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[ You know what's nice? Books. Books are lovely. This (apparent) Vexen has compiled a short list of them on an open page of a notebook in her arms. Books she would consider far superior to the actual books belonging to this body's true owner. She's browsing the library for more, making her way from the Sex/Relationships section to Teen Paranormal Romance. ]

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9 Jan 2012 11:53 pm
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[ There's a perfectly ordinary hallway that branches off from one of the main, leading to a downward staircase. If one were to walk down, they would notice how the walls and stairs themselves are decaying, changing as the steps go down from the regular floors and ordinary wood to stone. It leads down, not too far, to a long series of underground tunnels. Mostly man-made, but with natural formations as well. The sound of water running can be heard to the left and loud, scraping footsteps to the right. Which direction would you take? ]

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5 Mar 2011 06:42 pm
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[ On the outside, there's nothing wrong with this picture. It's Axel and Sora, two lifemates joined in marriage of all things, lying in their bed, in their room. On the inside, this is warped beyond recognition. See, it's not Axel in that body. It's Saïx. His once best friend turned enemy, not to mention rogue vampire Nobody! How jarring. To suddenly not only have a beating Heart, but a lifemate as well, and one no doubt snuggled up close. He wakes up immediately with a jolt, eyes snapping open and hands clenching into fists. This is not his room, or his body, or anything that it should be. ]

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[ Really coming out of the woodwork tonight, aren't they? You wouldn't guess it by looking at him, settled comfortably on a couch in the main room, relaxed as can be into the cushions, but this guy's new. He's wearing the Organization uniform, his hood is up, but the edges of scar peering out just beneath the opening are hard to mistake. Yes, it's a Saïx, and an injured one, to boot. He's sure he's sporting a few cracked bones under that uniform, perhaps some internal bleeding, but he's not worried. They're healing as he sits, one hand tapping out a tune only he knows on the arm rest. He doesn't know where he is, but what he does know... Well, isn't that interesting. ]

Come out, come out...

9 Oct 2010 12:59 pm
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[ Someone would like it if she could stop going into stasis, or being put to sleep, or whatever this place keeps doing to her. Losing months at a time, repeatedly, is starting to get on her nerves. Not that there's ever much to catch up on in this place, for her, but the disadvantage is still that. A disadvantage.

Saïx is sitting cross-legged in this room, in that room; the meeting place for what once led to discussions of a very successful plan, or what seemed to be. The place where nothings gathered. ]
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[Saïx has been one of the luckier ones in all this rain, it would seem - he's managed to find himself a proper boat. It's nothing more than a canoe, but it's something all the same. Sadly, it didn't seem to actually come with any paddles, so he's had to make do with the next best thing. His sword. It's working... about as well as you might expect, really, but it's better than nothing.

He's mostly looking for people he knows, but there's room in the canoe for at least one more person, and maybe two, if they're small.]
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[There's a Saïx in the beach room today. He doesn't look entirely pleased by it either, but apparently not enough so to actually leave.

Maybe he's waiting for someone?]
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[ There is a Saïx making her way out of one of the laboratories. This isn't terribly unusual, but she's making quite the mess. Black sludge drips from under her sleeves and down one leg, forming a thick, clotted puddle beneath her heels. She leans back against the door and squints down the hall, looking pained and confused. ]

[ooc; she is hallucinating, and miiight become violent, depending on who she sees. ♥]
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[Sitting quietly in one of the living rooms, Saix tapped a pencil to her chin while reading a newspaper.. Oh, no, she moved and jotted something. A crossword puzzle?]
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[If one was curious enough to wander near this particular room, there were blips and beeps of assorted console games, arcade games and.. is that an arcade Dance Dance Revolution game over in the corner? With the room fairly packed, it might be easy to blend in with a crowd here --

or maybe not, depending on the games you play. Who knows who you'll run into?

The front desk is giving away free complimentary waters and soda drinks, along with munchies and candies, and the shelves along the walls are lined with games for all the consoles. DS games are also available for brain breaking purposes.

(ooc: OKAMI'S FIRST OPEN POST WHAT? Here is the list of characters I will possibly be throwing
Warning there is spoiler face in the comments below!)
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[Sitting rather comfortably in the Heartless Cafe, she's quietly reading a magazine from who knows where she found it, a cup of tea resting on the table beside her and perching the magazine in her lap with her legs crossed. Moves one hand and continues reading, quietly sips her tea.

Having made it herself, she knows it isn't laced with anything.
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So far, it's been a good day for little Saix. Amazingly, he's managed to keep from being trampled by all the activity bustling here and there, and has also managed to not whack anyone with his wooden sword. It's hard work, being just three and a half years old.

As of now, the little diviner has clawed his way to the top of the counter in the kitchen and
retrieved his very own large peanut butter muffin, and is munching it contentedly. Although his face is very dirty with stray crumbs and his fingers are covered in the stuff, he nevertheless hums quite off-key and smacks his lips happily.

[ooc: yes, it's baby!Saix. With his peanut butter muffin. Obviously AU, but hella cute, yes? Anyway, please to read the profile information for background and story. Thankee! ^^]
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[Lurking in the darkness of this hallway is... something that's not like most Heartless. It's small, only about the size of a Shadow, though it's not very visible at the moment aside from the glowing yellow eyes. Anyone who approaches shall need to FEND FOR THEIR LIVES SHOULD IT CHOOSE TO ATTACK. I mean.]

((OOC: ...you know, I can't actually remember how this came up. EDIT: Spoilers for BBS in the first thread!))
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[An odd Saïx walking in today. The colour of his skin hardly being the only strange thing about him, despite his clothes being, admittedly, quite tattered and travel stained, he appears to be dressed it what was (at least at some point) a military uniform. And then there's the accent.]

Dis vas not vere dat vas supposed to go Hy tink...

[The 'detour' at the least has him a bit puzzled, checking the door he came through and finding a closet instead]

Dis hain't accordink to plan at all.

[ooc:translations available on request. Would anyone care to loan some personal restraint or self control type thing?]
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[There is a blue wolf, with a very distinct marking across his nose and face walking into the dressing room from a portal. He's thin, and a bit haggard looking, scars across his body, and some tufts of fur missing. He looks around, his tail wags, he's finally back where he wanted to be; now, to find the people he once knew. With a flash of light, where the wolf was, there is now a Saix. He's finally returned.]

Home, I'm finally home.

[ooc:Well after some odd days and months away, I've finally come back. Howdy folks!]
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[Saix seems restless. Though it likely isn't evident by how still he is, staring holes through the wall in front of him. Why not give him something to do...]
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[Anyone that happens to be traveling down those rather same looking hallways might happen to run into this blue haired nobody. If he wasn't spotted then they might find themselves falling to the floor since he had his legs out across the hallway, blocking the way.

Saïx was sitting down, his back resting against the wall a long with his head tilted up, his legs showing no sign of retreat as they lay across the hallway almost reaching the other wall. His breathing was a little of pattern but maybe that was because he was thinking a little harder than usual. His surroundings aren't familiar, nor do the people ring a bell, everything around him seems like a different universe. Yet he feels like he should remember.

Memories lost and he can't seem to remember. Was it memories or maybe an illusion? It could even have been a dream, all he knows is that right now everything is a blank. His eyes drifted shut as he kept trying to unlock those pieces to try and find his answers. Completely oblivious to the world outside of his thoughts. With his memories gone what will be different in this Saïx? How will he act to others? How much of his memories are missing?

Who is brave enough to break through and find out these answers? Saïx sighs silently as he slams his fist down lightly, a little frustrated at his weakness. He hates this feeling of not remembering, absolutely loathes it.

[[ooc://Well I know it's been a while, a very long while. I would spend ten pages explaining what has kept me away from the DR but I will spare you guys from reading all of that. Basically I was everywhere at one point and had no time to breath, but now after much arranging with my time I now have some free time.

Please feel free to have fun with Saïx, that has forgotten mostly everything, since he might be a little different.


9 Sep 2009 07:14 am
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[Roxas snores softly and snuggles closer to his pillow. and by pillow I mean [livejournal.com profile] thisisnopuppy. ah, peaceful sleep. what could possibly go wrong?]

[ooc: RIGHT. let's try that again. :D]

8 Sep 2009 07:20 pm
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[ SLAM!!

A door has just burst open in this hallway, a very obviously female Saix stomping out. Barefoot and in fairly thin sleep clothes, she's roughly dragging a certain Axel out by the chain connecting their wrists.

Despite her murderous expression, Axel does not appear to be making this any easier -- he's grabbing hold of the doorframe. ]


5 Sep 2009 01:40 pm
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[There was a Saix sleeping very soundly behind a couch. He always found the floor more comfortable... You might hear him snoring before you see him. But who would be foolish enough to awaken a sleeping Saix? ]


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