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[Mm.. It's that vampire Lestat again, and he seems to be doing his monthly rounds of seeking food... Why not join him?]
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[Ah, look who it is. It seems our favorite vampire has been somewhat incognito for a bit. Where has he been hiding? In a more than comfy cold dark room with a rather elaborate coffin. A beautiful coffin for a beautiful vampire. But he had been in there for at least  month. Surely someone wishes to awaken our Dear Lestat... But be careful, he is likely a bit hungry...]


[ ooc:Go on..wake him up. He is lonely. Oh, and he was not affected by the spell :| ]



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[Well, we haven't seen this fine young vampire in a while. But there he is, sitting at a counter and playing with a deck of cards. How uncharacteristic of him. Maybe he wants someone to play with? ]
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[He was simply roaming the halls as he often times was, searching for a willing meal... Why he stuck to his vows of never taking blood from an unwilling host was a mystery... But he kept his word thus far, hasn't he? Wouldn't it be a shame if he lost his patience? ]


[ooc: You know the deal. He won't kill you or turn you into a vampire...er, i guess unless if you wanted him to? XD ]

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[Lestat seemed to be in a rather good mood. Perhaps it was that bit of blood from a child who was as innocent as he was sweet. Though he wished he could have had more...

In his chipper mood, he managed to find the library. He slowly picked through the books before he found something amusing... 'Vampire Chronicles'...]

What senseless drabble...

[And yet, he was amused. So he sat down, rather content, reading.]



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[He sat on a stool, in the kitchen, just waiting...Waiting for someone to catch his eye... There was a smirk, two sharp fangs protruding... He hadn't eaten in a while, and he was very hungry.]

I do believe I am rather hungry...



[ooc: you will likely get bitten, but you won't be turned into a vampire. no worries :3]

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[It had been the final straw. Dealing with his foolish ideals of concern, love, and feelings. Then went so far to burn away all their wealth in a fit of rage! ]

Does this make you happy, Louis? [His back was to his partner before he spun around on his heels, nearly shouting at the top of his lungs.]

Is this fitting proper...enough...?

[He was surprised to see that Louis had disappeared. He was not in the cemetery. In fact, he'd no clue where he was...]


(ooc:Yes he is a vampire. Yes he is Lestat. *shot*)

3 Jul 2008 10:15 pm
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[ His face is bright red as if he's trying very, very hard not to say something. He avoided it this long by pure chance, but a stray gust of wind and one particularly strong shot of it...]

[ Strangled noise ]   
I'm a virgin.

[ooc: I almost missed out on the truth gas! :3]
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To all the ladies of this fine place: I am truly, deeply sorry for my protracted absence. I'm sure you were all pining miserably without me.

I was... detained. When I find out who locked me in there, they're going to get a beating.
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I'm sure all of you (especially the ladies~) are missing everyone's favourite sport.

Struggle match. Anyone who thinks they've got half a chance against me: I challenge you.


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