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[Well now. Just when things were about to go quiet, it seems that there's a bit of liveliness in the dressing room. Some people are passing through the halls, perhaps stumbling upon weird rooms, getting lost, or just minding their own business in their favorite spots.

Either way, there's plenty of folks to pester and whatnot, some of which haven't shown their faces in ages.]

[ooc: Open post! The DR's been too quiet today, and I couldn't decide who to post with, SO. Pick anyone here, or anyone else you know I play, I guess. Just know that I'm more inclined to pick someone who's active as opposed to someone I haven't played in over a year.]
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 A cloaked, hunched over Mickey is wandering the dressing room with a cane. He doesn't seem too concerned over where he is, but then again it's not the strangest place he's wound up in.
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[And in one of the main areas of the DR a large, floating platform descends, as smoke machines go off. In the center is a sign with Neon Lights that read "EPIC", and just in front is Mickey, clad in his cloak, a Keyblade in hand. The platform stops a few yards above ground, and Mickey leaps off the edge, attacking several heartless from below.

And then he lands, pulls off his hood, and looks around.]

Gosh, I wonder what's goin' on. It sounds like there's trouble brewin' again.

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18 Jun 2009 02:59 pm
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[Today is the day of the ball, and as such the entry to the Grand Ball Room is wide open, a sound of music echoing through the halls. Not too far away are signs pointing to the general area, intended to help those who are new as well as remind those who are interested.

The room itself seems incredibly clean, thanks to a few enchanted brooms, some of which are still there to clean up any messes from the food. Speaking of food, there is a large table with many delicious meals to choose from, from classy foods to simpler snacks such as chips and even a bit of treats for the children and others who enjoy sweets. And of course, beverages are present, such as punch, water, soft drinks, and even a bit of wine for the adults. Off to the side is an ice box, which may in fact contain sea salt ice cream.

Similar to the last ball, there is a comfortable area set off to the side for those who would rather relax, maybe take a break from dancing. It consists of comfortable chairs and couches for the guests, and even smaller tables for beverages.

Of course, the main attraction is the dance floor itself, which is dimly lit by a chandelier and the occasional candles here and there. The aforementioned music at the moment is classical, a sort of waltz and seems to be coming from no apparent source-- but one may notice somewhere in the ball room that Mickey himself is present, dressed not only in proper masquerade attire, but also with a familiar hat.

Anyone is welcome to enjoy the ball. However, if trouble should arise Mickey does have a Keyblade and would be more than willing to intervene; this is meant for enjoyment, not violence.]
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[Throughout the halls of the dressing room one might be able notice some fliers posted to the walls. Said fliers contain information on a Masquerade Ball. Said information is simple; the ball is to take place on June 18th during the evening and everyone is invited. Attire is to be dressy and masks are preferred, given the nature of the ball. Food and entertainment are also mentioned.

If one were to look further they might even find King Mickey walking through the halls. Seems he's been a busy mouse.]

[ooc: Post is mainly for mingling, characters inviting each other, etc, but if you want to interact with Mickey feel free. Also, assume this is backdated; I meant to post this sooner, but I was a bit preoccupied. |D;]
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[ The dressing room is a busy place today, people buzzing around, doing different things. In the kitchen, in the lounge rooms, down the halls and 'outside' (so to speak). Some are exploring new rooms, some are falling victim to the usual pranks of the world, and some are finding new ways to entertain themselves. Whatever the case, it seems like a good day for socializing.]

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[And enter King Mickey, looking around with a sad expression.]

Gosh, a lot of people here sure seem sad! I guess bein' so far away from home's lowered their spirits.

[What to do, what to do. He may be far away from his Castle, but Mickey sure doesn't like seeing people down in the dumps.]

1 Apr 2009 03:53 pm
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[there is a new Mickey now. he looks happy.]

Hiya fellas let's have sex!
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[Have another Mickey, standing around in the cloak-- not that it hides him in any way, given the spaces for his GIANT EARS or the fact he's so puny --and looking around with an expression that's mixed curiosity and wariness. It's hard to say when he got there but it's the king: he can come and go pretty quickly, you know.]

Hm. Well this is kinda new.
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[well, this is odd. It's...Mickey, but he looks quite crazed and scary. As of now he's currently roaming the halls with his Keyblade in hand, not really doing anything fitting for his appearance, but rather looking around]

Golly, I have'ta hand it to Jack. He's really put this place in the spirit of Halloween!

[laughs, clearly not phased by his appearance]
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[it's been a while since Mickey has surfaced, but since he's arrived he's tossed aside the cloak he had been wearing and is currently in one of the smaller rooms, deep in thought. It's pretty obvious to him that there is a fair percentage of sentient heartless, only a few of which are Xehanort's... that in itself has him concerned. The presence of the Organization in s many forms is another]

Somethin' has to be done about this before anyone else loses their hearts...
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[he's walking in, eyes on a white bottle of pills and a cellphone to his ear.]

Aha, ma'am? Riku left his medicine at--oh? Oh. Gotcha. I'll run over there right now.

[he flips it closed, finally taking his eyes off the bottle and--]

Well, gee. I didn't know I could fall asleep standing up...

[ooc; lol mickey from [livejournal.com profile] torpid's verse.]

1 Sep 2008 08:00 pm
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[is that Minnie Mouse walking down the hall? Nope, she seems to be wearing Mickey's clothes, but it's definitely a female mouse. She pauses to look around, and it's clear that she's new by her confused expression.]

Minnie? Donna? Sally?

Welp. This isn't the castle, so it must be another world. Now how'd I get here?

[[ooc: ...meet Queen Mickie, guys. Post KH2.]]
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[and here's a Mickey, watching carefully as various doubles and the likes pass by. He's new, obviously.]

Gosh, I've seen plenty of worlds before, but none like this...

[ooc: Canon!Mickey, taken from...sometime during KH2.]
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Hm? No, this isn't right at all.

I gotta find a way back to the castle quick, but first I should find out what I can about this place. Where ever this place is.


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