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[The end of the latest spell seems to have flushed a few people out of the woodwork.

Kai is in a room that appears to be a large greenhouse. It's mostly empty of plants, which would explain why he's hauling a bag of soil to the far end where several packets of seeds and a few baby potted plants are seated, dressed in worn jeans and a faded t-shirt that is slightly too small for him, probably something he picked out a few years ago and never threw out.

Axel ([personal profile] conflagrate) is blowing bubbles in one of the main rooms. She hasn't been around at all in the last few months, but it doesn't look like she's been upgraded back into a Lea. Each of the bubbles has smoke in them, and popping them will release the smell of wood burning!

There's a kid of about nine in one of the kitchens, which appears to be full of highly venomous snakes. Oops.

A Naminé is seated on the edge of a fountain, dressed in her normal little dress despite the lingering chill of winter. There's a flush to her cheeks from the cold, but she doesn't seem too bothered as she trails her fingers through the water.

Lastly, that one girl Sora with the broken keyblade is making an appearance again, too. She's stretched out on the floor of a little den-like room with a fireplace, and she's got a pile of... drawings? She's no artist, but she's carefully adding lines to what appears to be a boat design!]
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[After his encounter, Sora isn't feeling too hot. He's finally left his apartment, and is now skittering along, looking worse for wear as he heads to the nearby kitchen to scrounge for some food to take back after having depleted all of his own resources. But hey, at least he's (currently) not steaming darkness? ...For however long that lasts.]

9 Mar 2013 10:04 pm
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[Sora is walking around, yellow-tinted sunglasses on as he totes a wagon behind him. In said wagon? Jars full of keys, some food and a knife he found. Also, an unconscious and tied-up Shadow Heartless. But that's probably not as important as the other things, right?

He seems to be lost, venturing from room to room, trying to find somewhere--or someone.]
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[A certain vampire Sora who's been lying low is out and about today. Or, well, he was, but somehow, in testing out his ability now that he's... Much more coherent than he was before... He's ended up with his jacket caught on a branch, and now he's dangling. And it's not the most graceful of positions, either.]

H... Help.
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[Scenario 1: Library]

[In one of the libraries, there is a ten-year-old boy, sitting at a table. More importantly, he's reading a biology book and he's even found a book of school worksheets to go with it. It seems he's imposed some homework on himself for whatever reason. And he seems to be enjoying himself, too, kicking his legs back and forth as he hums and continues to read about, well... In this case, he's just gotten to a chapter on reproduction. This is going to be awkward for anyone should they come across him and he have questions...]

[Scenario 2: Hallway]

[After his daily lessons, Sora can be found wandering the hallways, pulling a wagon full of advanced science books behind him while he tries to make his way to the place he's been calling home. He doesn't stop to play, just pulls the wagon behind him. Obviously, the books aren't for him--they're the kind someone entrenched in the field of science would enjoy. Like a scientist. Also, sifting through the books, there are a few in there on psychology and theories of the heart and the worlds. Guess who the books are being kept for if he ever shows up.]
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[Remember that Sora who's messed up and sees monsters if someone isn't wearing yellow? Well, he's wandering the halls with a jar full of keys he's managed to pilfer. And even better: he's wearing yellow-tinted glasses to solve his problem. So for the moment? He doesn't see any real people as monsters! Which means he can focus on other things, like trying to scout out a permanent room to live in.

So for the moment, he's wandering the halls, only stopping to raid kitchens and other empty rooms for any left-behind keys.]

2 Dec 2012 10:37 pm
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[ The fortune to have come through a door on the other side and end up right in his home is almost uncanny. He closes the heavy door with a very faint 'chk' sound and looks around, drinking in the familiar Light and Darkness of his family members. A clock on the wall makes a soft sound in the dark silence as the hour switches to two in the morning. He's hyper-aware of the things in the room, especially the Christmas tree someone must have been putting up earlier in preparation for the holidays. It's a little crooked, but the lights are on it, and boxes of ornaments are scattered around the base, ready to be put on. Light breathing (and snoring) can be heard throughout the house as everyone dreams, and he hates the idea of waking everyone so late. As Sora's wide awake, he basks in the warm feeling of being home, the worry that he won't be welcome, and the peaceful feeling of the night, taking out a small glass reindeer ornament and hanging it at the top of the fluffy tree. Will he be able to stay quiet enough to decorate the tree until he can sleep, or will someone wake up? ]

[ ooc: it's been quite a while, but here's a little mamaSora. replies may be slow at times. ]
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[Well. This is a predicament, indeed. Lost, the boy had tried to make some Heartless attack him. ...Except now they're chasing him. And they won't listen to a word he says. So the semi-familiar boy is running around, trying to ditch the Heartless chasing him--a nasty bunch of Neoshadows. There's too many for someone his age to fight, especially since he's still learning himself.]

9 Nov 2012 04:05 am
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[There's black smears down one of the hallways today. Following it will lead to a Sora sitting beside a closed door, humming to himself and rocking. There's more black on him, and the smears lead into the door. If one opens it, they'll find a very brutalized Heartless that's been knocked out with a small, silver key stuck into it. It's not a keyblade, and the Sora seems rather calm despite a Heartless being contained in the closet. It's obvious there's some connection, but how the kid managed to incapacitate and brutalize the Heartless in such a way is a mystery.]

[[OOC: Please note if your character is wearing yellow!]]
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[Sora, uneducated in modern technology, finds himself sitting in front of a television. He extends a finger and places it over the power button. Bracing himself, he pushes the button then leaps for safety behind the couch nearby. Besides the tv turning on, nothing else happens, and Sora deems it safe to peer around the sofa's side.]

What is this...?

6 Oct 2012 07:45 pm
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[Sora's been... Worse for wear lately. It hasn't been too bad, but he's let his health slip a bit. what had been a slight cold has developed further. Now, he's trying to find a kitchen to make some soup or something so that he can have something hot in him. Except the darkness is making things confusing since he's already got a stuffed up head. Ugh, damn. Where is it?]
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[There's a Sora shuffling around the dressing room, looking much better than he did the last time he ventured out. He's being much quieter than one would expect a Sora to be, pausing at doorways to listen before passing rooms. He's looking for someone, but he isn't sure if he'll be able to find her.]

tw: blood

29 Aug 2012 04:19 am
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[It's early morning. The normally busy area is quite barren of people at this hour, but there's sure to be a few awake. Like the Zexion reclining by a dim candle, thick book in hand.

Whoever walks through on their way to breakfast or other business will suddenly feel something warm and wet dripping on them, like warm rain.

It would be entirely possible, if this weren't an area with a ceiling overhead. The droplets hitting them are red. Do they dare look up for the source?]

ooc: graphic description of bloody circumstances to follow in comments.
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[If there's one thing Sora is prone to, it's bad luck, it seems. This time? He's got a bloody nose, because he'd been climbing trees in Deep Jungle and had accidentally slipped and fallen. Not too far, lucky, just a few feet, but he'd landed on his face. So now he's trawling the halls, hand over his nose while he tries to find something to help take care of it.

Why, oh, why did he never pay attention when being taught Cure?]
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[ Trying to find "home" in the expansive, ever-changing dressing room is no small feat after such a long absence, but this exhausted Sora figured riding the tram around would be his best bet. His skin is dirty and slightly paler than normal, and he can't wait to take a warm shower and a long rest once he finds either an empty room or his own old rooms. His favoured Keyblade, Oblivion, rests across his lap as he dozes in his seat, slumped over with his forehead against the window. It's the first rest he's had in days, and it shows in his face, peaceful though it is. ]
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[Okay, so after the horror of this happening,
Vanimant didn't take into account one thing. Sora is canon, and therefore there are ways around getting your heart grabbed and possibly taken by someone evil.

So instead of Sora just dying like Vanimant hoped, the moment the boy had grasped his heart, they find themselves on Sora's station of Awakening. Sora's obviously confused about this.]

Huh, what the-?!

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[Today, DR, there is a new child running around. And he seems to constantly be on the verge of tears or even crying. That's because he happens to be the young form of a certain other Sora, freshly kidnapped by a certain Heartless. Well, freshly kidnapped as in he'd been spending a few days at the castle known as Hollow Bastion, trying to avoid Heartless while playing with Kairi. So he's terrified to suddenly be somewhere else now, somewhere unfamiliar and that seems to defy logic and seem much more like one of those dreams he has to make everything better.]
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[The Destiny Islands room is where he's been doing most of his hiding. Well, not really hiding, but he has little reason to leave. It's the place that he calls "home." Or, rather, will when he gets himself fixed up--returned to his human self and not a Heartless anymore. So for right now, he's just sitting on the paopu tree, trying to pretend to enjoy himself despite the thousands of regrets this brings.]
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[Sora has been avoiding people as of late, hiding out in his own apartment and leaving only for things he might need. He still has jealousy issues going on, and is distancing himself because of them. But right now? He doesn't care. He just wants to take a walk and clear his head. Which is exactly what he's doing.]
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[once upon a time, there was a little boy who, despite the best efforts of those around him, always somehow managed to wind up fast asleep on the floor of the dressing room.]

[that seems like it was such a long time ago, though obviously some things never change – at least, the fact that Sora is hard enough of a sleeper that he didn't really notice that he made the sudden transition from his bed back home to... well, the floor of the dressing room... never changed. it has been long enough for him to grow accustomed to the sound of the ocean at night again, however, and the funny thing about white noise is that you only tend to notice it when it's not there.]

[so he might be stirring awake shortly. or he might just bury his face into his pillow – the only possession he's brought with him – and sleep on. it is kind of late, and he did have a pretty busy day.]


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