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[ The Christmas ball, and even a bit of the New Year fun has left Kingdom Hearts in good spirits today. Currently she is doing her second walk around the main areas of the Dressing Room, checking here and there for anything that could possibly be dangerous or what not. The books in her hands might suggest that she's nearing the end of her walk, heading toward the Library as her last destination. ]

[ ooc locked to THE CRIMSON SQUAD-- I'd like to say I wouldn't mind other people tagging, but this is actually the start of the event I mentioned in the OOC community, so! Here we have it. \o/ This is so formal, right.

UPDATE: the keyblade bearers (light ones, thank you very much) should be informed by a very sudden jolt in their heart, because KH sent out a message after hearing enough talk from the bad guys.]

6 Dec 2010 05:51 pm
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[ Those who wield a Keyblade and are of good heart and nature should feel their own heart flutter briefly, and thus not even a second after the sensation starts, a familiar voice should ring in their ears in an edgy but kind voice,

“If you can hear this message, I must request your presence at an urgent meeting about the safety of the Dressing Room’s residents, and the place as a whole. As for the location of the meeting, it is critical that your attention is directed to your own hearts, for they will show you the way. If you are unable to come, do no fret, I will personally contact those who cannot make it to fill them in after the meeting is over. Do not mention this to anyone along the way.

Kingdom Hearts”

Once it is decided whether to go or not, the hearts will react accordingly. Those who decide to attend will feel a very strong pull to leave where they are and follow whatever hall they are on to begin heading north. Said pull will stay with them until they are dragged to a clearly abandoned part of the Dressing Room, in front of a white door that appears to be glistening compared to the other dusty ones. If they are to accidentally turn on a wrong turn or head down the wrong way, their own instincts will give off many warning bells and a chilly breeze will wash over them. The deeper they travel to the wrong areas, the harsher the feeling and the more annoying their instincts can get. Not to mention the tugging on one’s heart can get bothersome when it increases strength, too. As for those who do not attend, their hearts will not receive the pathway and will stay normal.

The glistening door will swing open before the first knock or hand can touch it, or long before the guests can stand their with cold feet. What the door reveals actually makes it look like a simple piece of wood. One of the first things that should catch the eye is the fact that the floor is made of stained glass (similar to that in the Dive into the Heart world, though this one is simply a giant yellow moon with a blue glow in the middle, surrounded by many pink hearts on a black background). Another eye popper would probably have to be the abnormally large, circular and clear table in the center of the room that is surrounded by clear, comfortable looking chairs. In the center of the table is an open space where a pale figure sits reading a book, though her head will immediately raise when one takes the first step into the room, which is when she’ll offer a polite smile and speak,

“Welcome. Please, have a seat and we will begin.”

The voice this is spoken in is exactly the same one that was spoken through the hearts of the ones sitting at the table. It is even in the same half edgy, half kind tone. Maybe the edginess spawns from the fact that this woman’s chest is currently wounded with a long slash starting at her left shoulder and ending on her right, somewhere near where her rib cage would end and be. The wound is quite visible, what with it being sort of a hot pink color compared to the pale tones and slight blue glow that covers the rest of Kingdom Hearts’ human form. ]

[ ooc: I will comment with KH saying her speech, which anyone can respond to with questions or little comments. This post is meant to have thread hopping, and all characters should assume that everyone is at the meeting, meaning: TIME LINES DO NOT MATTER. And do not fret if you got on a day after this post is posted, still comment on it. :) Also, only Keyblade Bearers if that wasn’t clear enough, and only key blade bearers that are of good intentions and good heart. No bad guys for this, KH has put pretty much her all into protecting this meeting, so, let’s keep it like that. Obviously, it is possible for bad guys to catch wind of this (in some... magical way, idk, seeing a lot of people go to one area), though they cannot enter the meeting.

EDIT: (BEDTIME FOR KH'S MUN, might do tags in the morning though they'd be sloppy. :c) Because of their connection to Sora, both Roxas and Xion can also hear it, assuming they're on the 'good' side.]
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[ After spending a good couple of days sanitizing/washing herself thoroughly recuperating after the last spell, KH has finally decided to show her face again in the halls today. Though she is actually headed somewhere, the Agrabah room to be precise, anyone is welcome to stop her and have a chat. Even if she has a pretty intense expression on her face. ]
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[ Oh, what's this? A newcomer walking down the halls today? Nope! It is, in fact, your neighborly Kingdom Hearts. Only, not in the form that most people are probably use to (besides the moon, that is). Hell, 'she' is not even use to this more masculine physique that the Dressing Room decided to force 'her' in today. It definitely wasn't pleasant when 'she' had to form something different than 'her' normal dress to wear, seeings how 'she' saw it more fit to wear a suit rather than that in this form. Irritation is clearly marking the man's features as he walks rather briskly down the hallway. ]
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[ Of course, the Dressing Room would put her in a costume the day before Halloween. It doesn't seem to be outwardly affecting her, though, because KH is just attending her normal duties (walking down the hall is a duty, yes.) as if she isn't actually wearing something much more revealing than she's probably ever wore in her entire existence. But, what's that in her hands? Why, it's a big bowl filled with delicious candy! Anyone is free to come take a piece or two ~ ]
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[So, who on a daily basis spends a good amount of time in the simulation room? Who would still do so with Kingdom Hearts watching? She isn't trying to make anyone uncomfortable, she's just curious as to what people do on a daily basis and how they train. Feel free to talk to her or ask her to leave/tell her you don't prefer her watching, she won't mind! Just taking a break from doing patrol on the halls (She doesn't actually 'patrol' them, she just checks to make sure no one is like fatally injured and can't get anywhere without help, ect.) She seems quite friendly (aka: in a good mood, so makes the area around her calm/happy), for those who might be normally frightened of coming near her.]
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[ It's almost the middle of April, and the Spring Ball is finally here.

There's a new room, surprisingly close to the main areas. A large, grassy outdoor courtyard just blooming with the first signs of spring. Balloons form an arch over the entrance, pink and green and white, and scatter further throughout the area. The decorations are light and festive, pastel streamers in varying colors to suit the mood, pinned together with large, matching flowers at the corners.

The tables are small and rounded with white cotton tablecloths, decorated with lilies, buttercups, and lavendar crocuses. The flowers ring around the centerpiece of each table, small Fabergé eggs in pastels of blue, pink, and green. Candies in gold foil wrappers peek out from beneath the flowers, marshmallow chicks (or bunnies, if you're really lucky) arranged in a little party on each empty plate. Most of the treats at the food table are light and healthy, salads and meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. They're simply to make up for the grand desserts, top quality chocolate eggs and candies, pies, and cakes.

Music seems to come from nowhere at all, pleasant and upbeat for festive dancing, louder near the dance floor -- a simple but very large and circular stone area to the side, lifted one step higher off the ground. Sunlight falls from the clouds in just enough to brighten the area. The entire place looks, feels, and smells like Spring. It even sounds like it, with the soft coos of doves.

And for the kids, there's a large, square table on the other side with baskets of white hard-boiled eggs and buckets of colored dyes.

As for your host, she is seated at one of the tables in a pretty, pale, and long pink dress with matching shoes, waiting for the party to begin.]

[ooc: Well! Here it is, your April Event! A couple of things I would like to address though: Please no bad things, nothing is going to be spiked and no fights or heartless raids, this is suppose to be a happy time. If you want anything like that or even similar, please go to your rooms because if not KH will threadhop and smite you-- I mean. :D Also, threadhopping is incredibly encouraged and should be done. Thank the marvelous Jester for all of her help because mun is weird.]

7 Apr 2010 04:36 pm
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[Not all residents notice the change in seasons, and those who do may just pass it off as another day, possibly getting irritated by the increase in hot or cold weather. That irritation is why Miss KH has decided to host a Spring Dance. Now how would any of you know this, since she doesn't seem to be anywhere right now? Maybe by the invitations that are at every single door in the Dressing Room. Those invitations are wrote on pretty, cream-colored stationary with a gold heart at the top, next to "Dear Dressing Room resident:". The letter's contents?

"Dear Dressing Room resident:

I believe that it is about time we have another ball/dance/party, whichever you may consider it, so I am holding one for the coming of the season titled 'Spring'. It will hold fun activities such as dying eggs for the children, many different kinds of food and beverages, tons of chocolate and dancing of course! You are in no way required to come, but I am sure you will be missed by someone if you choose not to attend. Hope to see you all there!

With care,
Kingdom Hearts ♥"]

[ooc; Hi guys! Yes, the dance will be held on April the 10th, and this post will be for inviting anyone and everyone your characters want (even though everyone gets an invite anyway!) Also, threadhopping is encouraged.]
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[A certain newly found room has been KH's sanctuary for the past hour or so. The room? It just happens to be a very huge ice-skating rink, with an area seated off for you to take breaks or watch, a rack for a good number of different sizes and kinds of ice-skating shoes, and then a door off to the side that leads to an over sized closet with some matching pretty outfits for both women and men. KH's outfit happens to be light pink, matching her glow. The door is open, letting out a cool breeze, and a sneak peek of KH warming up to do another dance, the beginning of this song playing. The mood in the room seems a bit odd though, sad, maybe? Melancholy is a better word. Don't wait too long to join in the fun, for she is about to start a dance.]

[ooc; feel free to change the song in the thread after that one ends! :D and yeah Kingdom Hearts is rather.. sad.]
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[Sitting on a blanket along the Dark Beach Room's shore, bare feet lightly touching the water, hand drawing a heart shape in the dark sand, you'll find the heart of all worlds enjoying a peaceful and relaxing sit. If you do enter the room and greet her, you may or may not feel slightly more relaxed, as she can have affect on some of those negative and positive emotions some of you do have.]
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[Many people have entered the DR over the time it has been open. Many of them sucked in, others maybe came on their own and just happened to not be able to get out. But, no one like this, more than likely, has entered the DR before. If you have a strong heart, or just a good sense of power, you will feel something incredibly extraordinary hit the DR today, with a presence that could easily intimidate others. None the less, this being is not a normal human, nobody or heartless. This 'person' is Kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds. Taking on a more feminine form, feel free to address her as she, even if 'it' is genderless. Instead of walking into the Dressing Room, you will find her floating in an elegant gown of sorts, her hands at her sides and a small smile on her face.]

So this is where you all have been.

[ooc; I will like to clarify that she will recognize everyone. That's not to say she knows everyone in the DR, just that she'll recognize them if she meets them. It may be vague, but all hearts are connected to her, correct? Oh, and she can intensify emotions, and even grant hearts if you are worthy.]


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