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[Not everything is provided by the dressing room. Some things are provided by the beings living in it. In this case, the kitchen smells of fresh herbs and some potent chili. There's a large pot taking up space on the stove, and her back is to the door as she finely chops what some would describe as a mass of rabbit food. Nearby are some glass containers with neat labels, waiting to be filled.

How does it feel to know there's been a Marluxia stocking the pantry?]
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[Marluxia is chilling in the beach room today. He's tired of the cold weather. He's sprawled out on his back on a blanket he's spread out. It's so warm and peaceful here and he's feeling pretty relaxed and happy. He might even end up taking a nap out here...]

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7 Mar 2011 03:18 am
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[ people are acting strangely. more strange even, than said people looking so very much alike. even the mannerisms that one would expect are off. Marluxia is sitting in an armchair of an open area, a steaming cup of tea beside her on a small table. it is only a little unnerving how many people take one glance at her and quickly find somewhere else to be. ]

3 Feb 2011 06:16 am
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[Marluxia's opened up his flower shop to all the DR inhabitants again. The sign he had up at Christmas is back again.

Free Bouquets:
Give That Special Someone A Special Suprise!
We Do Deliveries

There's also a smaller sign hooked under it announcing that he's looking for people to help with deliveries.

So come on in, look around. And if you need help creating the perfect bouquet for your special someone, Marluxia will gladly help.]
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[Marluxia's in the beach room today. It's not really a place he frequents all that often. But he's planning to meet someone here. The conversation to come... he doesn't really want to think about it. He knows it needs to be done but he's realized he doesn't even know where to start...]

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[Those of you passing by in this particular hall may see a large sign set up outside an open door. The scent of fresh flowers is coming from the room. And the sign says:

Free Bouquets:
Give That Special Someone A Special Suprise!
We Do Deliveries

Marluxia's become aware that money seems to have no purpose here. And his flowers will simply go to waste if he doesn't do something with them. So why not give them away? Feel free to come in and have a look around.]
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[Marluxia here awakened this morning and set about his usual morning routine. Getting dressed, brushing his hair, watering the flowers---

And then, it's off to wake the kids and get them to the kitchen for a family breakfast.

He never once pauses to wonder when that little bit got added to his routine, let alone where he picked up a wife and kids. It all seemed perfectly natural to him.

BRB, knocking on their doors.]

Rise and shine! Let's not waste this beautiful day sleeping!

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[ suddenly, white smoke billows out into the hallway from a closing door, almost slammed shut behind Marluxia. Irritated? Perhaps. But. it might be hard to gauge her expression, given that the lower half of her face is obscured by a surgical mask, perfectly white and clean. And if that wasn't unusual enough, a long lab coat flutters open over more ordinary clothes, though in shades of black.

The sole indication that this might, might be a costume forced on her by the dressing room are those white latex gloves she's adjusting as she walks, with bright smears of red on the fingertips. ]

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[Marluxia has finaly finished cleaning up the mess the flood made a while back in his shop. Now that he's done he's taking a break. So today he'll be strolling down the halls, just checking this place out. It's really the first chance he's gotten to do so.]
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[This Marluxia hasn't noticed anything different yet. He was transported into a room in the DR that looks exactly like his flower shop back in Traverse Town, which is where he was when he was pulled here. He's currently making his rounds to check on all of the flowers. He sells them fresh, still growing in the pots he planted them in. The door is open so anyone can feel free to stop by for a chat or to check out what he's selling. He's perfectly harmless so long as you don't cause trouble.]
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[No good dressing room is complete without a garden. Precisely there is where the man in question finds himself, walking through the grass and pausing once in a while to make a displeased noise or frown where the plants are not to his liking.

He stops at last before a tall tree with a small, parasitic vine growing along its trunk. Laying his hand on the vine, Marluxia smiles a cruel smile. The vine is one of his favourite breeds, known well for wanting too much from its host and often killing it in the process of just surviving. It may be murderous, but it bears beautiful flowers when it blossoms.

Under his touch, the vine's growth process is visibly accelerated.]

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side A.

15 May 2010 02:36 pm
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[ ivy covers this section of the wall, clinging, stretching from floor to ceiling. Its source is one (1) Marluxia, darkness twisting underneath her gloved hand to become dark green leaves and tendrils that fan out like ripples in a shallow pond. Looking for cracks, cervices—any weakness that it can exploit, however small.

After a moment, she moves on, walking alongside the wall. The ivy follows, scraping across the glass along a path traced by her fingertips, the old tendrils crumbling back into darkness behind her to be replaced by the new. ]
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[someone is at large in the area, and it certainly isn't a good thing. he's noticed a certain Riku seemingly always in his vicinity, and finds no end to the irritation at how what he sees as prime candidates keep being led away before he can so much as introduce himself.]

ooc: Marluxia is up to a world of no-good, but Angelku is on the lookout and will attempt to guide people away. Angelku can't interfere with free will though, so if your character chooses to address Marluxia directly there isn't much he can do.
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[...Well. This isn't his classroom. Have a frowning teenage Marluxia, DR. This better be some stupid prank.]

(ooc: Feel free to attack him if your character is so inclined, but plz to not be killing him.)

6 Mar 2010 04:09 pm
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[Have a swirl of Darkness, you lot, before an unpleasantly-familiar-to-most gentleman steps out of a portal and into a miscellaneous room. He stops immediately, glancing at his surroundings with a raised eyebrow. Is there any noteworthy difference about this Marluxia? Well. Not that one can see, but expect some odd behavior caused by what's been going on in his 'verse.]

Not what I expected.

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[Behold! A pretentious douchewaffle a Marluxia in the middle of a monologue and didn't notice]

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... HEY! HOW DARE YOU LEAVE WHILE I'M GIVING A SPEECH! And where did your cell- I mean room, go? PRINCESS?

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[it was relatively quiet at this end of the DR. before the ear-piercing scream, at least. looks like Marluxia just woke up and had a dash to the bathroom before she realized just why everything in her stomach just came up.]

Oh. My. GOD.
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...and furthermore, I wouldn't be caught dead seen at a party with-- Larxene? Where'd you go?

[This teenager looks very confused to be walking into the DR and not into the girls' locker room.]
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[ no one likes waking up to find that your hair is now almost long enough to touch the floor. Or finding that you're only left with something like this for clothing.

So perhaps Marluxia can be excused for the very discontent look reflected in the mirror as she fingers a strand of her hair. A pair of scissors lies abandoned on a nearby counter, the blades worn to dullness. Obviously cutting it off isn't an option.

As for her new-gained abilities? How useless, when compared to her control over nature. ]
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I am not amused.

[having spent quite enough time as a Kairi, Marluxia here would really rather do without the feminine attire. about the only thing he likes about this outfit, is the color.]

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