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[So this lady Vexen probably hasn't been seen in a while.

Nothing to do with any of any being sent home nonsense (especially given she currently can't,) and everything to do finding her natural habitat and refusing to leave until she absolutely had to. Which didn't exactly coincide with things that might have forced her to be social.

This late morning finds her in one of the kitchens, spooning honey into a mug of hot water and somehow, miraculously, out of uniform. Instead opting for some
frumpy night gear she'd probably choose not to be out in public in if she was in any state to really care.

She probably looks bitter and exhausted but it's not like that's ever deterred anyone from prodding this hornets' nest.]
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[See, happy as  [personal profile] censoredpilot  is to dick about with engine bits all day, he can't go and let himself get soft even if he doesn't see much (read as: any) fighting nowadays. Which is what finds Cid in the training room.
Though with his spear against the wall instead of in his hands and a large portion of floor cleared, it probably looks more like he's performing a gymnastics routine than anything really fighting related.

There's a method to his madness though: all those jumps and hand springs aren't just for his health. Though that may assume his chain smoking didn't indicate his blatant disregard for his health.

[personal profile] patchworksniper is getting some sun in the Destiny Islands. Without a shirt or his coat he's giving a nice view of the extra metal on him. 'Course sand isn't real good for his mechanical arm, but the sound of him caring is apparently 'zzz.']

[[personal profile] datafreeze is in the library, trying to surreptitiously poke through the filthy harlequin  'romance' section without being seen there. Unfortunately for her, Vexen's attempts to be stealthy probably draw more attention to her than if she tried to be nonchalant about it.
This, however, will not stop her from denying this till the heat death of the universe if caught.

[ [personal profile] gameofpretend  is busying himself examining a room that bears a very distinct resemblance to an M. C. Escher artwork. Said examining currently involves rolling marbles down stairs and watching the room say 'fuck you' to gravity but Luxord is putting some serious consideration in to seeing if the same thing happens with a person.]

[Meanwhile, [personal profile] justalittlesick  is on a nice hallway stroll. With his more obviously identifying features hidden and a squealing boar piglet under his arm. Whether Even's about business or pleasure today chances are, it's going to suck to be piggy later.]
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[ So guys. It's been a while since anyone's heard from one resident scientist in particular, and as great minds think alike, like his feminine counterpart, the masculine is out and about, though the purpose of this trip seems entirely to be of a pleasurable nature, meant to relax his weary soul, stretched thin by the devices of his own over-active mind.

He's actually been quite busy, working like mad on getting that laboratory of his established. Considering he worked himself for days straight with three hours of sleep total, it can easily be said that Vexen is rather used to working himself to his very limits for the sake of his work. And after promptly sleeping for a good ten straight hours when he finally allowed himself, he decided a break was necessary for his health. No use working himself to death before even getting to see the fruits of his labors.

So after enjoying a cup of tea in a quiet little café somewhere in the Enchanted Dominion, Vexen decided to exercise a different part of his brain, a part seldom used since Even gave way to Vexen. Which part? The right side, the more creatively oriented half of the brain. And how was he doing this? Simple. He'd found and tuned an older baby grand piano, and was sitting at it now among a few dusty tomes in a forgotten archive of books,
playing a quiet melody.

Though long and nimble fingers danced along the keys with a grace few would ever expect from a man as frigid and unforgiving as winter, to look at his face, one would think him merely reading an encyclopedia. Truly, he felt nothing while playing, but the memories of emotions that, once upon a time, these simple chords incited was enough. The memories forged in days long past, the ghosts of solace and peace within those few souls whom ever had the privilege to actually hear the Academic enjoy anything but the sciences, rejuvenated his old soul. And so he deigned indulge, enjoying a moment wherein he assumed he was entirely alone.  ]
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[ In a sunny outdoor café setting in the Twilight Town area Vexen is... well, presumable it's relaxing. Seeing as she has a laboratory set up to hide away in, there's no real reason to sit out in the sunlight away from all her cool stuff simply to have a snack.

With a coffee and a box full of doughnuts to one side of the table; a pad of paper, a couple of opaque vials and small metal dish to the other.
This set-up apparently intended for maximum multitasking capacity as her left hand is holding a half eaten jam filled doughnut ready for the next bite, while her right hand scribbles a couple of notes before reaching out and dripping two drops of a substance from one of the vials onto the metal dish.

Within seconds the substance begins to smoke and then burst into flame.
The flame hardly lasts much longer than the substance took to catch alight but it's apparently worth another note or two before she takes another bite of her doughnut.
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[In the Twilight Town area: those who perhaps heard the distinctly feminine shriek leading up to this, or simply had the misfortune to be wandering the street at the time this moved into the open would be met with a rather horrific sight.

SomeTHING rather coloured like a Vexen (or perhaps an Even rather, given the tatty and torn remains of a lab-coat) but only really vaguely resembling a human shape (far, far too tall, the not quite right proportions, and the claws) carrying a far smaller woman in a black coat by her head. Raising her one-handed and slamming her into the pavement, briefly twitching at the electrical surge only to repeat the action within seconds.

Still no where near hard enough to crush her skull and end it, but with each crackle of electricity, something in it's veins briefly lights up in response.

Of course, no one's demanding you interfere. He may be a complete monster, but he's entirely capable of conversation.]
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[The DR's latest trick doesn't seem to be phasing this resident space case who is currently swimming around in a random lake. It's hard to say if he doesn't notice the lack of clothes or just doesn't care. He is however wearing a pair of goggles with one of those cheapo plastic 'scuba' things thats really just a straw that lets you breath from about two inches under water.]

5 Jun 2011 07:01 pm
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[So, you know how being naked leaves you with awful little covering for things like PROTECTION FROM THE COLD and such.
Travel through a decent portion of the Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden area has likely become terribly uncomfortable for most people due to a 'SPONTANEOUS' SNOWSTORM.

Needless to say, Vexen does not enjoy being naked in public.
Not to imply however, that she enjoys being naked anywhere else.]
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[ Since his request to have others gather suitable samples was denied, Vexen was forced to gather poor, unfortunate souls for his most recent string of testing. Much to his chagrin, but he could deal with it since it was for science. Thus, for the sake of efficiency, he brought along a bottle of chloroform and a rag.

Now, when he stepped out of the portal, nothing looked amiss in what he assumed was Twilight Town. So he went about his business, creeping through the shadows and back alleys so as not to be seen, nabbing loners here and there when no one else was present to see him. It was a good thing he was doing this himself, too, because the Dusks that were supposed to be carrying them back to his lab were playing with the unconscious bodies. Shiva knows what they'd be doing it he weren't here. ]

Pay attention! They're not your play things, nor will I tolerate you miscreants being careless with my specimens. Quickly, now! Take them to be quarantined!

(( U: Guess who just found this place. ))
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[Not being a fan of most animals it's rather unusual for Vexen to be lurking around stables, but the hunt for information is hardly going to work around her personal distaste. At least, not without underlings. Which she doesn't have right now.

Just around a corner of the the building, a stalled River and Mountain chocobo takes interest in that long blonde hair and tries to preen it.

Vexen steps back to observe the huge black chocobo.

The chocobo just tilts it's head.

Now aren't you a great ugly brute.

[Said chocobo, looking quite obviously offended, warks loudly at her. Puffing out it's feathers and lunging forward as much as it's closed stall will allow. While not necessarily an attack, it certainly startled Vexen enough to make her jump back a bit.

God does she hope no one saw that...

Foul smelling too.
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[Hello, denizens of the DR, today there's a lunatic on the loose. He's mostly harmless. Just crazy. Nothing major. He doesn't realize he's back actualy...

But he's off picking the lock on a door--maybe it's your bedroom? Your new house's front door? The bathroom door? He's looking for someone--but he's not sure where they live so he's just guessing. (And actualy, their not even HERE but he doesn't know that.) Once the door is unlocked he slams it open with great force, grinning cheerfully.]


[When he sees your not 'Lucy' he'll be highly confused. But probably stop to bother you anyway. The one he refers to as 'Lucy' has been spoiling him rotten and encouraging his delusions though... Which probably isn't healthy.]
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[In the Radiant Garden area, for those watching where they put their feet, they'll spy a little glowing ball of light on the ground making rather frantic bell like noises trying to get the attention of a passer by.

Though, if they aren't watching where they put their feet, well...
She'll survive, but they'll hear an interesting sort of squeak (and possibly experience a bit of frost bite.)]

8 Feb 2011 05:33 am
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[In one of the many kitchens in the DR is an ice sculpture. Or at least, what appears to be one. A really realitic one of a Vexen. Of course on closer inspection one might find it actualy is a Vexen--frozen solid. How he got like that is anyone's guess. Either way, he could use some defrosting...]

5 Feb 2011 02:11 pm
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[Even though he's big for his age, Alex still looks very much the little kid he is, a little kid with derpy not-human-but-not-quite-animal-either ears, but still a kid. Which in turn can make it easy to forget he may as well be descended from a land dwelling shark/piranha hybrid though critics may suspect land dwelling shark/piranha hybrids would have raised him better.

That bone he's gnawing on? That's certainly not a beef bone. And still, here he is, plopped down on the floor in the hallway happily chewing away at it for those last skerricks of meat. God only knows where the rest is, though perhaps what's behind a door in the area chosen for this little snack may maybe not necessarily shed some light on that for all of two-three people.]

[[ooc: [info]justalittlesick may or may not show up in threads. [info]snapfrost can show up in threads on special request.]]
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[Hey DR, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but something is about to blow up in about oh say... now.

It's a big explosion. Very noisy. And for that matter, fairly late at night.

Anyone brave enough to go see what caused it will find this Vexen looking dazed and confused, sprawled on his back in a bedroom which he's converted into a make-shift lab.

Heaven only knows what the man was attempting to do...]

((OOC:Crack!Vexen for your enjoyment. Someone's been inhaling lab fumes too long... Info in profile. Not to be taken seriously.))
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[And here we have an arguement going on behind closed doors, presumably heated since the hall way is getting an earful.]

You aren't supposed to be here!
You can't just waltz in here whenever you want.

[Fortunately the other party isn't raising their voice, but unfortunately for eavesdroppers they aren't exactly speaking loud enough to be heard clearly from the hallway or through the closed door.]

Besides, you left- why come back?
[Followed neatly by some shattering glass and a slammed door. Okay, so it was just the tail end of a spat, but what can you do?
   Do you: 
a)Open the door
b)wait for someone to come out
c)get the popcorn then a) or b)
d)Walk away because it's just another drammu in the dressing Room]

[ooc: /fails waiting the extra hour and a day till October]
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[Don't you just love it when people leave trash in the hall?

With his knees huddled tightly to his chest and arms bound by a straitjacket their isn't really much Even could be doing- but from the looks of things it's fairly doubtful he would be doing much differently without the straps (though there's a sign taped to his back suggesting not removing it anyway, unbuckle them and find out?)

Left on the floor of a hallway staring at a wall, panickedly rocking back and forth but making no move to get away from where he might be tripped on or knocked or get in the way- it's hard to tell just how aware he is (though he is far from it.)

Despite his... state, in some ways he may actually seem a little healthier than usual... somehow.
But by now his tail is almost completely fur-less(there's still a tuft of white fluff at the very tip at least?), dotted with scabbed patches, and tucked as close to his twitching body as possible.]

6 May 2010 06:23 pm
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It was his second go around this particular hallway when Vexen's brow began to draw down in a parody of irritation. He was farily certain some of the more uncouth members of the Organization (read: the neophytes and Xigbar) would call what he had been doing the past few days lurking, maybe even sulking if they thought it was worth the tongue thrashing they'd get for the effort. It was neither of these things, thank you very much, because Vexen was simply observing. Finding information, developing theories to the strange place he found himself in.

And, of course, doing so carefully. It wasn't the first time he woke up in a new and strange place, though this time he wasn't missing anything as troubling as his heart. With a bit of a huff he continued down the hall more boldly than he had the past few days. Perhaps the more direct approach would be wiser in this case. After all, the place didn't seem keen on releasing it's secrets.

This new plan of action led him into what looked like a kitchenette, coffee machine bubbling happily on one counter and clean surfaces beside. When he took a few more steps in he paused to realize he wasn't alone.

[ooc; Initially for [livejournal.com profile] likeagame but separate threads from that one are welcome! Also just normal, cranky pre!COM Vexen]

5 May 2010 09:46 pm
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[Here's an extremely awkward looking sight, Even here struggling with moving a heavy box.
Rather than taking the time to go find something wheeled for transporting it,  he's opted for the much more difficult and amusing to watch push&drag option.

While truthfully it's not as heavy as it looks, his rather incessant destruction of his physical health has ruined any real physical strength he might have had to him and he was in a hurry at the time.

Among things to notice, there's the occasional ting-noise of glass knocking against glass and the apparent 'necessity' to keep the box covered with a blanket
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[In the middle of the hall there's a vending machine, a gashapon vending machine full of overly cute plushies.

Don't have any coins for it? don't worry, there's a stack of just the right
coins left on top by someone either very generous or very careless.

There's not really any reason not to, unless you don't like cute, but hey! Maybe they'll make good kindling? or ever target practice?]

[ooc: Open post, anyone on this list can be received in adorable plushie form (until you open the capsule), don't make me choose for you.]
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[There's a Vexen zombieing into the kitchen for coffee. He looks like the last time he got any sleep was a couple days ago, and probably shouldn't even be having coffee. There's a splatter of something SUSPICIOUSLY BLOOD-LIKE on his lab coat, in case anyone wants to get accusatory.]


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