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[ in one of the many rooms of the dressing room, it leads to a hangar for beautiful airships. in front of one of them was a brunette woman in a long white coat, a hand reaching out to touch the metal — with the stairs activated, all it takes is a little exploration to learn more. small hand injury or not, it feels... strangely familiar.

miss shera still thinks she's in radiant garden.

This is beautiful. [ she tells herself — and wonders how cid would react to it. ]
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[There seems to be a new person up here in this DR. A kid with a monkey tail, who just so happens to be a legendary master thief. The 'legendary' bit might be a little of an exaggeration but he liked to think he really was an extraordinary thief. Just how extraordinary was he? Well he somehow managed to nick this GIGANTIC HUMUNGOUS KEY from someone.

How Zidane had managed that was anyone's guess. A good thief didn't give away the tricks of the trade after all.

For now though he was looking for a HUGE door with an equally HUGE lock. A key this big obviously had to open the biggest most epic treasure room in the known universe right? He could just picture it... gold and jewels and maybe even a legendary weapon or two... He was SO hitting the jackpot on this one. No way ANYTHING could go wrong.]

(ooc: Sooo normally there's probably no way to just snatch a keyblade like this... but this post is purely for CRACK and an excuse to use this icon owo carry on.)
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[The door to this new room might be normal sized, but once you get inside, everything is huge - and Christmassy. Giant tree complete with decorations, wrapped presents the sizes of cars and small houses, and an enormous almost-empty knitted wool stocking. Almost-empty because Cloud has somehow woken up inside it and is having much difficulty finding his way out.]
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[It'd be much appreciated if everyone would look where they are walking today, because you never know, there could be a newcomer passed out right where you're about to step!]
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[There is a Genesis. Reading a book. Shockingly it is not a compilation of the Loveless poems.]

I never knew you could do that to somebody's leg.

[He turns the page and bumps into something, ruining his concentration on whatever he was reading. He looks down at what nearly tripped him... a Shadow. Which he quickly stabs and then keeps walking on his merry way after it poofs into black wisps.]

You know, you'd think they could keep critters in their cages. Or tubes. Or whatever the good Doctors keep their experiments in.

[No, he has not even bothered to realize he's even in unfamiliar territory right now. Bother the guy in red leather? Y/N?]
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Lucrecia here is taking a break from things-that-are-currently-none-of-your-beeswax in her laboratory for some blatant misuse of equipment for delicious hot beverages (in this case hot chocolate.) Because Bunsen burners and beakers make it taste better, honest... Not at all because she is lazy or in the middle of something 'important' which may or may not have caused her to lose track of time and disappear for a few more hours than she intended (and miss almost any imaginary social/family commitments spectacularly.)

[ooc: List isn't necessarily completely up to date but I sort of gave up a little, Lucy-babe's part seems to be fine last I checked.]

2 Nov 2010 07:05 pm
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[Having escaped and/or avoided all the Hallowe'en mischief due to being heavily pregnant, Yuna has finally decided it's safe to come out of hiding. She was reading on a couch, but that's quickly evolved into sleeping of the couch.

...Of course now would be the perfect time for her water to break.]

(ooc: It's babby tiem! Don't worry, there will be no graphic descriptions etc, just contractions and screaming.)
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[There's a sound like something exploding and, of course, an explosion to go with it, and a door somewhere in the bursts open in a puff of flames, smoke, small rocks and magic.]

[And a little man. Can't forget him.]

[He's pretty small, only a couple inches taller than your average Sora, with long blonde be-ponytailed hair, clothing that looks like the children of a Victorian period dress and a clown costume, lots and lots of grime and cuts, and a briefcase.]

[And he's laughing. Can't forget that.]

Wohohohohoho! That was beautiful, excellent, wonderful! That's the way to finish things! That was so much fun ow.

[He picks himself up, dusting himself off and blowing a few strands of hair out of his face before lugging his briefcase up.] And now what? It looks like I need to explore! I'll find things out, and then...I'll destroy once more! Ahahahahaha!

[And he heads out to explore. And the door, and the remains of what was once Kefka's world on the other side, slowly vanish into the wall.]

[[SO. this Kefka is slightly AU in that (SPOILERS) while he was god, the Heartless showed up on FFVI world and distracted team good enough that, when the final boss battle came about, he won and then, as per the plan, destroyed the world. And then landed in the dressing room.))
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[There's a new doorway along this hall, and Cloud's decided to investigate it, in case it's dangerous.

However, there doesn't seem to much danger in a room filled with stationery supplies. He's checking everything, of course, but apart from someone perhaps accidentally stapling their hand, this room won't cause much trauma.

Well, physically, anyway. Because there is no mirror in this room, he hasn't seen the words that appeared on his forehead the moment he stepped into the room.


(ooc: Another version of a truth room/spell, this room causes what a person really thinks about themselves to be written on their forehead, good, bad, whatever. These words may change depending on a person's mood/who they talk to, but they can't be removed, except by leaving the room. And, of course, this post is for threadhopping!)

5 Aug 2010 03:16 am
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[Zack can be found in the kitchen this morning, wearing only his pajama pants. He's currently fishing a carton of orange juice out of the fridge. And he will waste no time in drinking from it. He doesn't need a glass if he's finishing it off, right?]
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[ She really was just picking flowers to bring back inside the castle, not a dressing room full of people.

Infact, why were there even people in such an unfamiliar place? Aerith did not know, but maybe one of them knew the proper way to the castle. So, she decides to ask the nearest person.
] Excuse me, hello?
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[Here's a sight that hasn't been seen in the Dressing room lately. Although perhaps it was better off that way for the current predicament he might drop some unfortunately victims in.

Strangely enough, Cid's not in a kitchen... or living room... or, yes. Even a hanger. His current hang out is actually the library. The very last place many might expect to see a Cid. Yet, there he is ducked in the confines of one of those booths tucked off to the side of the maze of aisles deep within. Out of sight of most anyone anyway. Maybe to try in keep his image? Some might have argued the case. That is, until they'll notice the bottles laying around his cubicle. And the fact that he is avidly staring through a book that he's holding upside down.

So much for being helpful, Cid.]
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[There's a few large posters in strategic points around the DR, that read.

A group is being started for new and expecting parents to get together and discuss parenting. Meet in the library, in the parenting section. I hope to lots of us there!

Today's date is also listed at the bottom. Which means that five-months-pregnant Yuna is now in the parenting section, busily putting pillows everywhere and setting out a big plate of cookies.]

(ooc: She needs to meet some other parents sob. Feel free to threadhop! Also any unsavoury characters, there's a fair few spells around the area, so you'd have to make a serious effort to get through.)
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[And clear over on the other side of the DR, shortly after [ profile] astracera's arrival, a young silver-haired boy of no more than fourteen or fifteen fighting a group of monsters with...a boomerang? After he finishes fighting off the creatures he looks around, blinking at the sudden new surrounding.]

Light? Where are you?

[He looks around as he wanders down the hall, starting to look very confused.]

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[The sound of a battle can be heard clearly from down the hall as a new member of the dressing room enters. She has no problems finishing the beasts off, returning Blaze Fire to the holster before turning and noticing the different surroundings.]

Is this some kind of joke? Come on, Hope.

[She sounds clearly annoyed, her voice stern. That is, until she realizes Hope isn't behind her where she left him.]

... Hope?
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[This Tifa just appeared out of nowhere in one of the hallways. Like new arrivals tend to do. Only she slams right against the wall. Apparently, she was in a full tilt run when the DR whisked her away, her arms outstretched. It would appear pretty comical. Not to her though. She's touching the wall... and then swiftly looking around. Where was she? What's going on?]
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[For the second time since being in the Dressing Room, Axel has ingested what he calls 'bad blood' or, infected blood with something that the nanos can't exactly get rid of as fast or even in the same way as they can a normal virus or sickness that comes from a world like his. Axel is in his room, sprawled on his huge ass bed, currently looking up at the ceiling. The room reeks of puke (normally it smells nice! Or maybe that's because of the blood stains on his carpet... he'd probably be only one of the few that likes that smell). He honestly looks like a very nasty mess: his shirt ripped off and his pants slightly shredded in a few parts, drenched in sweat from head to toe, his eyes are rather extraordinary looking (very different from his normally silvery green eyes), and his hair is tangled in big clumps from rolling around on his bed too much. His parlor is different, more sickly pale than his normal 'vampire' pale. If.. anyone really does look into his puke filled trash can, they will notice that more than half of the puke in there is black. Karma is a big bitch.]

[ooc: Cloudo could thread-hop at anytime. He wants to keep an eye on vampxel. :D

This mun's internet is currently not working Meaning, these threads will have to be either hand waved, dropped or backlogged. Don't know when I'll be back... so. :/]
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[Cid is looking particularly broody today. Which really isn't all that surprising considering circumstances. He's spent the past couple weeks in search of some way to help out "Spikey" but to no avail. The last Aeris he heard of was from some weird place called Radiant Garden and it doesn't seem like Tifa had any luck either.

He chews on the butt end of his cigarette sprawled out on the couch in a lounge. He stopped caring about what others might do to him because of his antics a long time ago. He's got more important things on his mind. Cid takes one more puff and then grinds the last smidgen of it onto the coffee table in front of him.

But as he goes to pull for another one, he freezes. His hand fumbles with the box carefully at first but it's not longer after that it almost seems like he's having a spasm. But it doesn't matter what he does. It's empty.]


[He pegs that box onto the table and his fist follows soon after.


The table creaks in protest but remains in tact. That's one strong table. Cid's huffing over it now.]

@#$@ son of a @#$%in' Sephiroth!

(ooc: Warning! There will be some intensive uncensored swearing in tags. =|)

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29 May 2010 12:35 am
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... Oh. Here again.

[Aerith certainly remembers the dressing room, but a lot has changed over the past two years. too much for her to really recall where her old haunts were. good thing there's a myriad of familiar faces she can approach!]

Does anyone remember the way to the garden?

[ooc; oh mah god old muse is old. sorry if I'm rusty.]
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[Watch where you step.

There is a Cloud on the floor. A very bloodied Cloud at that. He doesn't seem like he's going to get up anytime soon either. Or does he even want to?]

(ooc: Have a post-KH2!Cloud.)


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