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[This Tifa just appeared out of nowhere in one of the hallways. Like new arrivals tend to do. Only she slams right against the wall. Apparently, she was in a full tilt run when the DR whisked her away, her arms outstretched. It would appear pretty comical. Not to her though. She's touching the wall... and then swiftly looking around. Where was she? What's going on?]
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[See that open door over there? Anyone who goes to have a look, will find quite a sight. Should anyone venture further in, they may find one, or possibly more, very lifelike crystal figures.
Go on. Take a closer look. They're just statues. Right?

[ooc: Yes I am obsessed. You dont have to tell me. Okay. The person you get can be anyone from this list. They'll wake up from their crystal state when someone approaches. Go ahead and pick whoever you want. ^^]
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Terra? Terra you better not be on the other side!

[Little Aqua and Tifa are standing at the wall, looking to see if any of their friends are on the other side.]

Tifa, do you think Terra's on that side?

I don't know, I hope Squall's not on that side either.

...if he's not can you ask him if I can stay with you until this is over?


[And with that both girls go back to investigating the wall.]
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[So while this was going on, the aforementioned four people were doing the following:

Hikari and Tifa were at the kids' table near the dance floor about to color eggs, so they pretty much got a front row view of the entire fight.

Avani was about to ask Roxas if he wanted to get some stuff at the refreshment table when the fight broke out so she just stood at the table and stared.

And Aqua was already at the refreshment table, picking at the veggies. When the fight began she dropped the celery chunk she'd just picked up and watched, a small smirk crossing her face as she watched Vanitas and his little creeper girlfriend get what they deserved.

Now, outside the ballroom, Hikari and Tifa were whispering about what they had seen, Aqua was peering in once in a while, and Avani was just standing off by herself, looking a little nervous. KH had scared her pretty bad with that and it was making her think about what could happen if she ever snapped and went after her.]

((ooc: anyone else who has witnessed this can discuss this with them!))
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[Tifa's found a rather nostalgic room today. Nibelheim. And while she did spend quite a bit of time looking around the village, of course, she ended up at the water tower.

She's just sitting down, looking up at the stars now, a small smile on her face.]
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[Tifa's been exploring today. And guess what she's found?

The biggest walk in wardrobe she's ever seen in her life.

Which would explain why she's now wearing the clothes she wore in FFVII]

...Well this brings back memories.

[She'll just be looking around at all the different clothes here for a while.]

2 Jul 2009 11:28 am
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[Well isn't this a familiar scene?

Tifa's walking down the hall, one hand one the wall to help keep balance, covered in seemingly fresh blood, her clothes torn up quite obviously by something with claws.

Looks like the room finally decided to bring her back. It just didn't feel like cleaning her up. So she's now attempting to find her way back to her room for a much needed shower.

If only the room hadn't brought her back in a part of the Dressing room that she didn't recognise. Now is a really bad time for her to be lost.]
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[CRASH. A Tifa's just fallen through the ceiling. Looks like she was laying some smackdown on someone... only they didn't come with her. She stands up and looks around.]

Hitomi? We're not finished yet, get back here!

(ooc: Dead Fantasy Tifa. Have at her =D Tags later when I get back.)
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[There's a Tifa stumbling down the hallway, leaving a trail of blood behind her as she goes. She covered in deep slashes, leaving her clothes torn and her body severely damaged.

She's having trouble focusing on where she's going, and eventually just falls to the floor, her blood pooling around her.]

[ooc: Feel free to comfort her, but she will be dying in this.]

2 Jun 2009 03:27 pm
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[Anyone walking through this particular hallway had better not be near the wall. Cause it just got punched through.

And a new Tifa hurries through, looking angry and definitely ready for a fight.]

[ooc: Evil!Tifa. Turks, Soldiers, Shinra people and Sephiroth beware.
Also, please forgive me if I fail horribly. ^^;]

3 May 2009 05:53 pm
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[Tifa was just planning to get a glass of water, then go back to bed. But for some reason the Dressing room decided not to clean a bunch of peoples dishes as it usually does, and has left quite the pile of dishes in the sink.

And for some reason or another, Tifa has decided to clean them. Don't mind her.]
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[We don't usually see too many final fantasy characters here. This Tifa right here is slightly older then normal. And might be a bit round in the middle. Yes, she's pregnant.]

Marlene, have you seen my phone--

[not Seventh heaven.]
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[Tifa's in one of the kitchens, humming happily to herself as she makes a sandwich. She decided that she's going to have a normal day today, no surprises...Too bad the dressing room likes giving people surprises...]

[ooc: Feel free to bug her, freak her out, surprise her or just talk to her.]

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[In your dressing room, fighting some raptors. And winning.

Tifa: 15
Raptors: 0

[ooc: Have some post KH2!Tifa. C:]
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[Anyone walking past the simulation room may hear the sounds of a fight going on, and if anyone bothered to LOOK inside the room, they'd SEE the fight too.]

[It seems that Tifa's finally figured out how to work the controls for the room, cause she's recreated her fight with Loz. She's determined to get stronger, and in her mind, fighting the one that had beaten her, was the only way to do it.

Unfortunately, it's going pretty much the same way it had gone the first time, Loz was winning, and Tifa was getting hurt. At least she's managing to stay conscious this time...]

[ooc: I figured that I needed another Tifa post. Feel free to help her, or tell her that she's being silly, or whatever.]
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[ooc: Who's ready for another Tifa? Cause that's whose lying unconscious on the floor.]

[Her body hurt, every where. A small whimper escapes her lips as she slowly returns to the waking world. She's still exhausted, so exhausted that she cant even open her eyes. She just lies there, wishing for the pain shooting through her entire body to go away.]


7 Aug 2008 02:40 pm
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[After getting the most bizarre and definitely not needed wedding proposal from a strange man, Tifa decides to continue with her day's work and open up her bar.]

[ooc; Bar's open. since alcohol isn't available normally in the kitchen because there are children who can get it, every type of drink is here, even from different worlds. go ahead and mingle, drown your sorrows, or piss the bar lady. the last one would get you a black eye though. best part about this bar? EVERY DRINK IS FREE. Also, there's a notice board for people to tack up notices. Who wants to hunt Marks?]
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[In the Hollow Bastion part of the Dressing Room (which hasn't turned into a racing track, thankfully) and is running her hand over the walls as she walks, stopping at a certain closed building. Her arm is still in a sling.]

...maybe I should reopen the bar.
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[Snips off the excess bandage she was using to wrap around her waist, she was still smarting from the heartless invasion. Cracked a few ribs, bruised her knuckles pretty bad, but she was, for the most part, fine.

Hmmm'ing to herself she put the bandage roll back into the first-aid kit]

Some party. Does this happen often here?
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[There's rubble and concrete flying, and a woman steps out of a hole in a wall...that proceeds to repair itself.

She looks around, hands on hips.]

...Okay, where am I?

[ooc: How much overused is the reason "blame the chat"? KH-verse Tifa.]


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