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[ Across the DR at any given time, there are several things happening that may be connected, may have a purpose, or link back to the same cause. These are not examples because they're completely unrelated.

Out of the game room stumbles a Riku, looking disoriented and a little wide-eyed. She seems okay, but something is definitely off, to say the least. It's weird. She feels, and not just to herself, a little like Red.

In the simulation room, currently blank, there's Aden, bleeding profusely down his front. He's got his hand clamped over his nose, but it's not really helping. There's no saving his shirt. ]
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[ There is an extremely pissed off teenage boy running at top speed through the DR. Not too weird for Aden, but his appearance sure as hell is. He looks 100% human, with average green eyes and a healthy skintone. He has a stretch of rope in his hands meant for the creature he's chasing, a thinner and paler version of himself with bright glowing eyes and a shadowed appearance.

The double is having no trouble avoiding him, laughing in an insane, murderous way. Every step he take causes something to bloom from the ground. Bloody footprints, centipedes, beetles, and maggots. Pumpkin sprouts, candy, and razorblades. Watch your step. ]
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[ This particular hallway has become a lot less peaceful, as a portal has opened from who knows where, a relatively short silver-haired teenager nearly tumbling over himself from its opening with his Keyblades in hand. Running at his heels is a pair of identical young teenage boys, a bit taller in stature for their age with bright, sparkling green eyes and silky brown hair that spikes in the back. One twin looks a bit worried, and the other looks positively delighted with his find, an Omega Arts accessory! Rikka isn't so sure it was worth obtaining though, as an entire herd of Behemoths are stomping through the portal behind them, and they look pissed.]

Satu! Sanyu! Get against the wall and let them pass! I'll open a portal and get rid of them.

[ And just like that, an enormous Dark Portal opens in the middle of the hallway, the stampede running blindly through. Against the wall, Satu takes a deep breath of relief and looks over with a sigh at Sanyu, who is busy equipping his new accessory. ]
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[ A little late for Halloween, but here's a kid for it. He's managed to get loose of his mother... and all his other family, too. This is a rare treat, which meant he went straight to the best option available. There's a long trail of muddy footprints leading out of a wall (from a door that isn't there anymore), all the way to a pair of equally muddy feet. ...and hands, and face.

Currently he's sitting in a corner, peeling off those filthy shoes and wondering why the hell it's so quiet. ]

ITP: Pots

10 Sep 2012 02:05 pm
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[Here is a room. It is rather random and unassuming, except for the fact that it is filled with pots. And crates. And barrels. And lampposts. And strange white flower things. Basically, if you can smash it up, it's in this room.

Kira is perched on a convenient crate and giving herself a manicure. Occasionally, she'll look up and mutter 'Gravity', which smashes some nearby pots, before going back to filing her nails. Perhaps someone should question her training methods.]
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[Good afternoon, DR! You should enjoy all this good weather and take a break from the insanity by hitting the beach! Kira's already there, sprawled out on a towel in a cute pink bikini. She's taking a bit of a snooze under the sun, and flopped on the sand behind her is a book curiously titled "How To Hunt Elves."]
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[Kira has currently taken over a kitchen and is on another cooking spree. But considering the warm weather, she's trying to teach herself how to make homemade ice cream. The results are somewhat splattered over the countertops, because Kira is currently more occupied with singing along to the music coming from her super cool music-playing phone.

Feel free to interrupt.]
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 [Riku can usually be found training...and pretty much just that. But he's decided to break that tradition today. He's gone the other extreme after finding the pillow  room. He's made a sort of nest of pillows, and is just relaxing, a handheld gaming console in hand and playing a simple game of tetras. He figured it's time he's taken a break.

[personal profile] nobodies_light  is meditating in one of the gardens. Her glow is brighter than it's ever been before. Since her body is technically made of solidified Light, sometime that Light builds up. The glow will likely die down again once she's finished.

[personal profile] tumultofdarkness  is in the music room, but he's not playing any of the instruments. He's looking through some of the cd's there. He's already got a portable cd player and some headphones, which he's wearing. Quite the opportunity to sneak up on him.

[personal profile] missingcrayon  is somewhere she's never been before, and somewhere she probably shouldn't be for many years. The weapons room. She could never hope to even be able to hold up some of the larger weapons, but she is looking curiously at a nice small throwing star. She actually thinks it's kind of pretty.

[personal profile] aquaticvoices  is sitting on the shore in the beach room, her tail just mostly submerged in water, so she doesn't change into her human form. She's just...looking out over the water. She looks almost as emotionless as some of her Nobody doubles. Except for her eyes. There's a definite pain in her eyes.]
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[ So, following one of the best times of his life, Aden is feeling unusually energetic. Well, maybe not unusually, but still. Who knew being devoured by a naga would be so energizing?

Now he's in this hall that... well, it's pretty blank. Or it was. It's also really, really orange. Yes, the walls are apparently made of pumpkin. His coat's on the ground near his stuff, and he's carving into the walls. Holes, entire 'doors', and plenty of jack-o-lantern faces. ]
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[ Open posts. Open posts forever.

[personal profile] aprincess is playing on a large playground, wearing an adorable dress. There's all manner of outdoor toys with her, and she's occupying herself blowing bubbles into the wind.

[personal profile] dawnrise is... well, she's not in a dress, but she's not in jeans. It's a black skirt. For once. Before anyone panics, she's wearing a normal t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, and her legs are covered. They're just covered by thigh highs. She's hanging out in the kitchen, which is piled with a mess of ingredients for pizza.

And then there's this guy. [personal profile] hallowedshore has been gone for a couple days, but he's back now. He's walking down the hallway headed toward his room, dripping water all over the place. There's a steady trail of it from a nearby shower, and it looks like he took one fully dressed. His expression is blank and he smells unpleasantly of blood (which has stained his clothes), ash, and smoke, but not nearly as much as he did. ]
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[ Intruder alert! There is a teenage boy sleeping on [personal profile] daddyhasagun's bed, curled around a paopu pillow next to a copy of some girly magazine that was totally already there, and no, he was absolutely not reading about eyeliner application secrets. It's been months since this one's been seen or heard from, and he looks quite a bit more grown-up than before, having gained about three inches, twenty-five pounds and just a little less baby fat. He really meant to be awake when his sister came back so he could surprise her, but he got bored. ]
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[ It's like something right out of a horror movie. Aden's standing in the closest bathroom, completely uncaring about the open door in light of the fact that the place is covered in blood. There's a lot of it, covering part of his face and both hands, having dripped down his front, and it looks like he's the one responsible by the way it's splashed up in the bathroom sink and splattered across the mirror. Normally, this would be a perfectly acceptable every day deal, but Aden actually looks disturbed and uneasy. Which means this is definitely not your normal every day deal. ]
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[Achilies has been in hiding lately. Been busy with his training and, quite frankly, would rather avoid people while he does that.
But he's come out of hiding today! He can be found in one of the many bathrooms, hair let down out of it's usual little ponytail to show that it's grown much longer than he usually keeps it.

Probably the reason for the scissors he's holding. The only holdup being him deciding just how short he's going to cut it.

...And don't mind the green sunglasses he's wearing. No he wont be taking them off anytime soon, thank you. He doesn't care that he's indoors.]

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[It's a fairly normal day/night/whenever in the DR, and various people are busy doing their own little things.

[personal profile] clockworknomore and [personal profile] windup_daddy are actually in the training room, which is somewhat strange since the 'cousins' try to avoid each other most of the time. Daddy has Soul Eater out while 'Riku' is double-wielding a pair of matched scimitars, and they both seem to be going all out against each other. It's about to get dangerous.

[personal profile] clockworkboytoy has found a room with a scale replica of what the DR looked like when it had an outside environment. And it is currently growling and stomping around while wearing this outfit. It is having great fun knocking over buildings.

[personal profile] windup_boytoy still reeks of Darkness... more than usual, anyway. There's a deep frown on his face as he looks for something new to read in the library. He lingers in the home improvement section, before shoving the books back onto the shelves roughly.

And as for [personal profile] daddyhasagun, well, you might have just heard her muffled shriek. She's currently clawing these posters off the walls of the hallway. Unfortunately, the posters seem to be lining every hallway and are prominently featured in the various common areas and kitchens. Kira is very scandalized over this whole thing.]
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[Kira woke up this morning feeling quite strange and she doesn't like it. She can't use her magic at all, not even for a puny little Fire, which she's been able to cast since she was just a kid. She can feel something that seems like her magic -- or maybe it's more like the magic she learned when she was Yunalesca -- but she can't use that either. It's all incredibly frustrating and sort of scary, so now Kira is in a kitchen and baking. At least that's something she can still do.]
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[personal profile] seasides is in the kitchen... what a boring guy. with things set up kind of how they used to be, and people once again relying on the kitchens, he's made his way to the main one to cook up some stuff to stash away in the fridge and freezer for others!

[personal profile] fading is not amused. he's trapped in a cage in a section of hallway made of white sand and marble. the cage isn't very big, which has him stuck sitting, and looking rather grumpy. there's no visible lock on it.

[personal profile] skybright is currently pushing herself in a training room, magic drained and looking half ready to collapse where she stands. there's a first aid kit sitting on a bench nearby, several bottles (elixirs, mostly) sitting empty next to it.

[personal profile] ghastlydawn hasn't been seen much, but she has been around. super disappointed with the change in the DR still - she grew up in the open world version, after all - she's been exploring to keep herself from lingering on her thoughts and getting even more homesick than she already is.

[personal profile] before is... pinned to a wall with several familiar knives. he doesn't look more than a little beat up, and mostly amused! he's got no idea why a Larxene attacked him, only to do barely anything aside from pin him there, but he can't move his hand enough to pull any of the knives out, and he doesn't want to rip his jacket. oh well.

[personal profile] islandflower is sitting in an outdoor room, a simple-looking field with several slightly battered targets some distance away, taking a break from practicing magic. the door is open and she's well in sight, but she's rather distracted reading.

[personal profile] fromshadow has found something that looks like it's fresh out of Halloween Town. it's a gloomy, mist-covered room, the door opening to a large clearing amidst spindly frost-coated trees. the clearing is filled with row upon row of gravestones, but each and every one of them marks an empty grave, the spaces all cleanly dug out but not even holding a coffin. he's standing just inside the doorway, too wary to actually go and check it all out.

[personal profile] conflagrate, who I totally didn't forget about, is in one of the closets. this particular one seems to hold clothing for both male and female, and she's just sort of absently browsing the men's button-down shirts at the moment. for some reason, all her clothing has gone and vanished from her room-house-thing, so she's rebuilding her wardrobe.]
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[Achilies has been hiding for a while, pretty much ever since new year actually, but he's out today. If only because he feels like he owes someone a serious apology.]
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[Akane is seated in one of the main areas with an especially fuzzy ginger kitten in her lap and her younger self dozing off against her shoulder. Next to her is a large basket, currently housing four more kittens, squeaking and crawling over each other.

She can't be positive, but she's pretty sure Tybalt had a part in this, as two of them are brown with tabby stripes like his. Finding them was a welcome distraction after learning that her mom is back and doesn't remember her, but she can't take care of six cats and her toddler self.]

9 Jan 2012 11:53 pm
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[ There's a perfectly ordinary hallway that branches off from one of the main, leading to a downward staircase. If one were to walk down, they would notice how the walls and stairs themselves are decaying, changing as the steps go down from the regular floors and ordinary wood to stone. It leads down, not too far, to a long series of underground tunnels. Mostly man-made, but with natural formations as well. The sound of water running can be heard to the left and loud, scraping footsteps to the right. Which direction would you take? ]

[ooc: open post because I'm bored. Choose anyone. From KH, anyway.]
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[Face down on a sofa somewhere in the DR is Kira. She's wearing the crumpled remains of a sparkly (and short) party dress, she's lost one of her heels, her makeup is smudged over her sleeping face, and her other foot is hanging off the arm of the sofa. She may or may not have snuck out last night to party the night away with her friends. And Kira may or may not have gotten drunk for the first time, which explains her current state.

Maybe someone should wake her up. She might be able to still sneak back home without getting caught! Doubtful. Or maybe you're one of her friends and are in the same state Kira is. Who knows?]

[OOC: Backdated to earlier this morning.]


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