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[ Mulan sits beside a small pond, watching the koi fish swim around, her hands around the Emperor's crest she has around her neck. She bows her head after a moment, murmuring quietly. ]

Thank you for everything, Ancestors.

[And as a reply, one fish jumps out of the water, making her draw back. She blinks twice and laughs, tucking the lotus flower comb into her hair, which is beginning to grow long again. Brb sorta blushing, too. ]

For Shang, too.
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[Suddenly, flames! Lots of flames seem to appear in one hall of the dressing room, as a large, dragon-like shadow casts itself along the wall. It's fierce, almost heartless-like, and the voice that comes out of it is booming.]

Did I hear someone ask for a miracle?!

Let me hear you say AHHH!

[...And yet there's no response. The shadow stays in a fierce pose at first for a few seconds, then glances back and forth, then speaks again.]

Alright, alright. I know I'm pretty hot, but there ain't no need to be petrified like that!

[...still nothing. The shadow ducks down, then disappears, while a similar voice mutters]

Cri-kee--- hey, what gives, man? First you say you're lucky, then you go desertin' me? That's it, dishonor on you and your luck!

[... And out pops a tiny little...dragon, looking a bit frustrated, as he continues to look around. This...isn't the forest. He might just be staring.]

5 Nov 2008 10:53 pm
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I light one and Mulan freaks out, and ALL Y'ALL LIGHT A BILLION AND YOU GET CHEERIN'?

THAT'S IT, I'm outta here! I'm goin' somewhere my talents are RESPECTED!



10 Oct 2008 12:09 am
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[eagle eyes darting around the dressing room, observing all the freaks and so many of that one-- the boy with the strange blade and the bright clothes. he observes little else, and is careful to avoid being seen, keeping to the shadows. he opens a door and -- yes. there is his new army.]

[and now, with a rousing cry-- here comes the spinners. hundreds of them. everywhere.]

Ha ha haaa!

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[oh look, a guy riding a horse. and he has a weird helmet on. watch as he takes it off and stare around in confusion]

...this isn't Fa Zhou's house.

[ooc: I have four more disney accunts after this. ;_; Taken at the start of Mulan II, he was about to propose.]
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You need a haircut or somethin', man!
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Little Brother!

[she's shoving a door out of the way to try and grab her fleeting dog that... is... not... there? she looks around, before pulling herself up.]

What's happening...?
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You kids don't know what real music is! What's with all this UHN TISS?

What does that even mean?

It's gotta be a speech impediment!
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Why's everyone around here gotta be so ugly?

1 Mar 2008 05:11 pm
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Whose butt do I gotta bite to get some lo mein around here?
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Here's a question for you, Sora:

Why have you FORSAKEN me as a summon?!
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Dishonor on you, dishonor on you and dishonor on you!

You should be ashamed.


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