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[so it turned out that this world was much weirder than he thought... not a normal world at all.

and much bigger than he thought, too. All that looking for his best friend while making sure not to run into anybody from Organisation XIII (Organisation Infinity, maybe, if it was true that people had copies here, and he had spied some) was tiring.]

[So he took a break. His once success so far was that he managed to find some ice cream shop and bought himself his favourite - sea salt, of course]

Yeesh, I wonder if he's in this world at all.
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[ The rafters have always been a decent place to chill and watch people, or throw things at people, or nap. Many a DR resident have done those things and more, and brand new ones are no exception. It looks like there's an Axel up there, surprisingly not snoozing the day away. Hell, it looks like she's sucking on a Slurpee. There's a bruise forming on her face and a small scorched area in the floor from when she, asleep, fell out of the rafters about twenty minutes before. ]

[ ooc | possible spoilers for KH3D in comments ]

7 Apr 2011 08:53 am
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[If you're in the Land of Departure, you might notice a redhaired boy suddenly appearing there. He apparently doesn't notice any change in his surroundings (because actually, they haven't change much and he's much too exhausted to notice details). He's barely standing, his legs shaking. And he's swinging his keyblade desperately. No, he hasn't noticed that his opponent is nowhere in sight. His mind is a bit too occupied right now.]

(ooc: Reintro, because he disappeared from DR for some time)

4 Nov 2010 09:46 pm
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[a new Lea, visibly bruised and beaten up, suddenly appears and falls on the floor of some random room]

[and stands up and yells] Hey! You masked keythinger fire weirdo boring wimp, show up and fight me!

Huh? He isn't here?

(ooc: Intro. For those who can feel it, this AU!Lea has a heart of pure light and is a Keyblade Wielder, even if he doesn't remember it yet. More info in his journal profile.)
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[Someone's had plenty of time since his birthday to get used to living here (well, technically he's been here since... what, last Christmas? jeez man!) as well as getting used to the dangers that also live here. About said dangers? He doesn't need to worry (as much) anymore!

If anyone swings by the training room today, they'll encounter 1 Lea, who is practicing his moves on a dummy with... chakrams? Where'd his frisbees go? Also, Lea + pointy objects, who thought this was a good idea?!?! Either way, he's doing fairly well, though with a firm swing and thunk of metal stabbing into straw and wood, Lea has to stop because upon yanking on that chakram... well uh, it doesn't come out.
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[There's a redhead bursting into the DR quite suddenly; it's not a Kairi, nor is it an Axel (though that's a pretty good guess!). No, it's a Lea, who comes to a halt that makes her (yes her, even if she's totally flat and it's impossible to tell) sneakers squeak noisily against the floor.]

Hahh? I know he said not to be late, but isn't this taking it a little too far?

[...Yes, she does indeed think that Isa is somehow responsible for this. Because it's Isa.]

(ooc: Info in profile, not much to say. I'm totally spoiled, but remember to respect the wishes of other people in the DR. If you're going to tag with anyone who has spoil-y icons, please wait until things collapse before using them. I'll edit this to say when spoilers exist, if they end up doing so, and will say which thread(s) have them.)
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Get off me!

[Yells and sounds of struggle might catch ones attention down this particular hallway. Lea was surrounded by a surprising number of Heartless, some of the more bolder ones leaping at him. He was currently throwing one off his back, looking fairly battered and with angry little scratches all over his arms.

A particularly nasty scratch on his shoulder was inking his scarf a shade that resembled his hair, and only one of those frisbees was still around; who knows where the second one had gone. Most likely broken somewhere further up the hall from an escaping run that failed to work.
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[Here's Lea staring into one of the mirrors in the hallway, awkwardly tugging on the fuzzy little red ears that blended into his hair. His pants were unfortunately hanging a little lower than even he would have liked, just to make room for a long furry tail that hung down near his ankles that matched his hair and ears, but it had a dark brown, nearly black tip.]

Well uh.. this is kind of weird. [No he hasn't seen one of the flyers yet.]
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[Shifts a baby carrier strapped to his chest with a sack of flour in it. The flour looks 'happy' with a c: smile drawn onto it. Lea just looks uncomfortable.] I can't believe it actually screams when I put it down.
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[Hanging out at the Pizza Restaurant in a booth out by the corner, feel free to join him and [ profile] idkmybfflea for a slice. I mean, only if you want. It's a nice large, thin crust pizza with pineapple, onion, ham and banana on top. The banana must have been added on at the last minute, as it wasn't covered in cheese..

Either way, both Lea and Isa were chowing down, one eating a little less messy than the other.

You know what, the banana on it doesn't taste that bad after all! Good choice, Isa!
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Well.. this place is neat.

[Sup, he's just walking along the hallways checking the place out. Feel free to warn him if he's about to walk into a bad room.]


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