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[The Destiny Islands room is where he's been doing most of his hiding. Well, not really hiding, but he has little reason to leave. It's the place that he calls "home." Or, rather, will when he gets himself fixed up--returned to his human self and not a Heartless anymore. So for right now, he's just sitting on the paopu tree, trying to pretend to enjoy himself despite the thousands of regrets this brings.]
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[Kurt knew he shouldn't have taken that last left on his way back. It'd looked like a shortcut, but - well.

This corridor - wide corridor, narrow room, hard to tell - is ... cute.

Not just cute. Pastel, fluffy. An avenue of perfect little trees with perfect little apples on them leads down it, all decorated in ribbons. The walls look almost like they could be made of candy - perfect gingerbread house material. Little creatures - teddy bears, ponies, you name it - keep popping their heads out from upstairs windows. A stream winds back and forth across his track, with brilliantly yellow little ducks quacking their happy way along. And can he hear music?

For a Heartless, this is all rather ... disconcerting.

9 May 2012 04:11 pm
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[Destiny Islands. He hasn't really been here since he destroyed it, but visiting this room gives him... Mixed feelings. He sits on the paopu tree, staring out at sea, wondering if a creature like him--a Heartless--is even worthy of the light of this world. He stares at one of his hands, frowning at it. How long until he reverts? Does the spell last forever? Mm... Maybe he should find someone else to make a deal with, to reinforce his human form.

But for now, maybe, the Heartless will try and enjoy the sea breeze and the light.]

tick tock

9 May 2012 07:40 am
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[Heartless are not uncommon in the dressing room.

They skitter here, there, everywhere, possibly in your closets, under your tub, you never know when one will pop up!

One in particular is hovering in a random hall, sinking to the floor flat and skittering around. It will pop up its head once or twice, but not fully, and it would skitter away the moment it sees someone.

Though anyone who could "understand" Heartless would hear him calling for a certain princess of heart.]

7 Apr 2012 09:51 am
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[It takes a substantial couch to accommodate Kurt outside of his fully human form. But he's found one, in a warm common room with rich hangings on the walls and a blazing fire, and is gently flicking through a book, seemingly the most harmless a big old Heartless can be. Tricky with clawed fingers, but he's not so clumsy as to rip the pages.

Just something he found, left casually in his room as if it were any other possession.

A photo album.

He carefully picks through it; it's images of what look to be - his life here? Or ... a life he could have had here. Layla's childhood, his relationship - other children? He's interacting with young apparent-humans and Heartless who seem to share some of his traits...

A violent headshake and he throws the book aside, across the room. He's sure that the version of him who lived that life was happy.
But he's equally sure it's a life he can't live now.]
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[Well. This is awkward. For those who know [personal profile] reversedestiny, there is fairly familiar person around. That is, a future form of him is milling about. What's off, though? His skin is awfully tanned, and his eyes are a nice, solid gold.

He's currently poking around the hallways, as if trying to find something. And maybe he is. Every now and then, he'll drop down to all fours, crawling along in an almost animalistic way before quickly moving back to two feet and darting forward. Actions are cautious. And he just continues on, sometimes darting into rooms to look around.]

6 Feb 2012 08:05 pm
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[There's a few folks of the Xehanort persuasion out and about today, it seems...

The youngest? [personal profile] blankedpoint can be found raiding a kitchen. Got to say, he likes this much of things since they changed. Not like he has any clue that most places don't.

A teenaged one, then. [personal profile] another_chance has found himself an arcade room, and is very happily taking a blast at some seriously retro games.

The adult? [personal profile] forza_del_bene has found the laboratories, and he could hardly be happier. He's hard at work setting up various bits of kit.

A female one - [personal profile] exmariascientia is in the simulation room. Taking a very logical and precise study of the effects of whacking a rather too bulky looking keyblade at things.

In other news.

An Aqua has finally come out of seclusion. [personal profile] tideturned reacted in a most-un-Master-like fashion to the DR closing in again, but she's improving. She's hanging out in a comfy lounge, listening to music and sipping on some kind of relaxing herbal tea. Just taking it easy.

As far as Keyblade Masters go, there's another who's stirring; [personal profile] lightofoblivion is in the library. Felicius is catching up on a few history books, though he can't help but find himself cursing the lack of anything much between his own era and that of most of the residents...

Last of all, a pair of Heartless. [personal profile] kingdom_seed is in a garden; Layla's well wrapped up against any chill in the air, sitting on a bench and happily writing away.

As for her father? As for [personal profile] agrabah_weapon?
... Maybe it's a good job she can't see Kurt at the moment. This is a Heartless on the prowl. Maybe not conspicuously so, but better stay clear of those back corridors if your heart's interesting enough...]

((And that's everyone who currently has a journal of mine, aha. This is my attempt to get back into the loop (via being a copycat apparently), usual open-post stuffin' applies.))

4 Feb 2012 08:52 pm
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[The Heartless hasn't been sure what to make of the sudden change to the dressing room. Before, it had been open, and despite being a prison in itself, it hadn't reminded him of that stupid prison he'd living in before. But now, the endless halls, however strange they are, happen to unnerve him. It's just like being back in the Dataspace to him, confined and trapped. And the biggest problem is he can't just hack his way through walls because he's that good with data. So he'd mainly hidden himself away at these changes, but now? Now he's out an about... Sort of. He's sort of just flopped onto a random couch, looking rather depressed for a Heartless. It seems he's found some sort of sitting room--not that he cares.]

It's like that place is going to haunt me forever.
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[So here's Kurt, taking a stroll through town. Heading on into the darker districts, for a change; just wanting to get away from the light for once.

Wanting some space to think. To be himself, so to speak. As he comes to a spacious plaza, he looks around, and stops. Well, seems like a good enough spot as anything to try something he's been considering for a week or two, anyway.

Slowly, he starts pulling darkness around him, shifting into his more natural shape, but - stops. Back to human, back to part-way again - and with each attempted change, the result looks more defined, more settled as a separate form. Heartless, but humanoid. Could be useful, he thinks...]

[Meanwhile, across town, in a square on the sea front...

After two years living in a desert city, being around cold weather's pretty weird for Layla. But she's making the best of it - especially with what she's just discovered.

A skating rink!

Was this here yesterday? Will it be there tomorrow? Who knows! And frankly, right now, she doesn't care. While she's out of practice, she's dashing across the ice, finding her feet on the slippy stuff.

Damn, this is fun.]

((Buy one Heartless post, get one free. Usual applies, lemme know who you want.))
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Cut for brief use of Courier to be on the safe side )

[Golden eyes open, glowing as he sits up on the bench. This is quite the troubling predicament. The good news it that he can function. He is simply missing a part of his memory. That can, of course, be worked around, even if it bothers and annoys him. The fact that he last remembers fighting that infernal debugger, Sora, means one of two things: either this is what happens to someone after deletion, or he's managed to actually escape the confines of the journal. Either way, there is little he can do besides gather data--data that could, after all, save him.

So quietly, he looks around. Houses. Data indicates this would, in fact, be a suburban area. Huh. Quite the odd place to wake up.]

More data is necessary to come to any conclusions. Though how to gather it is an unknown variable...

[...Perhaps talking to himself isn't the best solution. And perhaps he should get up off of the bench to wander around. Oops. Getting up and beginning to scan the area now, for any signs of life and perhaps someone to question.]
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[Why, exactly, is there a sandstorm brewing down this alleyway? ...Must be Tuesday. In any case, two figures well-covered in desert robes and wrappings are making their way slowly out of it, fighting against the wind, the smaller one held closely to the larger's side.

As from their perspective the barrage lets up, dumping a puddle of sand around the street, the larger one looks up and drops his hood. Piercing inhuman yellow eyes, harsh narrow features-
Oh. Hello, Kurt.

He looks down towards his smaller companion - his daughter, in fact, though she seems to have grown at least a little bit since she was last seen - and smiles...]

... well. Looks like we're back.

((Been a while, so trying to kick some life into these two with a bit of an update.))

3 Oct 2011 05:27 am
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[The season is, perhaps, appropriate for the arrival of this new face--if it can, indeed, be called a face. The billowing, black cloak is without a body within it, you see. The Phantom has arrived, early for All Hallows Eve, but still present in time for it. But there is something off, it seems, to those who have had experience with it when it haunted Big Ben once upon a time. Indeed, every now and then, and sometimes for long periods of time, the image of a woman in a tattered, white dress appears beneath the cloak, skin colored pale blue and lips just barely lavender. But only part of her face is seen, her eyes and hair, if she has any, obscured. It also seems that the woman's legs cannot be seen where they should be. They are entirely missing from beneath the skirt, and she seems to float without them.

But other times, as she hovers and weaves through trees around Halloween Town as if searching for something, there is nothing beneath the folds of the cloak besides a pale, glowing heart encased in an orb, shifting between colors.]

y so srs

18 Aug 2011 02:07 pm
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[You know what this place needs? Shenanigans. The Heartless Cupcakes have collectively decided that their main hunting method of hanging around kitchens until someone comes by to try and eat them is not very effective in raking in those tasty tasty Hearts. So they're going on the offensive. The Cupcakes are roaming the DR for strong Hearts and are ready to attack in packs (a baker's dozen, of course). They're fast, relentless, and spawn faster than Barrel Spiders. They also taste like Daaaaaaaaaarkness.

If you're wandering around, you just might have a wave of delicious Darkness-laden confectioneries coming out of the shadows to eat you.]
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[There's a Heartless wandering through the DR today, curious and lost since he's just arrived.  He's wandering around Traverse Town and taking in the sights with wide eyes.]

Well, this definitely not Halloween Town.  Or that dark city, or, uh...anywhere I'm used to being.

[And it smells different too, not the same kind of light and dark that he's used to.  He's too curious to be worried yet though.]

8 Jul 2011 09:48 pm
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[It's a little late this year, but nonetheless, the Everything Heartless is back again, and this time he's got some new tricks up his sleeves.

Like his last appearance, the effects of the spells and other oddities are spread all over. No matter where you go, there's a chance of being hit by something, so be careful!

And enjoy this lovely recap.]

[ooc: Here's another everything!post. c:

List of effects )

Some rules for this post are:

• Threadhopping is both welcome and encouraged!
• There is no limit to how many spells you hit your characters with.
• Please don't flood the DR with separate posts. Ideally, all threads should take place here.
• Backdating is both welcome and encouraged, as I know some people are busy.

3 Jul 2011 08:59 pm
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[Kurt's been out of the loop for a while. Ever since the virus attack, he's basically been chilling in the desert, oxymoron as that might be; seen any ominous sand dunes lately out there?

Time to stop being a hermit, though: he knows that if he keeps it up, he'll soon enough end up slipping back to his old habits. So he's strolling through town, looking around idly, trying to get used to this whole being among civilised beings thing again.

It almost feels a little odd at the moment...]
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[Heartless everywhere, right? The one moving through town at the moment, possibly not an unfamiliar face, strolling around the place, catching the trams from the desert... just being all very much a member of the community, and more welcome than some.

Except - maybe not today. Today, things are wrong. Right now, there doesn't seem to be much sign of the Kurt gentled by civilization and friendship. Appearance changed, too; hands looking almost clawed, teeth sharp and even fanged, an almost lizardlike or snakelike cast to the face, currents of acidic yellow running over skin and clothing alike.

Just raw Heartless, corrupted to the core, attacking anything and anyone he sees.

Right now, he doesn't remember how to care.]

((Backdated appropriately agaaaain. Have an event bonus boss.))
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[Unbeknowst to most people in the dressing room, a certain set of plans was set into motion not long after the place become a proper world. Today, at precisely 1:07:31 PM, those plans finally come to fruition.

It starts with a minor explosion in the labs deep under the castle that sits over Radiant Garden, as something quite literally forces its way out of the digitizing laser. It's not enough to rock the castle, much less be visible from the town proper, but those in the area who are particularly attuned to the darkness might just pick up on on a sudden sharp spike of wrongness in the darkness, before it seems to fade away into nothingness again.

Half an hour later, the first effects of the wrongness make their way to Radiant Garden proper. By appearance, they look like Heartless, only these ones are twisted. Wrong. And nowhere is this more visible than in the trails of sickly yellow glowing brightly on each Heartless as they seek out the only thing they've ever wanted.

Within hours, they've spread past Radiant Garden, moving in ripples from the point of their origin. Twilight Town. Traverse Town. The residential area itself. Anywhere one could find Heartless, they're there, flickering yellow as they come.

They are here. And they don't intend to go so quietly into that good night.]
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[Throughout what was once endless halls, there've been a great deal of different responses to this ... happening. Take [ profile] walkingspoiler here, for instance. After all his time here, he can't just assume this is a good thing. So yeah, he's got his key out, he's carefully exploring, thinking this has to be some spell, have some twist to it... though he doesn't mind the bigger apartment.

The [ profile] lower_case_x is looking around him, heart racing. All changed. All better? All different, at least... he can't help but laugh. Can't help but think. What about this, old man? No-one's been hurt!

[ profile] agrabah_weapon and [ profile] heartofthesands are taking the tram into town; he's sitting a little uncomfortably, not a big fan of this whole 'vehicle' concept, while she's just about leaning out of the window to see what's happened: both amazed and in wonder, but maybe a little horrified at the same time. It's her home, but ... is it?

Some haven't had as much time to be used to the status quo: a couple of Nobodies here, for example. [ profile] oblivions_edge is wandering through suburban streets, frowning - well, it's an improvement, he guesses. By the riverside, an unusual [ profile] flurryofsnow is 'amusing' himself by making his own personal skating rink out of one little bit.

And to finish it off, there's a rather spooked looking [ profile] justasmallworld sitting on the side of a street staring at the sky. Everything just got big! And weird!

((Open post: I'm basically getting this out before the weekend because I'm going to be busy then, so my apologies in advance for the not replying over it. Usual deal applies for it, though.))

4 Mar 2011 08:08 am
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[So, somewhere near the corridor that leads off towards the desert?

There's a problem.

Light, light everywhere... it's just about electrifying the corridors, bouncing off walls, turning quite some area into an illuminated minefield.

And in the centre of it, for those brave enough to make their way through? Wait - isn't that Kingdom Hearts? Sitting against a wall, laughing - not a healthy laugh, though, one of someone who's lost their grip on things. Laughing at this turn of fate.

Why? Why this? Why her?]


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