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[Oh so confused. Oh so lost...]


[And apparently rather pissed. She's holding her...Wrench!? Rather tightly, as she stalks down the hall.]

I was fixing his stupid Automail, I leave the room, come back with the wrench. And. He's. GONE! This had better not be some stupid alchemy trick, Roxas!

[Yup. Lost and pissed. Not good for whoever this Olette comes across. She's violent, beware.]
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{ Olette's strolling through the vicinity that is the dressing room. She's dressed in an apron, a chef's hat, oven gloves, the whole deal-- she's holding a freshly baked pan of peach pie. With sprinkles of cinnamon adorning its golden crust and sweet cream on top, the aroma matches her vanilla scent quite well.

She doesn't really have anyone to share it with, so she's hoping to catch someone who'll give her baked goods a try. God knows that Olette hasn't had a hand in baking before this! }
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{ Falling from the ceiling seems to be Olette. Although, she seems to be alright, She stands up in confusion. Rubbing her head slightly, she looks around. And she was just with the boys.}

I hope this is one of Hayner's jokes.. .

{ She wanders more in the hallways Looking for the rest of the gang.}

[ooc; Original olette. :D Anyone from Twilight Town would be helpful. or anyone at that fact! :D }

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[Olette's are rare around here to begin with, but this is certainly... a sight. It's a normal Olette, sure.

Holding a nail bat.]

Wh-- huh?!

[ooc: It had to be done. Axels beware.]
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{ A new Olette's pacing across the outdoors of the dressing room, completely unawares of the change in setting. She has three packages of unwrapped sea salt in her hand, humming delightedly as she opens up the door to their usual hangout- }

{ -Hm. }

Hayner? Pence? You there?

{ooc: Oh god I'm so sorry. Is smelly!verse Olette allowed? D:}
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[and enter a new Olette, she stumbles through a doorway in the main dressing room, and backpedals a bit when realizing, this isn't the train station. She peers through the doorway, and nope, there isn't a way back. She gives a heavy sigh.]

It looks like we won't be making it to the beach after all.

[ooc: anyone wanna say hi to canon Olette~ :D]

9 Jan 2009 04:31 pm
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You guys we have to start the homework sometime.

[The owner of the voice, obviously an Olette, sighs as she steps through a random door.]

I mean really do you want... to... fail...?

[And she just opened her eyes to see this wasn't the usual spot at all. And where were Hayner, Pence, and Roxas? Looks around lost.]


keep it up

6 Jan 2009 11:15 am
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[Olettes aren't something that are seen around very often, especially ones waving wands and directing a procession of stuffed animals down a hall behind her. each stuffed animal, ranging from tiny toy rabbits to a life size lion, has an instrument of some sort. they don't seem to be playing them, but there's definitely cheerful marching music coming from somewhere.]

8 Nov 2008 10:25 pm
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[Wait... what]

Okay, this isn't funny anymore. Home, this place, home... and here again. I wish the universe would make up its mind already.

2 Nov 2008 11:23 pm
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[now here's something you definitely don't see every day; an Olette, seated on a table in the main area. she's dressed a little... oddly, with her bright clothing that doesn't match, her necklace of bottle caps, her radish earrings, and the polished stick tucked behind her ear. she looks to be reading a magazine. if you can read upside down, you'll be able to see that the title is "The Quibbler". she doesn't seem terrible bothered by her surroundings, pink-stockinged legs swinging a bit as she reads.]

(ooc: Oyyyy. Olette taking the place of Luna Lovegood.)
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[This Olette is a new comer. She walks around the hallways slowly. Trying to find the twilight gang or the name of her location.]

Hello ~ anyone here ? These hallways seem so empty and cold.

1 Jul 2008 09:01 pm
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[And there was Olette, buried under books. Not literally, mind, but enough so she could be hard to find. Why? She felt the urge to say certain things to certain people and that would certainly be a problem.

She thumbed through the book, not really registering what she was reading.

Too irked at the moment.]

This... is bad.

[Murmured to herself, chewing on her bottom lip]

1 Jul 2008 08:57 pm
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[the sugar bowl in the kitchen has suddenly gained life - or rather, that's how it looks. there's an orange glow coming from under the lid, which is trying to hop right off, it seems.]
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[Now that she had found -her- Roxas she needed to find -her- Pence and Hayner. She misses them so much too.  At least she wont have to be completely alone because now Roxas was there with her. She was looking at the photograph again. Trying herbest not to cry. She sighs heavily]


Where are you guys?
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 [sighing thinking about the Roxas she met today.]

I wonder if that really was him....

he knew what I was talking about....

I sure hope it was him..-my- roxas.

[looks at my photograph]

[ooc: i am talking about forgetxyouxnot ]


19 Jun 2008 02:58 pm
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 [In the kitchen there is Cookies, Pies, Brownies, and Cakes everywhere! Olette was the cause of the sweets overload. She was sitting at the table now looking at all her creations smiling.She thougt to herself..how in the world am iIgoing to eat all of these? She sighed]

Noramally Roxas, Pence, and Hayner were here to eat them..

[she said to herself rather loudly.]


19 Jun 2008 12:57 pm
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 [a quiet sobbing came threw one of the kitchen doors. It was olette crying. She has been here only two days but, she had been burned and is still alone. She was holding a photograph with her,roxas,pence, and hayner making a human pyramid. She had finally gave up on looking for them. She didn't think they were here with her. There was cookies and cakes and muffins everywhere. She baked when she wanted to avoid thinking about something. She spoke to the only one in the room...herself.]

Pence..Roxas...Hayner... I miss you guys...

[she gripped the photograph with more love and respect this time seeing that this was the only thing she had to remember her best buds.]
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[Olette is currently hiding out in a kitchen on the other side of the dressing room. There's batches of cookies, brownies, haystacks, and one random red velvet cake in there, and she's hurriedly working on a batch of granola bars.]

I hope everyone's okay... it's gonna be an okay week, right? It's just about some giant keys not being able to be summoned. We're gonna be okay.

[sighs and stops, looking at her granola bars] ...

I wonder where I put the oats?
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W-where am i?







[looks around]

Okayy guys this isn't funny!! Where are you!?

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She should be just over here.

[spoken as she picked up a book or two- they must have fallen when she was fixing up the corner for her own purposes. Olette believed in studying at least once a day, she had to keep her mind working, to have it sharp. what if they went home tomorrow and there was a quiz at school? her grades were not going to drop because of this.

she put the books on a small table she found and brought into the corner of the library.

and as promised, their lay the purple dragon. she was a lot bigger than her baby self (but not as huge as one would think a dragon would be) but she was beautiful and elegant.

Olette smiled, gesturing to the dragon]

See? Isn't she beautiful?


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