9 May 2013 03:26 pm
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[It's been a while since the zombie attack. After having died, Roxas has been nowhere to be found. Even now his living space has sat empty, and if anyone had attempted to call his phone they would have gotten a recording about the number not being in service.

Roxas hardly knows what to do with himself when he returns. The hallway is vaguely familiar to him at first, and there's a growing sense of needing to get to a particular door. He trots toward it slowly, stopping now and then to look in all directions, as if a zombie might pop out of the darkness.

He can't knock, so some persistent scratching will have to do.]
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[That yell was pretty loud, and quickly cut off. There's an open doorway with the door itself broken from the hinge and sagging against the wall, but more notable is the slithering, slimy mass of tentacles spilling out into what used to be a nice, quiet hallway. There's a broken jar nearby on the ground, and the home-made cookies it had contained are strewn on the ground, some already coated in viscous slime.]

1 Dec 2012 03:23 am
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[There's a filthy-looking Roxas sprawled limply in a snowdrift, his feet bare and old-fashioned clothes tattered. The snow where he lays is tinted red, as is much of his hair, and all around him on the ground are various sized stones. Anyone coming closer will be able to see just how much damage a few rocks can do to a person. It isn't at all pretty.]
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... still not sure about this.

[He's following Namine ([personal profile] mendedcrayon) along, looking a little nervous to borderline scared, though his hands are in his pockets and he's trying to stay calm.

Hey, big day was coming, right? The... least he could do was. meet the family.

Man, why isn't he dead yet.]

[ooc: AUGH THIS IS SO LATE. They're looking [personal profile] windup_boytoy and just Nami's extended family in general.]
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[The sounds of a struggle can be heard from a room just down the hall, though it may not be the kind you'd expect from the dressing room. Rather than metal weapons (or in the case of two of the Roxae involved) or elemental attacks, pillows are the weapon of choice tonight, and everyone seems to have declared war. There are plenty of pillows to go around in the room, of all kinds and colors, the floor itself is even padded with what seems to be one large cushion. Enjoy the cozy or jump into the brawl, your choice!]

[OOC: Generic open post because my muses need to kick back and have some CR c: ]

6 May 2012 02:55 pm
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[A derp walks into a hall and--

Wait, no. That won't work.

How about... Why did the blondie cross the road? Still no good?


Well, folks, there appears to be a Roxas running down the hall, chasing after a dusk. Now, he would have brandished his struggle bat right about now, but there's just one problem. That dusk?

...totally has it. So he's left with no choice but to wield the almighty stickblade!

But in all seriousness, he's kinda got a dilemma here. In fact, he's in such a big rush that he has no idea he's not in Twilight Town at all and is in fact in a totally different area! That adrenaline is pumping. He's ready to get some photos... and a bat!

...and then he trips on a skateboard on the way through the hall. SPLAT. But he's not done yet! After he dusts his pants off, he's off again, stick and all. That dusk just keeps bouncing around.]

Hey, get back here!

[Care to lend a hand?]

[ooc: Hmhmhm~ Info on profile. He's a blank slate for now, but his old DR memories might come back... at some point. idk.]
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[It's not often this Roxas is seen out and about at night, but tonight he is sitting in one of the outside rooms, leaning back on his arms as he looks up at the stars above him. The grassy hill might be familiar to some, but he doesn't seem to care about that, his attention solely focused on the universe above him. Feel free to join him or interrupt, judging by his thoughtful expression, he's been there for a long time.]

4 Apr 2012 09:21 pm
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[That table in the library? It has now been claimed. There are books covering it, leaving little room for anyone else. The person who's claimed it?

That would be Roxas. He's currently got his nose in a book on modern....



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[Since everyone is doing open posts:

[personal profile] sunsettingly is spending this afternoon taking a walk along the shore in the beach room. He's just kind of quietly musing, and completely not distracted by a book for once.

[personal profile] sunrisingly however, is buried in books in the living room by his hallway. They're spread out all over the place, and easy to trip over if you don't watch your step.

[personal profile] illumifated is in the Twilight Town room, being as predictable as possible and watching the clouds go by from the top of the clock tower.

[personal profile] frostedwaters is in the garden, watering the flowers (minus the watering can).]

9 Mar 2012 08:01 pm
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[The dressing room seems to be pretty quiet today, which is, of course, completely unacceptable. Should one wander into this hallway, they may come across one of it's residents, wandering aimlessly or otherwise going about their day. Feel free to speak with, drag into trouble, go to the kitchen with or bother however you see fit.]

[OOC: Open post for any character, if you're looking for any specific CR, just let me know in the subject c:]

3 Mar 2012 08:54 pm
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Cut it out!

[A group of Soldier Heartless has managed to grab onto the wheels of this Roxas' wheelchair, rocking it back and forth. The wheelchair's occupant grits his teeth before hitting and locking the brakes, then suddenly firing a barrage of Blizzards at the troublesome things, causing them to disappear.

But not before one kicks the back of the chair, causing it to suddenly lunge forward and throw the poor blonde into the floor.]


[He summons a weird looking gun out of nowhere and fires it at the Heartless point blank. Once it's gone, he sighs and dismisses his weapon, eyeing the wheelchair before trying to work on getting back on it again, dragging his lower body slowly.]
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[A Roxas is lingering in the main area, dressed similarly to most of his Organization counterparts, save for the slightly looser but still black pants, and the black shirt visible beneath the open Organization coat. He has an odd, almost feminine look to him, and seems to be doing nothing more than people watching. It's possible others have seen him around, as he has been here for a while now, though rather reclusive. Despite his calm demeanor, his hand keeps flexing, as if he's just barely keeping himself from drawing his Keyblade. Perhaps it has to do with the hooded figure moving slowly through the area.

Should anyone attempt to approach that figure, it will disappear in the blink of an eye. No smoke, no portal, just gone, like it was never there to begin with.]

8 Feb 2012 06:51 pm
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[The simulation room is full of the sounds of combat today, but that's not very unusual. In fact, nothing about this scene is really unusual at all. Just another Roxas looking to blow off steam, from the looks of it. The setting is a bit of an odd pick for a Roxas though- the room is currently set up to look like the Keyblade Graveyard, though his simulated opponents are just heartless.]
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[Is he lost? Definitely. Worried? Not so much.]

[It's early days and he's enjoying the somewhat silent reprieve in the wake of Sora's absence; he can only talk so much, and Sora even more so. Perhaps, with that in mind, he isn't so much as lost as he is subconsciously seeking a moment of peace.]

[Back to basics. To the routine. Through the contrasting variations in the corridors and halls, he knows exactly what he's seeking--]

[Until at last, he's curled up in a long stretch of white, journal in one hand as a pen scrawls across the paper. A good reminder that he's still himself.]

[ooc: AU history is here, in case anyone would like it.]
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[ Girlxas here is running through the halls, soaked up to her knees in mud. It's smeared over her elbows and little higher on her backside, with a smudge on the side of her face. Why is she running? It's probably because of the Neoshadows chasing her. ]

[ooc: backdated! to friday!]
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[Roxas is looking rather concerned as he passes through the dressing room's hallways, on a mission to find someone. While he rubs his forearm, he winces. That burning sensation is new to him, different than any frost bite he's ever felt before, and the brand there leaves him with a lot of questions. But for how he's keeping it hidden under his hand and hurrying along.]

[ooc: mostly for Nami, but anyone else can comment and we can has battle!]
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[In this aisle of the dressing room, not far from the common area, there seems to be a fork in the path. Depending on which hallway you have just descended down, you may come across one of three animals. In hallway number one, a golden feathered chocobo is standing with it's beak poked into a cracked doorway, warking at something inside. In hallway number two, a small, black and white rabbit is rolling around in the grass that lines the floors, looking very content there. And in hallway number three, a golden retriever pup is sniffing along the floors. It seems to be looking rather confused by the purple flowers growing in the crevices between the walls and floor. Don't worry, they don't bite...]

[OOC: Open post through pets. Let me know which animal they're approaching and I'll toss someone at you. If you want someone else in particular, let me know. I more than likely haven't set up a dreamwidth account for them yet, so I will do so.]

6 Jan 2012 07:46 pm
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[That is one confused looking Roxas that's just shown up in the DR. Actually the confusion is easily mistakable for sleepiness, especially since he's standing there in a set of interesting pajamas. He is also holding a teddy bear for some reason. ...Really he just seems more baffled about the teddy bear than his present location.]
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[There's the sound of enthusiastic singing coming from outside the apartment building, where Roxas is busy packing snow into a lumpy shape that doesn't quite look like a snowman. He's trying, and that's all that matters!]
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[There's a flicker of orange coming from one of the apartments in the residential area. One would have to look upward to see it, but the black smoke seeping from the sliding glass door to the balcony would certainly draw the attention of those perhaps wondering if there's a bonfire going on nearby. If anyone happens to be inside the building on the same floor the smell will be much stronger, with more smoke trailing from an unlocked but closed door, close to the elevator. The door itself is hot, and somewhere there's a dog barking.]


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