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[ There's a replica looking awfully displaced. His expression is none too pleased, and his shifty eyes tell of a cautious demeanor. In his short lived life, he has known a handful of worlds, and this is no where close to familiar. He didn't think it possible to take a "wrong turn" using the dark corridors - but who knew? Maybe there was more to using those dark portals than he had ever considered. Either way; here he was, a fresh face in an all too strange place, but still he always maintained his posture and confidence that he could take care of himself. ]
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[What's that, you say? It's summertime in the DR? That means it's time for the seasonal inauguration of Ri's Fabulous Grill. This handsome and manly Replica is out and about and happily grilling up most any animal product you can think up to set on fire and eat. Oh, and some corn and veggies and stuff for all you frou-frou herbivores or whatever.

It smells delicious. You should get some.]
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[The strange thing about Darkness is how its form can be pretty malleable, if given the right circumstances to grow and evolve. It's all about power and strength, and those terrible things that linger in the shadows of the Heart. And it's all about dragging everything else down into the dark, too.

There's a Ri wandering through the DR. He's in full Dark Mode, with Soul Eater swinging almost playfully in his grip. But take a second look, and you might see Heartless gold eyes, or catch a scent that screams of white white walls and endless corridors.

Oh. And what happens when you rip all the Darkness out of a Replica? Well. Do mind the body in the middle of the hallway over there. It's empty.]
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[There's a very... Odd Riku Replica walking along the hallways. He's looking for a library, and there's a book tucked under his arm. Not too much out of the norm, right? Except that foul stench of darkness is probably distinct.

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[Here is a Ri. He's currently sprawled on the floor of a rather large, but sparsely furnished room. He's happily fascinated by a ball of purple fur that's rolling about in front of him, and makes a squeaky purr whenever he pokes it. The purple and pink balls of fur stand out brightly amongst the duller brown balls of fur in the room, but the brown fur balls coo quite pleasantly.

Why don't you join your friendly neighborhood Tribble dealer come in and see what Ri is doing?]
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[Here is a Ri. He is currently toting an armful of things: massive amounts of chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter, ice cream, cookies, a bottle of rum, and a box of tissues. He's also carrying a book that says So You've Just Been Dumped! He's on a mission! And he's trying very very hard not to be gleeful about this whole thing.]

... maybe I should find a pair of pyjamas. Or maybe more chocolate.
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[In the midst of the constant darkness the dressing room has been experiencing lately, the flickering glow of a fire is fairly common. This particular fire is rather large, the glow visible even outside of the room Shiru's camping in. 'Camping' in the sense that he has a small nest of blankets set up on the floor in front of a fireplace, with a basket of snacks nearby. He's currently occupying himself with marshmallow-roasting.]

4 Sep 2012 08:36 pm
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[Open post time!

It's early evening, and...

[personal profile] shadedlight is in the kitchen with his son, cooking dinner for the two of them. He's cooking, anyway, his son is at the kitchen table playing with some toys.

[personal profile] rikuonehalf is having several issues. He's in one of the bathrooms trying to patch himself up after a particularly bad training session, but a particularly bored Dusk keeps stealing anything he sets down--bandages, ointment, articles of clothing.

[personal profile] darkyang is lurking in a corner of the library with a stack of books.

[personal profile] tainted_piety is watching you, most likely.

[personal profile] paperchains has found a large amount of paint and has turned the walls outside of his apartment into a canvas. Currently, there's giant colorful flowers painted on one section, and what looks like part of a beach right next to it.

[personal profile] lightyin is NOT inside a world room, or at least not a world that any of the current residents have probably seen. It appears to be a beach at night, but at the end of the sand is not a span of ocean, but rather something more like this. He's standing at the edge of the sand, trying to decide if it's safe to check out the water or not.

OoC: If you want to interact with anyone else that's not in this list, let me know.]
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[Hello DR. You might be smelling the deliciousness of grilled meat wafting through the air. Ri has his grill parked out in an open area near his apartment/room, and there's some nice picnic tables that he manhandled into place. It's Ri's 4-year DR-versary, and he's 'celebrating'. It's also his newest student's birthday, so it's a combo celebration.

... the DR is celebrating, too. Above Ri is a flashing neon sign that he can't see, and it probably saying quite rude things. Be prepared.]

Chicken? Or more beef? Hmmmmm....
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[Here is Ri. He hasn't been very Ri-like lately, but he certainly isn't on his deathbed anymore, or vomiting Darkness, or anything weird and nasty like that. He's gotten tired of people telling him to rest, so he snuck out. He's currently busily digging through a closet, pulling out interesting bits of electronics and equipment.

He has A Plan. And needs Very Specific Things.

This probably won't end well.]
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[Maybe it's the basket of spilled clean laundry in the hallway that will tip people off. Or maybe it's the massive burst of Darkness that's raging out of control from a nearby room. Anyone who investigates will find Ri convulsing on the floor, unable to reign in his Darkness because of the pain. It's sad, really, because this is such a cheerful looking room, all set up for a little boy who likes dinosaurs, or pirates, or maybe pirate dinosaurs.]
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[Hello, DR. Don't mind Ri, who is going through his semi-normal daily routine. This, of course, means he's in the training room and keeping his skills sharp. What might catch someone's interest is that he's currently sparring against a couple of Heartless that he summoned up. They look rather familiar.

Perhaps someone should tell him to stop and hydrate. Or stop working out his issues in really disturbing ways. Or you could just cheer him on.]
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[It's a fairly normal day/night/whenever in the DR, and various people are busy doing their own little things.

[personal profile] clockworknomore and [personal profile] windup_daddy are actually in the training room, which is somewhat strange since the 'cousins' try to avoid each other most of the time. Daddy has Soul Eater out while 'Riku' is double-wielding a pair of matched scimitars, and they both seem to be going all out against each other. It's about to get dangerous.

[personal profile] clockworkboytoy has found a room with a scale replica of what the DR looked like when it had an outside environment. And it is currently growling and stomping around while wearing this outfit. It is having great fun knocking over buildings.

[personal profile] windup_boytoy still reeks of Darkness... more than usual, anyway. There's a deep frown on his face as he looks for something new to read in the library. He lingers in the home improvement section, before shoving the books back onto the shelves roughly.

And as for [personal profile] daddyhasagun, well, you might have just heard her muffled shriek. She's currently clawing these posters off the walls of the hallway. Unfortunately, the posters seem to be lining every hallway and are prominently featured in the various common areas and kitchens. Kira is very scandalized over this whole thing.]
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[Night has fallen in the DR and all is peaceful and quiet. Unless you live in the suburbs. Because there is a sudden blast of loud Christmas music and flashing lights coming from an EXTREMELY over-decorated house in the neighborhood.

And standing on the sidewalk with the power switch in his hand, is Ri. He is cackling maniacally to celebrate his triumph over technology.]

[identity profile] windup-daddy.livejournal.com

[if you are male, you just might be getting targeted by this angry Daddy]
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[Ri has just put his fist through a wall in a very public area. Why? Probably because he currently looks like this. And he's really REALLY not happy about it. Maybe you should try to make it better, or maybe just stay away because Darkness is swirling around him pretty fiercely.]

This is fucking worse than being a woman!

[OOC: Pretend this happened earlier this morning. I was out all day! :x]

5 Sep 2011 08:40 am
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[Nice day, isn't it? If you're outside, yes it is.

But wherever you are, your day might be interrupted by fighting. Even if there wasn't anyone fighting nearby at first, there will be when a portal suddenly opens up nearby and a Riku tumbles out of it, rolling a few feet across the ground before scrambling to his feet.

A few seconds later, a [Bad username or site: darkyang Title=lookalike @ livejournal.com] comes through the portal, holding a keyblade. The first one summons Soul Eater and they promptly get into a furious swordfight.

Do you try to mediate or join in the melee? Or maybe you'd just like to watch these two beat each other up?]
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[You know what wide open spaces need? Stuff to bust up. This formerly pristine and tidy park has now been covered in boxes, chests, barrels, vases, lampposts, blox, and crates. Basically, if you can smash it up for munny and other drops and goodies, it's here. And they regenerate. Just be careful of the Barrel Spiders.

There's already one tiny Replica in the middle of the field, happily bashing at every white vase and tacky white flower decoration it sees.]
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[Here is a certain (handsome, noble, dignified) older Ri, and he happens to have Soul Eater in his hand. But instead of homicidal rage-filled shenanigans, he's practicing his forms in a wide open training area. Though, judging from the mangled training dummies littering the area, he doesn't find his opponents very challenging. Exercise is supposed to be healthy, right?

... so who feels up to crossing blades with him? He'll go easy on you. Promise.

Or you can just distract him in some other fashion.]
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[Shiru has never seen snow before. Sure, he's heard of it and has a good idea of what it is, but he hasn't been personally acquainted with it until today.

But he's become acquainted with it fairly quickly. If one is near the apartment buildings, they might notice a good-sized wall of snow that seems out of place. If they approach that wall, they might get hit by snowballs courtesy of the Replica hiding behind the wall.]


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