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[ Across the DR at any given time, there are several things happening that may be connected, may have a purpose, or link back to the same cause. These are not examples because they're completely unrelated.

Out of the game room stumbles a Riku, looking disoriented and a little wide-eyed. She seems okay, but something is definitely off, to say the least. It's weird. She feels, and not just to herself, a little like Red.

In the simulation room, currently blank, there's Aden, bleeding profusely down his front. He's got his hand clamped over his nose, but it's not really helping. There's no saving his shirt. ]
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[Riku looks surprisingly normal for someone missing a large part of themselves. He's wandering barefoot vaguely in the direction of a training room, but close enough to a kitchen that he considers heading that way for something to eat, instead.

In another part of the DR is his own personal double, in full Dark mode. Despite the armor protecting him, he's curled up in the corner of a room that looks like it's seen better days. There's an armchair pushed up against the door from the inside, and a table is turned on its side in front of him for additional protection. The walls are charred from how many times he's let loose with an attack.]
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[ Happy Valentine's Day, dressing room. Riku's got you a present.

That is to say, there's the delicious scent of warm, baked chocolate coming from the kitchen. Riku's inside, equipped with oven mitts and surrounded by a half dozen trays of baked goods. Some cut out into hearts, others still set out to cool, and yet still more going into the oven. There's a large bowl by the mixer, chocolate dripping down the side, and ingredients all over the place. Riku's popping a couple white chocolate chips into her mouth-- oh. Oh. I'm sorry. Anyone familiar with her could tell you for sure which Riku it was, but it looks like she's been hit by a spell. She looks like, well, the majority of Rikus around here. Male.

And all of the trays are filled with brownies.]

{ ooc: for those unaware, the brownies cause automatic and immediate orgasms. it's a curse. }
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[Riku is taking a stroll through the dressing room. He's dressed for cool weather, with a long-sleeved hooded t-shirt, pants, and...slipper socks. Not entirely unusual, but the brightly colored bat perched on his head might be. He doesn't have a particular destination in mind, but is instead taking the path that seems to be the most interesting.]
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[There is a Riku sleeping on the floor here, alongside the wall. He seems to be only covered by a sheet, given how much leg and bare shoulder he's showing. There's a dull unicorn's horn close beside his head. Any attempts at picking that up will only make it disintegrate. Despite just having the sheet, he's very warm to the touch.]
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[In this room is a forest...actually, this room is a forest, for the most part. There's a door leading out to one of the hallways and a wall on either side of that door, wrapping around the sides for several yards before melting into forest. This Riku's decided that the clearing further inside the 'room' makes a great practice area--or at least a practice area that few, if any, people will actually bother him in. Not that more than a select few would be able to get to him without knowing exactly how to. Mind those papers stuck to the trees.]
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[ Guess what, DR. It's Riku's birthday. She's a whole twenty-one years old now, not counting any possible timeline jumping around. She's also had her costume for a couple days now, and because her apartment isn't quite big enough, she's taken over one of the main kitchens. Yep. Sure is a cauldron sitting there. Riku's a witch. She's at the table, a half-carved jack-o-lantern to her side and a book of spells and potions open in front of her. Maybe someone should investigate what she's doing before her putrid purple concoction boils over.

If they can get inside at all, that is. There's a tiny Kairi in an adorable pink costume, squealing with laughter as she flies around on a broomstick. Obviously not Riku's influence.

Obviously. ]
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[In this hallway, there is a Riku sitting on the floor, back against the wall and knees drawn partway up to his chest. His arms are draped across the tops of his knees and fastened with black manacles, and a matching collar sits around his neck, attached to the wall behind him by a short length of chain.

He doesn't seem to care about his situation, or anything around him at all. Most of his focus seems to be either on the floor or the wall opposite him.]
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[Today's setting is a pretty field with patches of flowers and rolling hills and glens and little groves of trees. Beautiful. And yet, Mr. Sourpuss here isn't enjoying it. Sure, he's parked under a tree, seemingly asleep. But he's not. He's annoyed, arms crossed over his chest. There is no sign of Hyrule, or anything like Hyrule. This is the closest he can find right now. So, sure enough, no way home.

...Maybe he could build a village here. Similar to Kakariko back home...]

4 Sep 2012 08:36 pm
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[Open post time!

It's early evening, and...

[personal profile] shadedlight is in the kitchen with his son, cooking dinner for the two of them. He's cooking, anyway, his son is at the kitchen table playing with some toys.

[personal profile] rikuonehalf is having several issues. He's in one of the bathrooms trying to patch himself up after a particularly bad training session, but a particularly bored Dusk keeps stealing anything he sets down--bandages, ointment, articles of clothing.

[personal profile] darkyang is lurking in a corner of the library with a stack of books.

[personal profile] tainted_piety is watching you, most likely.

[personal profile] paperchains has found a large amount of paint and has turned the walls outside of his apartment into a canvas. Currently, there's giant colorful flowers painted on one section, and what looks like part of a beach right next to it.

[personal profile] lightyin is NOT inside a world room, or at least not a world that any of the current residents have probably seen. It appears to be a beach at night, but at the end of the sand is not a span of ocean, but rather something more like this. He's standing at the edge of the sand, trying to decide if it's safe to check out the water or not.

OoC: If you want to interact with anyone else that's not in this list, let me know.]
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[Yes, that's Riku. But he's looking a little...shorter than usual. Mostly because the DR thought it would be fun to age him down to a kid for the day. And it decided to do it as he was getting some cereal down from the top shelf of the kitchen. Naturally he dropped it, the box opened, and he now has cereal all over him.]

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[ Here's a Riku, about sixteen-seventeen years old, wearing casual clothes with a shockingly short haircut. Overall, doesn't stick out enough to approach. But she's asleep, dangling mid-air, slightly reclined, the Way to Dawn hanging from her grip. If anyone does approach her, they might get a surprise.]

[ooc: and then I canon updated. Riku's been missing from the DR since July 25th. There will probably be spoilers for KH3D as I'm pulling her post-game. (That's why she looks a little younger than she should - it won't last.)]
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[Good afternoon, DR residents. Hope you weren't doing anything you didn't want anyone to walk in on, because there's a Riku wandering down this particular hallway, cautiously opening doors to peek at what's behind them. He just got here (or so he thinks) about an hour or two ago, and so far, he's been lucky enough to wander into a couple of world rooms rather than anyone's homes. Of course, he's avoiding the areas that actually look like houses, not just walking into those.

The world rooms are unnerving enough by themselves, but the people he's met are even stranger. He could swear he saw at least one other person who greatly resembled him and several others who looked like his friends. Maybe if he actually talked to someone, he'd get somewhere.

(OoC: Canon-updated Riku! He's got a much shorter haircut (think waist-length to almost-shoulder-length) but should otherwise feel/smell/seem the same as he was when he left about 3 weeks ago. He currently doesn't remember his time in the DR.)]
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[So DR, there is a Riku in your midst. A young, KHI Riku with plenty of Darkness in his heart already. But that's not really his problem right now.

One of the problems is getting dropped in the middle of some weird hallway, with doors leading to different areas and rooms. One was a library. One was Traverse Town, and another was a beach. No doorway made sense or gave him any sort of clue on how to get out.

The other problem? Well, it's about twenty feet tall, full of bright, colourful, shining scales and seems to be advancing on Riku, wiggling it's butt in the air as if to play. Unfortunately, Riku's really not in the mood for it and leaves down the hall. And unfortunately for him, the Tyranto Rex is going to follow.

Cue a few minutes later and Riku is sprinting down the hall full force, trying hard to escape the excited and playful dinosaur that's tailing him.]

((OOC: From
[personal profile] skygale 's AU. Details are in the profile. There will be no KH3D spoilers, just Dream Eater shenanigans.))
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[There is a Kai wandering the halls this morning. He's looking for a particular Riku...or a Kai, actually, since he thinks that said Kai is currently involuntarily borrowing his body. He's got Kai's phone with him and is alternately trying both his own cell phone number and that of his replica's, the latter of which keeps going to voicemail after a few rings.

He's also keeping an eye out for...well, himself. It's one of the weirdest feelings. A close second is the lack of darkness he's used to in him and senses that are...off.

OoC: Super super late bodyswap event post. Pretend this is happening the morning/early afternoon of the 20th. Any phone threads limited to [personal profile] datafreeze (or whoever happens to have Riku's phone), but anyone is welcome to go bother Kai!ku]

2 Jul 2012 04:48 am
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[There's an older Riku sitting on a couch against the wall of one of the heavily-trafficked common areas. He has a white blindfold on, and occasionally moves as if to remove it, only to drop his hands back down to his lap. He seems to be waiting for something, or perhaps someone. Around his neck on a thin white cord is a card that simply reads L O S T.]
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[Greetings. A newbie has appeared--another Riku--though this one is dressed somewhat fancier than many newcomers before her. Oh, did I mention it was a female Riku? Yup.

She is very confused and upset at the moment, because what she's just walked into is very much not her bedroom or probably anywhere on the castle's grounds, which is what she was aiming for. That, and she nearly walked right into a nearby stream.]

...What's going on?

[OoC: Post-dating this post to early afternoon/late morning, instead of midnight.]
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So, this is another world. I finally made it.

But what's it called and where am I?

((be nice to the newbie?))
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[In this kitchen is a Riku. Not an unusual sight, since he uses the common kitchen almost as much as his own. He seems preoccupied today, though, absently munching on apple slices while watching the kitchen door, just in case someone decides to come in. Normally, he doesn't mind people, but normally he isn't under the effects of a particularly strong aphro spell.

Go antagonize him?

(OoC: He won't go after kids. Pretty much everyone else is fair game.)]

2 Jun 2012 12:09 am
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[There's a new Riku around today. And he is quite odd, with a tattoo over his right eye and clothes that seem more like a medieval ninja crossbreed. He even has a loose, purple scarf around his neck, and his eyes? They're red instead of the normal cyan. Riku seems to be wandering the hallways, poking his head into rooms, though he's highly interested in anything electronic. They don't have those in Hyrule, after all.]


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