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[So, another resident of the DR is celebrating their birthday today. Sam is currently sitting out on the front steps of the apartment building, drinking a beer and glaring back into his and Meyd's apartment where the DR saw fit to tie birthday balloons everywhere. He is not planning on going back in there any time soon.

So anyone who wants to bother him out here, go right ahead.]
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[ Guess who's peeking his head out of hiding briefly but flamboyantly as usual? Castor is, of course, and he'll be doing so by riding around in style near Twilight Town, heading to Castle Oblivion. He's not going very fast, and in fact, would be able to easily stop if he was shouted at! ]
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[So, changes can sometimes be good, sometimes not. Who knows what this crew thinks.

[livejournal.com profile] 89_forever is roaming the streets of the suburban district looking for his girlfriend. He is carrying a little Boston Terrier with him, who is trying to lick his face off, while two blocks away, [livejournal.com profile] rainstormxblue is trying to comfort her freaked out little girl as she carries her down the street, promising to find Daddy soon.

[livejournal.com profile] shadowedxlight is standing on the roof of the little four bedroom beach house she ended up with, just keeping an eye on things right now, although she's just as confused as everyone else, while [livejournal.com profile] earthwaterlight has found Disney Town and is considering bringing Layla and maybe Rikka here for ice cream!

[livejournal.com profile] rulerofthegrid found the Grid again with Rinzler's help, and is off doing something, maybe making plans, or something else.

And [livejournal.com profile] valgusti is currently exploring the tunnels in Twilight Town, and thinking it is the most awesome thing ever.]
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[What do you do when everything changes? Well, that depends entirely on who you are.

[livejournal.com profile] biphasic is putting his tracking abilities to good use, and is stalking through the streets as he heads off to figure out just where the Grid has gotten to.

[livejournal.com profile] incendite has made his way out the Coliseum and is quite happily smashing his way through the various things to fight he's found out there.

[livejournal.com profile] urrose_ihasit is busy getting his dragoon on, and can be found on top of one of the mountains out in the Land of Departure.

Out in Radiant Garden, [livejournal.com profile] please_stand_up is wandering through the city he'd once called his. He's mostly reminiscing, at this point.

Elsewhere, [livejournal.com profile] madvaporskillz has made his way back to where he belongs and is currently drifting somewhere over what looks like an abandoned tea party, out in the forest. There's no one else present though, save an old and fire-scorched windmill and that's perhaps the worst sort of tea party.

And finally, [livejournal.com profile] asparkofsilence is exploring these new environs, with a quiet sort of curiosity.]
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[So. In case you have characters who want to talk to any of Katie's...

[livejournal.com profile] earthwaterlight is wandering down to the hall to visit some friends; [livejournal.com profile] valgusti is eating poptarts as she heads to the simulation room to test herself on how well her martial arts are getting, and [livejournal.com profile] shadowedxlight is currently making breakfast in one of the kitchens for Elias and Mina, having felt really bad for Elias for who he got switched with during the body swap.

[livejournal.com profile] 89_forever has just found a DVD of his adventures on the Grid and is cuddling his girlfriend in one of the TV rooms while they watch it(It's at his fight with Rinzler right now); while[livejournal.com profile] rulerofthegrid has sent Rinzler to find Hikari and Castor and bring whoever he finds first to him.

If you want to talk to any of them, feel free XD]

(ooc: very VERY vague Legacy spoilers in Sam's thread)
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[Clu had been on his way down to the Grid room for a round or three on lightcycles when the spell hit and he'd found himself in the simulation room instead.

In the body of a 12-year-old User boy, no less.

So after his trip to the library, Clu (in Elias' body) finds himself down at the edge of the lightcycle grid looking around.]

Now where is he?

[ooc: locked to Elias, Desi and Rinzler. Post order as of Sunday morning will be Clu -> Rinzler -> Elias -> Desi]

4 Mar 2011 04:30 pm
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[ A very loud slam echos in the halls (past all the frantic voices of those who have also been swapped) as a tiny girl steps out of the library awkwardly, an incredibly confused look on her face.. which turns to mortified.. and then back to confused. ]


[ She immediately covers her mouth with her hands, shocked at her 'own' voice, then she continues. ]

am.. a User?
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[If anyone's looking for Rinzler(and honestly, who would be?), they'd find him in the Grid room like usual when he's out and around. He's standing at the clear wall of the disc arena, one hand resting on the cool surface as he seems to be staring at his hand like it was the coolest thing ever...not that anyone could tell from under the helmet. Then he looks up towards the door like he remembered something and walks out.

Three halls over and up a ways and he steps into the Land of Departure room, looking around as if searching for something.

Or someone.]
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[ Are there any people out there who still randomly open doors? It's understandable if there isn't, seeings how the Dressing Room seems to get more and more dangerous as time goes on. But, regardless, those of you who might still open doors at random or just have lost your way, this particular room is harmless, inside and out.

Upon entering this room, one will notice that there is.. only one thing. A very giant, silver thing at that. Inside each little capsule is a person, varying from fiery looking red heads and blonds to a very light looking lady. All of them, however, seem to be asleep in a fetal position, though in plain sight no matter which way you look at the contraption. That thing you are suppose to turn looks awfully high and large though, right? No worries, there is a smaller one right next to the equally large looking opening part, easily reached by any. Care to help one of these people out? There are only two giant quarters, no others to be seen, so hope that you get someone that's pleasant and welcoming of the wakening. ]

[ ooc: first open post, ever. Yes, I realize I have a hundred of other threads going on, but. I'm awesome like that. ANYWAY, feel free to ask for someone, but if you aren't specific or think I'm smart enough to pick on my own, then feel free to use that route, too. Anyone from my wiki page is available. also man!KH is available as apposed to female if you'd like. ]
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[ Hello there, Dressing Room. Have a very wild looking character walking the halls, a cane swinging to and fro in one hand. Some of you might recognize his strange outfit, though not in the right colors, is similar to some previous newcomers. He seems to be enjoying himself, despite not knowing where he is, for there is a very feline looking grin on his face, for now. ]
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[With pieces of every different world among the stars represented in the DR, it's no surprise that eventually Rinzler would stumble across this one.

Like everything on the Grid, the skies are gloomy and dark - no sun here - but there's light enough from the circuit lines that track across most of the structures. Here, most of the lighting is from the stands of seats. They're empty here, lending a sort of ominousness to a place that would have been a center of activity on any real version of the Grid.

On the main floor of the arena, there's an odd sort of track. It's multileveled, and looks almost as if it were built for some sort of vehicle. There's even someone out on it, taking loops around the thing almost as if to conquer boredom.Given that, it's a safe bet to say that this field is built for one thing: lightcycles.

So. Who wants to go for a spin?]
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[This silent, very sparsely decorated room is empty...until someone dives through a dark portal right into the middle of the room. Closing the portal quickly behind her, Avani pushes herself up and looks around.]


[She shrugs to herself and starts heading for the door, pausing when she sees a pair of white stick-type things on a table beside the door. Looking at them curiously she goes over and picks one up, looking it over.]

What are these things?

[ooc: Set after Avani's thread in Master Xehanort's post, and locked to [livejournal.com profile] biphasic. I may also be throwing Clu and Sam in at some point maybe.]
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[Someone is not the least bit happy, so he's taking his frustrations out on a punching bag in the training room.

Why are Clu and Rinzler here? How did they get here? Like hell he was gonna hunt them down and ask...]

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[A couple of hallways down from where Rinzler appeared, another figure, this one wearing a black coat with glowing orange circuits, is quietly striding through the halls, just looking around before raising a gloved hand and trailing it along the wall, as he wonders if this is just another part of the Grid that he doesn't know about. It's nowhere near as dark, but....you never know...]

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[This is wall. It looks very much like any of the other walls of the DR.

And this is said wall rather abruptly falling to pieces. Or rather, derezzing as what is unmistakably a light disc comes flying through the former wall. For those who know or care about that sort of thing, the lights around it are a very lovely shade of orange.

For those of you who aren't, you may be interested instead in the figure that comes vaulting through the ex-wall - a figure dressed head to toe in black, with accents of light matching the disk (which he catches on its return trip). Who is he? That is a remarkable good question, given the tinted helmet that covers his face. But he's probably not a Vanitas, at least?]
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[Sam's sprawled out on one of the couches in one of the common rooms, buried in blankets and looking lost in thought. What's he thinking about?

Everything that happened on the Grid, pretty much. But three points really stick out in his mind.

Tron Legacy spoilers under the cut )

He needs hugs. Bad.]

[Tron spoilers both under the cut and in comments! You've been warned! ^_^]
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Sam, this time wearing skintight black armor with glowing bluish-white circuits, is literally getting thrown through the same door he had come through three weeks ago.]

Oh come on...

[He rolls up to his feet and goes to slam the door shut. After a couple of minutes he peeks in to see if it has returned to the closet it originally was.]


[Now to tell his friends that he's back...]

[ooc: I'm going to see the movie later, so tags will probably be after I get home! Tron: Legacy spoilers are very likely so be warned!]
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[Over here, by the closest nearest the ballroom, the door pops open and a young man in his late twenties pokes his head in. He's just wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket, as he pushes the door open farther and steps through, looking around.]

This isn't....okay now I'm confused...

[He turns to try and go through the closet again to get back to where he came from, only to find it's a closet again.]


[ooc: Yes this is Sam Flynn from Tron: Legacy (Cherry I know I said not until the end of the month but this is close enough XD) and he comes in from just before he gets sent into cyberspace. So no major spoilers from me until I see the movie! ^_^)
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[and now the floor in a 30 foot radius around the MCP's main console is blue with green and white LED lights]



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run: protocol: motheroverride.exe




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