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[In a cozy lounge, a warm log fire crackling, there's an old Nobody sitting in an old overstuffed armchair. Felicius here is chilling out.

Out in front of him, apparently projected from the device he's wearing on one arm, a little holographic show - 3-D video of him and various people - a lively freckle-faced boy of about ten, a punky blue-haired young woman, various others. Casually, every so often, he'll flick and poke at the images in the same way someone from a past era might at a smartphone touchscreen, navigating through scenes and zooming in and out.

Not often he indulges in nostalgia, really. Not often he spends time on what might be happening at home - if such things have any realistic meaning any more.
But sometimes these things just want to be done.]

((Tryin' to get a few characters who aren't named Xehanort back up and running out of my gang... so, sorry, guys, but that includes grumpy ol' OCs. :p))

1 Apr 2012 12:06 am
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[Good morning Dressing Room! Whether you just woke up, just went to bed or didn't sleep at all, good morning anyway. The DR hopes you enjoy your lovely, lacy decorations tied into chains and hung wall to wall.

Does that pair over there look familiar? That's because it is. You might even catch sight of a dusk fleeing with similarly familiar underwear.

It's not just brassieres and panties either. Boxers, briefs, knickers, and any other sort of underwear you care to name, if it goes under the clothes the dusks have gotten into it and anything else you might have kept in that drawer.

At least they're clean.

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[It's rare that a new arrival isn't surprised by their entry into this strangeness. This one, however, seems entirely calm. An older man with ice-blue eyes, dressed in black, although not in a style that owes much to the classic coats so often seen around here, especially not with the metallic and mechanical touches showing in his outfit.

He looks around with the air of an experienced traveller arriving in a new country - knowing that sights will be new and unfamiliar, yet understanding that they should be so.

Doesn't seem too bad, he thinks...]

((So I herd you like badguys... OC villain, see journal for details.))
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[ sometimes, there are nobodies without orders. and sometimes, they just need to be normal again, to feel look the part of what they were, what they used to be.

most of the closets in this hall (including your bedrooms) have been raided. there are Dusks wearing socks and Dancers in skirts; Assassins with hats and belts and slippers on the edge of their toes; Creepers walking on their hands, gloves on their feet; Sorcerers hovering over piles of clothing possessively, hoarding a collection.

you might even recognize some of your favorite clothes on one. a Samurai, a Sniper... who knows? ]
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[...and in-between all of the other chaos sweeping the dressing room, a Dancer and a Gambler are seated calmly on a plush sofa, an abnormally tiny pair of Dusks chewing on bottles in their laps.]


2 Sep 2009 11:18 am
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[[There's a dancer nobody skating around the hallways. He's new here, and is a new nobody in general. His skating movements are a bit poor, and he slips from time to time.]]

Hello? Is anyone here?

[[Someone care to help him out, he's gonna fall again.]]

{{{OOC: He's a generic dancer nobody who's new to being a nobody. He can talk, and he's curious to learn how to function properly. Also, I'm new here, so feel free to call me out if I'm doing something wrong. For example, tags. The nobodies tag got stuck.}}}

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[Squeak, squeak, squeak. There's a Dusk curled up under a table, next to a couch in one of the main rooms, long limbs curled up beneath. It appears to be chewing on something, giving out very faint squeaking noises, followed by the occasional snap of something rubbery being stretched and let go.]
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[There's a Dusk sitting on the floor in front of a washing machine, looking at it. You might notice its lack of the latex-like suit Dusks usually wear. Said suit is full of cookie crumbs and is currently in the machine.]
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[Looks like a bunch of dancer nobodies got loose. They have taken over one of the larger main rooms of the dressing room and are dancing around. Some are dancing in pairs or leaping around by themselves. They seem to be having a good time. Don't freak out too much if they grab you and start dancing with you if you walk by, though. They won't throw you against the wall either. They just want to have fun once in a while.]
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Weapons didn't have sex and were weapons. And weapons didn't have children. And weapons didn't... exist! Population control! It is the future!

We must eliminate all those who are unneeded! Starting with the weapons and the Roxae!

8 Nov 2008 01:52 pm
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[There's a Dusk in the kitchen - just one, no groups of Heart-seekers today. Seems there's a bit of a mess, a cookie jar turned over and lying in broken pieces among the floor.

The Dusk is staring curiously at a cookie held in its arms, large and sweetened with sugary pink icing. The shape is very familiar.]
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[Dusks and Creepers are in the halls, too many to count. Dancers are gliding through rooms, and Samurai stand crouched in the corners while Snipers patrol the ceilings and Berserkers drag their way through the less inhabited halls.

The Dragoons have slipped their way into the more open areas, the 'beach' and the garden, weapons drawn and ready. strangely, the Gamblers and Sorcerers are nowhere to be found, but just as the others, they are there.

maybe something set them off, or maybe they're just tired of waiting and waiting and watching with no results. but there's so many of those with Hearts and so many of those without that are gaining them that they don't understand. they may not have the capabilities of the humanly ones, the ones who retained their shapes, but aren't they just as deserving?]
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[a very familiar nobody has taken over the ballroom.]


[ooc; hey everyone, twilight thorn wants to become one with your body! 18+ for tentacle rape. lolololol.]

1 Jul 2008 09:41 pm
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Ssssso. There's...over one thousand people here. thousand. In this ENCLOSED space?! No. NO.

This will never do. Not at all. Never. Never ever. Never ever ever...EVER!

[summons epic dragoon weapon]

I HAVE ORDERS FROM THE BOSS. Two words: Population Control. The male population is too large. The population itself is too large. We need to cut down. NOW.
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[spears are falling from the sky, and turning into random Dragoons, flying toward Nobodies they recognize.]

Must find the liege... Must find III and then continue the hunt for XIII.

Must hunt.

Must find our liege.

We are coming, we are coming for him...
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[with so many copies and duplicates and replicas it grows confusing, even for the lesser. who are they to judge? a heartless one is a heartless one and if they so seem fit, there's no reason to deny them. still, with so little to do and so few being told to, the Nobodies have begun to find ways to busy themselves.

Assassins slouch by in the corners, arms grazing across the floor - sometimes they dive right into it, fish to water. Dancers glide through rooms, tossing clothes on tables and handy surfaces.

the Gamblers are having just as much fun, shuffling cards and tossing dice, occasionally seeking a challenge; how many people here can match their games, they wonder, as someone is trapped in a card.

all the same, the Berserkers are steadfast as ever, a row of tall bodies lining down the hall; occasionally their great weapons pull them forward.

it doesn't matter to them. how ever many there may be, the Thirteen are all the same]
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[lo and behold, there are Dancers in the kitchen. sugar is dusted over parts of the counters, and flour covers even more of the floor, but it's no matter to them. they're skating around as though it's not there. anyone happening by might catch a swipe at their ankles, though]
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[around the rooms there are things popping up; inhuman, long arms and long legs and nothing with a real face. spiked vines of smoky substances curl around them and fade into the air when they disappear. what they're looking for isn't apparent; it may be nothing more than curious inspections of the inhabitants of this place.]
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[a very special friend from your past is here to visit you~]


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