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[And with a similar entrance to last time too. Meaning, she's landing on her behind again.]

Woah, woah, WOAH!

[That door there? Yeah it just got smashed down. Or, through. Either way. And what did the smashing? Well, most likely a large fiend. It just decided to use Rikku for the smashing. She's now lying on her back among the remains of the door.]


2 Jun 2010 12:00 pm
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[Well that took long enough.

Rikku's in the kitchen, fixing herself something to eat. She has been out looking for something all day. It's about time she relaxed a bit.
She seems to be in a good enough mood, humming something cheerful under her breath as she works.

Oh, and dont mind the two bangles on her left wrist. She doesn't usually wear them, but they look nice enough, right?
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[See that open door over there? Anyone who goes to have a look, will find quite a sight. Should anyone venture further in, they may find one, or possibly more, very lifelike crystal figures.
Go on. Take a closer look. They're just statues. Right?

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[Don't mind the Rikku raiding the fridge in this kitchen today. She's been working hard and deserves a nice cold drink. Too bad she doesn't seem to be able to find the one she wants. And this is the third kitchen she's visited.

After a minute or two of searching, she closes the door, perhaps with just a little more force than necessary, and just frowns.]

You hate me, dont you. You wanna see me suffer. Is that it?

[Yeah, she's talking to the Dressing room.]

3 Feb 2010 03:59 pm
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[This Rikku's usually seen exploring or hanging out with friends or just making some sort of mischief, always with a big smile on her face.
But, today's a little different. She's in a room a little further away from the more crowded areas of the DR, wearing something similar to her FFX diving suit, and just looking through a large toolbox.
There's a large, damaged machina standing not far from her. Though, it's not as bad as it used to be. Obviously she's been trying to fix it.
The room looks a little like the the Machine faction headquarters at Djose, and there's machina parts here and there, electrical devices and many different tools for repairing or making machina.

It takes a minute or two, but Rikku finally seems to find the tool she's looking for, before turning to look at the machina again. Then she just sighs and puts the tool back.]

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5 Jan 2010 01:43 pm
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[Rikku's exploring a rather interesting room today. Everywhere you look there's either photos, spheres, videos, audio tapes....Basically recordings of the past.

The interesting part? They're of just about everyone in the Dressing room. Either things that have happened back in your home world, or have happened here in the DR. It's all here somewhere.

Rikku's looking at
some of the photos at the moment, smiling.]
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[It was most likely, possibly, a peaceful morning in the DR today. Until Rikku showed up with all the heartless following her that is.]

Damn, you guys just dont quit, do you?!?!

[She runs to get some distance before throwing her last grenade at them.


And of course, more just show up. Damn.]

Tch, Cred.

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[Hey look. There's a vehicle of some kind in the hallway. And a young girl working on it.]

E cfayn Brother, oui lnycr drec drehk uha suna desa, yht E'mm dymg du Pop ypuid dygehk yfyo ouin nekrd du ajah tneja ed!

[She moves out from under thee hood of the vehicle, wiping her hands off on a rag, before closing it with a bang.]

Drana. Huf tuhd pnayg drec uha, ugyo, Bro....Brother?

[She removes her goggles to reveal the usual confused face one has after just arriving in the DR. Help would be appreciated.]

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[This Rikku hasn't been seen in a while. But really. Leaving her out of the Halloween madness would be. Well. Madness.

So that's why this tiny giggling five year old girl is running around, wearing the black mage dress sphere.

Of course, she just thought it was a costume she magically woke up with. She had no idea that she could actually use it's abilities.

Which is why she lets out a surprised yelp, when she accidentally sets that couch on fire.

Help please?]

4 Oct 2009 10:45 pm
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[Rikku's sitting on a couch in one of the more crowded main rooms, reading a magazine.

She's biting her lip, a pencil in hand as she works on a quiz in the magazine.]


[Thinks a little longer, before scribbling her answer.]
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[Rikku actually isn't exploring today! She's sitting at a computer, playing a rather simple looking but incredibly frustrating game.

She's been at it for a while, and anyone listening might hear her cursing in Al Bhed under her breath every now and then.

http://members.iinet.net.au/~pontipak/redsquare.html ]
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[Rikku's just looking around one of the kitchens, she has a small bag hung over her arm which is filled with various junk foods.
At the moment she's just searching the pantry for anything else to satisfy her sweet tooth.]
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[Anyone walking down this particular hallway, may be surprised and worried by the occasional blood on the floor and wall. Looks like someone's been hurt, and from the look of this, they've been walking for a while.

Should anyone follow the blood, they'd find Rikku, with deep scratches in her left arm, scratches in her stomach, and her back has been ripped into by something very fond of it's claws, leaving long, deep, bleeding cuts.

This might not have been such a big problem for her, if she'd been able to find a potion. However, she's now lost a lot of blood, and has become very weak.

She stumbles down the hall, occasionally leaning against the wall, before finally collapsing.]

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[There's a little blond girl running through an open door in one of the hallways of the Dressing room. She's laughing and out of breath and hasn't realized that she isn't where she had been before.]
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[There's a new Rikku walking through a random door in one of the hallways of the Dressing room. Wearing normal clothes.
She just blinks, sloooowly turns around to look at the door she had walked through which has now disappeared, and turns to look around the hallway again.]

.....What the...?

[Pulls a mobile phone out of her jeans pocket and dials....No signal.]

You have got to be kidding me!

[Rikku is not a happy witch.]

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[Hmm...There's something different about Rikku today, what could it be?

Maybe it's the fact that she's not wearing her usual Blademaster dress sphere and is back in her normal, albeit skimpy clothes.

Maybe it's the cheeky smile on her face? Although, anyone who knows her, knows that she uses that smile often...


Or maybe it's the fact the she's got her arms full of water balloons, and is looking for people to throw them at...

Yes, that one seems right...]

[ooc: UH-OH!!! Rikku's found water balloons! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!]

5 Mar 2009 09:06 am
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[Rikku's in the kitchen, flitting around in all the nooks and crannies in the cupboard. Shut him in only if you want to be severely yelled at.]
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[Just walking through a random door is a new Rikku. At first glance she wouldn't seem that different from the other Rikku's here aside from her outfit.


But if you actually looked at her eyes, you'd notice they might seem a little darker...A little more...Sadistic.

She freezes, looking at her surroundings...Before turning around to look at the door again...Whoops, the doors gone....]

.......What the hell?

[ooc: I could NOT resist!!! Meet Evil!Rikku everyone!!! Though be careful, she likes to play...]

5 Feb 2009 06:32 pm
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[Rikku sighs as she flops down onto her bed.

It's still the middle of the day, and there's still lots to do. But she just doesnt feel up to doing much right now.

The reason? She's homesick.]

[ooc: Feel free to bug her, having someone to talk to would probably help snap her out of it]

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This sucks...

[Rikku sighed, she was lying on the couch, her legs crossed lazily over each other as she stared at the ceiling. She had been staring at the roof of the room she now occupied for almost half an hour now...And she was becoming very bored]

Sheesh! What does a girl have to do for some fun around here???

[ooc: Feel free to bug her, just be warned, in her current state, she may bug you back...]


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