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[What do you do when everything changes? Well, that depends entirely on who you are.

[livejournal.com profile] biphasic is putting his tracking abilities to good use, and is stalking through the streets as he heads off to figure out just where the Grid has gotten to.

[livejournal.com profile] incendite has made his way out the Coliseum and is quite happily smashing his way through the various things to fight he's found out there.

[livejournal.com profile] urrose_ihasit is busy getting his dragoon on, and can be found on top of one of the mountains out in the Land of Departure.

Out in Radiant Garden, [livejournal.com profile] please_stand_up is wandering through the city he'd once called his. He's mostly reminiscing, at this point.

Elsewhere, [livejournal.com profile] madvaporskillz has made his way back to where he belongs and is currently drifting somewhere over what looks like an abandoned tea party, out in the forest. There's no one else present though, save an old and fire-scorched windmill and that's perhaps the worst sort of tea party.

And finally, [livejournal.com profile] asparkofsilence is exploring these new environs, with a quiet sort of curiosity.]
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[ The library seemed to be off-limits today, with strong winds keeping the entrance shut -- and yet it was getting weaker and weaker as time passed. It was because Xaldin was relaxing with a book to finish (And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie) and some tea. She's hardly the sharing type, but being in a good mood with a beating heart, she may not snap at whoever would chit-chat with her. It depended on the person, it depended what they would do next.

For example, if the pile of books the the right toppled down, she may get angry because those were the ones she was going to take to her room. Another example is if her strawberry shortcake is taken without her permission.

That action deserved a spear.

[ ooc; Backdated to Valentines because I am a slowpoke. ]
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[Anyone looking to do some training today will find the room in use by one Xaldin, all six spears out and dancing in deadly circles as he cuts his way through assorted waves of Heartless. It's his way of clearing his mind, and thanks to the fact that the DR's just offered his 'costume' for this month he's got more than one thing to think about.

Whatever his costume is though, it's not immediately visible, although those capable of sensing the supernatural might find their radar reacting more strongly to him than perhaps it normally would.]
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[It seems the Whirlwind Lancer is in one of his 'moods'. Hence the seemingly endless pile fo beer bottles piled up on the kitchen floor. His spears are out, and he seems to be playing target practive with bold passerbyers. Is someone bold enough to speak to him, or is his emotionless glare far too intimidating to withstand? ]

(Ooc:Warning: he is in a 'stabby' mood.)
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[ What a glorious storm.

It was beautiful in that one room that lead to a cliff beside the sea, especially when it was dark. There was that one woman who was watching the sea rage and waves clash against the cliff as the wind did not stop; felt the rain fall on her, and it wasn't even her doing. There was just so much of a symphony playing all at once -- from thunder roaring and lightning crashing down, Xaldin can't help but think it's actually... soothing, as much as a Nobody can be.

She doesn't smile, though. Of course she doesn't.
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[In the middle of the hall there's a vending machine, a gashapon vending machine full of overly cute plushies.

Don't have any coins for it? don't worry, there's a stack of just the right
coins left on top by someone either very generous or very careless.

There's not really any reason not to, unless you don't like cute, but hey! Maybe they'll make good kindling? or ever target practice?]

[ooc: Open post, anyone on this list can be received in adorable plushie form (until you open the capsule), don't make me choose for you.]
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lucky seven. )

[ There is a slot machine, and beside it, in gold letters, is a prize room. It looks like said room is locked.

The symbols on the slot machine are simple compared to the ones in the image, pretend: gold, silver, bronze. Care to try your luck?

[ ooc; In celebration of my perhaps-it's-finally-working internet, have one of those character roulette. 8) Anyone on this list will show up by random/choice/you will see -- ]
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[Check it out, it's a smelly hobo drug dealer Xaldin rooting through the fridge.

He's hung his coat on a chair, the miserable thing looking quite frankly gross in desperate need of a good wash. The importance of this is not his sense of fashion but that it reveals at his hip several glowing blue vials.

Commenting on his make-up is not recommended.]

[ooc:oh god what have I done?]
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[ First a sudden room change, and now his clothes have switched.

The dead dog on the far end was funny, though, although Xaldin had the strangest urge to blame the man that attempted to make a silencer on his own, wherever he is. The hat was on his head, slightly angled south east, and the cane pinned against his right arm. Funny how the head seems to have a circular cut to where his thumb is.

Now, where did that revolver in his right hand come from.
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[ The last thing he wanted to see was XII. That spell -- hn... Out of his mind, run a muck, forget it ever happened.

And then the next room he went to just happened to disagree with him. It was a pirate ship, but there were certain things, that just made the lancer remind him of the Savage Nymph. Those knives on the captain's table (it was the closet of the room that lead to the Dressing Room) were so very familiar, after all. They were missing something, though. Something electric, but he didn't complain. Isn't it that they usually lead to land, and not those in sea?

Atlantica is excused, of course.

[ ooc; This is [Bad username or site: vryvryfrigtning title=Larxene's @ livejournal.com] Other's ship, for future reference -- and of course III here =/= [livejournal.com profile] amindfucker. ]
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[While Xaldin has some immunity to the winds whistling through the place thanks to his element, the same can't be sad about the cold and he's decided to take care of it in his own way. Which is to say, anyone wandering into the vicinity will find there's a warm breeze blowing through.

It's unlike him to be so nice, really, but it might just as easily be for the benefit of the rose he's carefully turning around in his fingers.]


7 Nov 2009 12:40 am
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[ What do you mean the mundane has no varieties she does but she missed this okay. B|

There's a woman around, with very similar dreads and cornrows in the style that the Beast, Belle, Sora and Company should be very familiar about. There was even that strange aura if one can feel it. There was a very, very obvious difference, though:

She's shorter than the other Lancer. No sideburns. Still a manipulative bitch at heart, or should it be said... no heart. A lance at hand, she sent it to what seemed like a target on the ceiling --

This was practice. III didn't want to get rusty, after all.

[ ooc; Journal change to a better name, so from now on [livejournal.com profile] bloodylances[livejournal.com profile] downbursts ]
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[ Nananananana....

Here's Xaldin, the tip of his lance so very, very close to his face. It's because he's trying to cut his way out (because removing it was impossible FML). The leather is regenerating like an Iron Maiden in RE4, and those are bitches. Do not want.

People may or may not hear a certain song in the background wherever he is. How ironic that he, himself, can't hear the damned song. It's most probably better off that he doesn't hear it at all, you know.


5 Oct 2009 11:04 am
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[ This isn't amazing.

Hanging from six floating broomsticks aren't amazing at all. What the hell just happened? Weren't they supposed to be sharp --

What happened to the 'chops. It's as if he was a young lad again.

Someone's to blame for this.

[ ooc; Horrible icons are horrible. New age = around 8 - 10. ]


9 Sep 2009 09:08 am
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If you wanted to kiss me, all you had to do was ask, Aqua.

[ Aqua on top, y/n? Because these awkward waking up situations are just -- ]


19 Aug 2009 09:55 am
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As an acquaintance placed it: It was only a matter of time.

[ Have a Xaldin, who has the enchanted rose in his hand. He smells it. ]

Ah, the smell of a dying soul.
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I suppose nobody would mind if I were to accidentally step on an insignificant creature or two, hmm?

It's time for a little spring cleaning.

[ooc | Bahaha when he says spring cleaning he means trying to pick on Soras or something idek this man]
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So the wheel of despair turns and-

leads me here.

[A canon Xaldin appears, tall and intimidating and vaguely confused.]
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[If that Xemnas was correct, then it would prove difficult to take over without the rest of the Organization. They needed to regroup. That is, of course, unless they are against him as well as the Superior. And that simply will not do, now will it?]
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[He woke up and all ready knew something was off... The air was different. He put on his standard issued black cloak and headed towards the door. It was not until he walked outside of his issued room did he realize he was not in the castle anymore. What the hell now? He quirked a brow at new setting, a seemingly endless hallway. And of course, he started down said hallway with a less than amused expression on his face.]

...I'm really not in the mood for this.


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