't occurring to him right now.
Nor is the fact that the room's changing behind him.]
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[Itty bitty baby 'norty - well, eleven-ish year old 'norty, but seriously, compared to the oldest variety... - here has been out and about. Kid's curious, what else is there to say?

He's made it to the library, and has apparently been stocking up on reading material. In his arms, any number of volumes on myths and legends, some of which are perhaps technically beyond his years, so to speak.

Yes, that includes a volume on ancient times. One on stories that might be familiar to some.

...Interesting choices there, perhaps, kiddo? Something that really speaks to the heart?]
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[The simulation room's in use today.

Xeha here's going for a bit more hands-on experimentation than theorising. The setting's fairly plain, a black room, but around him hover screens, readouts; pulsing waveforms that hang in the air, lines of intense black and pure scintillating white overlapping. And hell, has he messed with the local gravity, or is he just on an invisible platform?
Even this one isn't immune to the dramatic at times, after all.

He touches a panel at his right; a semi-transparent keyblade appears in front of him. Very plain and simple. A few touches to the left and the various waveforms highlight, change; a few pokes to the right again and the key morphs. It's sharper in form, darker in colour. A red light flashes and he curses, dismissing the hologram.]

Why won't it stabilise... what am I missing?

[He's so close... he can almost taste it...]
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[Out in a courtyard, Xeha seems to be occupying himself. There's a pile of books nearby.

Going by what he's doing, it looks like they're tomes of magic. He's busily shooting spells at targets - nothing too complex, nothing that looks like it'd need a suffix on its name. He's more going for technique than power.

Experimenting a little, too, it seems. What happens if he tries this as he casts? What happens if he tries that? As he works, he's going back to the stack of books, looking things up, making notes in another.

All looking very productive, here.]

6 Feb 2012 08:05 pm
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[There's a few folks of the Xehanort persuasion out and about today, it seems...

The youngest? [personal profile] blankedpoint can be found raiding a kitchen. Got to say, he likes this much of things since they changed. Not like he has any clue that most places don't.

A teenaged one, then. [personal profile] another_chance has found himself an arcade room, and is very happily taking a blast at some seriously retro games.

The adult? [personal profile] forza_del_bene has found the laboratories, and he could hardly be happier. He's hard at work setting up various bits of kit.

A female one - [personal profile] exmariascientia is in the simulation room. Taking a very logical and precise study of the effects of whacking a rather too bulky looking keyblade at things.

In other news.

An Aqua has finally come out of seclusion. [personal profile] tideturned reacted in a most-un-Master-like fashion to the DR closing in again, but she's improving. She's hanging out in a comfy lounge, listening to music and sipping on some kind of relaxing herbal tea. Just taking it easy.

As far as Keyblade Masters go, there's another who's stirring; [personal profile] lightofoblivion is in the library. Felicius is catching up on a few history books, though he can't help but find himself cursing the lack of anything much between his own era and that of most of the residents...

Last of all, a pair of Heartless. [personal profile] kingdom_seed is in a garden; Layla's well wrapped up against any chill in the air, sitting on a bench and happily writing away.

As for her father? As for [personal profile] agrabah_weapon?
... Maybe it's a good job she can't see Kurt at the moment. This is a Heartless on the prowl. Maybe not conspicuously so, but better stay clear of those back corridors if your heart's interesting enough...]

((And that's everyone who currently has a journal of mine, aha. This is my attempt to get back into the loop (via being a copycat apparently), usual open-post stuffin' applies.))
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[It's not a bad day out, Xeha's thinking, as he ambles through the Radiant Garden district with a cup of spiced hot chocolate in his hands and a couple of rolls of wrapping paper under one arm. Hopefully that'll be enough: he went a bit crazy with the present collection, but better safe than sorry!

Suddenly, though, he slips. The chocolate goes flying, melting a nicely scented puddle in a patch of snow. It wasn't that the ground was icy, either...

He stares up, dazed, in no hurry to move. It's like he's walked into a brick wall, and his head's spinning. Disconnected. He knows what he's seeing, but at the same time, it's all wrong... There's no Radiant Garden. But this isn't. He wasn't here before, but he was. But it looks like... but everything's changed.

A whole chunk of memories. A whole slice of a life he'd lived elsewhere. New experiences, new worlds, new sights, new perspectives.

How's that for an early Christmas present?]

((A quick note! Subject lines contain references to the latest Jump Festa trailer; if you're really trying to keep unspoiled for 3D it may be wise to stay clear. If trailers count as spoilers. I don't know. Sorry about that!))

1 Oct 2011 03:39 pm
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[So what we appear to have here is a Xeha with a pushchair. A very scientifically designed looking one, but still... A little father-daughter expedition through the first of the changing leaves on a tree-lined street. Young Desiree's apparently very interested in a plush pumpkin - strange, her father was sure he picked up the squeaky blue turtle, but if she's having fun... and he's looking around, resting a little notebook on one of the stroller handles and making records as he walks, giving a bit of a narration.]

No, that last place wouldn't do. Too many stairs. We'd never get you up and down them. Not to mention all my equipment...

[A babyish chiming in-] Abuh? Dada? Bagabwa...

[And as if she'd made sense-] No, your daddy's just looking for the best for both of us. Come on.
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[Young Xehanort seems a bit confused. Not by the sudden changing of scenery, or by the sudden rock and roll look that seems to have swept his wardrobe: he guesses clothes aren't supposed to do that, but doesn't have too much in the way of reference for it.

No. What's confusing him is the large plastic circle that just fell out of the sky on him. A brightly coloured hoop, to be precise.

He picks it up. Peers at it. Twists it around. What the heck is this supposed to be for?]
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... great.

[When Xeha went into the library, he hadn't even bothered with his usual jacket.
It was also about a whole two seasons warmer.

So here we have a rather chilled young researcher standing on the steps, his arms full of books with titles like Unknown Worlds and Xenocultural Studies, Vol. 1, wondering if he's going to get back home without turning blue. At the very least, his teeth are chattering up a storm...]
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...Ah, and so here we are once more.

[He says this with little to no expression on his face or in his tone as he looks up at the ceiling of the room he's in now. Yes, he's been out of the DR for some time now, but he is back now, it seems. Now where did he put that big imposing chair... and the lab, for that matter]
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[Little family scene, over here, at a table in a plaza - with Xehanort making a rather complicated pile of notes, while Desiree attempts to escape her seat to get her hands on his papers. Hey, they make rustly noises. This works for her.

Her dad, otherwise, is being rather thoughtful.
This could work. Really, it could. In theory. But would the result be a true keyblade? Anything would be progress, though...]

5 Jun 2011 09:47 pm
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[Quick, Terra! We've found your clothes!

... ah. Okay, there might be a slight problem here. What looks at first glance to be a pile of hakama pants and armour gauntlet is, in fact, a snoozing boy of approximately ten years old who's just about drowning in them. One who may, in fact, look a little familiar, what with the white hair and all. Those sensitive might recognise the back-and-forth pulsing of dark and light within him, trying to settle into some kind of equilibrium.

Slowly, he stirs, opens heavy-lidded eyes, regards the scene.

There's something supposed to be weird about this? Is there? He doesn't know. Doesn't know much of anything at the moment.

Someone care to help a poor lost kid out?
Careful, though. Because as far as he's concerned, you'll be the first person he's ever met. Might want to make a good impression...]

((Ickle bitty lower_case_x/walkingspoiler. I seem to be collecting AU!Xehanorts.))

3 Jun 2011 09:58 pm
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[In an otherwise quiet sports court, there's a Xehanort at work. The girl one, to be precise. She's got a lot to work out, she's realising...

A keyblade. One rather more heavyweight in design than she'd probably have expected or wanted, if she'd known more about them, but she's well aware it's not up to her to pick.
Lucky enough she'd gotten it to actually appear after all this time - she'd thought the old man hadn't been able to pull it off, for a while. So she's testing, balancing, checking books, quietly making notes in her own log - how does this thing work, anyway?]
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[Xeha's looking a little embarrassed today. Not that things are anything he can really help. Some things are a part of growing up, and he'd always known this was coming. Had seen the possible end result, even.

But damn it. It's just gotten to the point where he can't ignore it and he's been delaying preparing and...

And if this keeps up he'll start taking after the old man. If he doesn't want to in behaviour, he sure doesn't want to in facial hair.

So he's standing in the doorway of an appropriate store, trying to hide under his collar, wondering what the heck the best options are.


((Also, if I've dropped threads with anyone recently: I've been away for past nearly-two-weeks, so if I've got anything I need to pick up or that you'd like to continue, poke please?))
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[Whether or not there was a bar in the DR before, there appears to be one now, a stylish establishment with elegant glass decorations and a fair bit of funky lighting. The main difference to the normal kind might be the Unversed behind the bar itself - a few bottle-shaped ones on the shelves alongside the normal drinks bottles. A list on the wall goes through cocktails - Paopu Daiquiris, Saïx On The Beach... through to Boco-Cola in the soft drinks. Music's playing in the background.

The patrons currently inclde a Xeha relaxing on one of the couches in the place, a couple of drinks handy, and a notebook out.
It's been kind of a rough day for him... seriously. What was with those Heartless earlier? Owch. Just owch. He's hoping that's the last he's seen of them...]


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