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How intriguing.

[there is a very tall woman walking slowly down the hall, her long black robes flowing around her feet. she seems mildly interested in her surroundings.]

8 Mar 2010 05:18 pm
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[and from out of this door green smoke is spilling everywhere, spreading quickly into the hall to disperse throughout the rest of the DR. a Riku is coughing, fanning away the smoke and turning to get out of there, but not before white cat ears and a fluffy white tail suddenly sprout from him.

there's evil-sounding laughter as he escapes the room, and flyers are appearing in every room the smoke reaches. every one of them says more or less the same thing. looking at just one of them reads:


[ooc: Loveless spell! No battle partners, just exposure of your character's virginity- or lack of- status on view for the world to see. spell is spread DR-wide. do not reply to this post.]

1 Dec 2009 07:59 pm
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[ First there's a burst of blue sparks in the hallways, a gentle glimmer, and then something is growing across quite a few doorways in the dressing room. Rather, something is growing back. Small sprigs of green plants with white berries, tied together with a royal blue ribbon.

And somewhere else, there is a fairy all dressed in blue, happily nibbling on cookies. ]

[[ooc: Surprise! So, they're back. Magic mistletoe that will keep characters magically stuck in doorways until they kiss. Threadhopping is encouraged in this post! Spread a bit of holiday cheer, eh? They'll be sticking around all month.]]

4 Oct 2009 05:08 pm
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[This little fairy here is not amused. She is currently fluttering about with a very disapproving expression planted on her face.]

Oh my, my, my... this will never do!

[She says as she hovers in one of the common rooms.]

There is simply too much violence. I think you all could use a little more innocence in your lives.

[She swirls her wand in the air and a pink, sparkling fog emits from it, beginning to travel down the halls.]

[Ooc; De-aging spell ahoy! As always, this is optional. Details can be found here.]
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[With a shower of sparkles and light, a newcomer has poofed into the dressing room, looking around in disapproval.]

Oh no, no, no. This is much too dreary!

[A flick of her wand and another shower of sparkles cause everything within the vicinity to turn different shades of pink. Everything from furniture to someone's clothes or hair can be affected and may be changed to blue thanks to another little fairy we know and love.]
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[A blue light is bobbing down halls, leaving a trail of sparkling dust behind it, disappearing as quickly as it came. It's flying up high around doorframes, hovering there for a moment, and then zooming away. Left behind is a sprig of mistletoe growing from the archway, tied with a glittering blue bow.

They're not over every door, just a few here and there, but they certainly look festive. Someone thinks the dressing room needs to get ready for Christmas.]

[[ooc: Mischief-maker over here is planting magic mistletoe. Interpret as you will. (This includes getting stuck.) THREADHOPPING IS ENCOURAGED.]]
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[What's that small, floating blue light hovering through the halls? Whatever it is, it certainly seems to know its way around, ducking into rooms and then out again.]
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[there's a song coming from the garden; no lyrics, no words, just the echoing melody of a woman's voice. Inside, there's a familiar-looking princess. Golden blonde hair, dressed in peasant's clothing, she's leaning against that one large tree, barefoot.]

[[ooc: Needs moar Disney.]]
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Dark purple smoke heralded the arrival of our newest resident, as Maleficent appeared. After one look around, at all the keybearers and Nobodies a snide smile crossed her face.

"Finally I shall have revenge against you all!"

She tapped her cane, and a green glow surrounded the whole dressing room. Her spell was cast.

[ooc: Sorry I'm late, roommate was on the computer this morning. Maleficent's spell is cast, again this is voluntary only. You don't have to, but it'd be fun. Her first spell is turning everyone into animals, or animal-people...depending on how far you want to take it. For those animal-people we already have, you will find yourself suddenly human. The spell lasts two days. Have fun. If any other questions, hit me up on AIM...hellsdarkestwolf. Also, you can still talk when you're a full animal.]
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I simply wish to have a tally of who of my former servants conspirators you useless sods! compatriots have been trapped in this vile place.

I have seen Scar and Hades, of course. Is there anyone else?
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[the voice is feminine, girlish but steadily becomes more draconic. and it is angry. very angry. green and black flames are dancing in agitation all over her skin.]

If this is another one of your idiotic pranks, Oogie Boogie, I'll make sure you feel what it's like to have your own life gambled wi -

[the fire has found the carpet delicious. and wants moar. this will end well]

...oh Darkness, not again.

(OOC: Have an AU!seventeen!Maleficent? *is shot LOL*)

... what.

9 Mar 2008 12:35 am
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What foolishness is this?

[ooc: omg maleficent]


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