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[ Lanky teenagers running around isn't anything new, but how about when they're pulling around a carriage piled with armor? ]

Okay, Phil, where'd you want--

[ How about a carriage, piled with armor, balanced on his shoulders? Something that high isn't going work when he tries to run through a doorway, and the resulting crash is quite loud. Oops. ]
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Oh, so this is where all the cool kids go now? No wonder they call it the Hell away from Hell. But hey, baboom, I'm cool with it! As long as I can some of ya suckers down there, I might as well.

[And watch him conjure a throne in midair, sit on it, and get a wormtini.]

So any dark minions out there mind giving the oh so grand tour?

[People might want to watch out, there be heartless crawling around the area he's in.]

[ooc: Trying my hand on him. Sorry for the fail in advance.]
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[ How long has there been a stadium in the dressing room? Who knows! But there is someone making very good use of it. There are weights and other training mechanisms, but they are not currently in use. The boy in the stadium is running back and forth with controlled breaths. His legs are strong, this fact made obvious by how quickly he makes it from one end to the other. ]

Gotta keep going, keep going, no pain, no gain, one foot in front of the oth-- WHOA!

[ Suddenly, traps! Sharp, pointed spikes shoot up from the ground and almost impale the poor boy, but he evades each one but only just barely. One snags his sandal and trips him, and he rolls the rest of the way to the other side. There he lies, exhausted. ]

This looked... a lot easier... written down!
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A pin-prick of luminescent green light pierces the ground, shooting ever up towards foreboding storm clouds gathering in the night sky. From its origin, the ground begins falling away. Bricks of pavement, mortar and mud tumble down into a gaping abyss. As though to herald this new arrival, sharp veins of lightning litter the sky in the distance. In this brief flash, one could spy a stone spiral staircase leading down towards an unfathomable darkness.


The low rumbles of thunder on the heels of the distant sparks seem to both warn and invite. To those who dare, the stairs await; but what fate would befall the daring?

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This place again, huh?

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[oh they've been around. mostly singing in random places. usually they sing out what they see how people are feeling.]

It's been a long, long time since I looked into the mirror
I guess that I was blind
Now my reflection's getting clearer
Now that you're gone things will never be the same again

There's not a minute that goes by every hour of every day
You're such a part of me
But I just pulled away
Well, I'm not the same girl you used to know
I wish I said the words I never showed

I know you had to go away
I died just a little, and I feel it now
You're the one I need
I believe that I would cry just a little
Just to have you back now
Here with me
Here with me

[ooc: fff bored in class. oh hush. tags may be slow.]
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[What's this? Five females suddenly at the center of the dressing room. They're glowing slightly, as if they're Goddesses. The one who looks like the leader suddenly steps forward.]

So is there a lovely little....well, sketchbook, named Selene here? Because honey, if you're here, we're here to deliver a little message. [winks. the others start talking]

Girl, it's not everyday someone from the Other world practically begs us to serenade someone for them!

Tell me about it. What's his name? Kingdom?

What a sweetie!

[laughs, waving something like a flower around]

Hit it girls! [music starts to play. it's definitely SLOWER and softer than the original song and...]

Nocturnal poetry,
Dressed in the whitest silver, you'd smile at me
Every night I wait for my sweet Selene

But, still...

Solitude's upon my skin
A life that's bound by the chains of reality
Would you let me be your Endymion?

I would bathe in your moonlight, and slumber in peace
Enchanted by your kiss in forever sleep

But until we unite
I live for that night
Wait for time
Two souls entwine

In the break of new dawn
My hope is forlorn
Shadows, they will fade
But I'm always in the shade
Without you...

Serene and silent sky
Rays of moon are dancing with the tide
A perfect sight, a world divine

And I...

The loneliest child alive
Always waiting, searching for my rhyme
I'm still alone in the dead of night

Silent I lie with smile on my face,
Appearance deceives and the silence betrays

As I wait for the time
My dream comes alive
Always out of sight
But never out of mind

And under waning moon
Still I long for you
Alone against the light
Solitude am I

In the end, I'm enslaved by my dream
In the end, there's no soul who'd bleed for me

Hidden from daylight, I'm sealed in my cave
Trapped in a dream that is slowly turning to a nightmare
Where I'm all alone
Venial is life when you're but a dream
The book is still open, the pages as empty as me...

I cling to a hope that's beginning to fade,
Trying to break the desolation I hate

But until we unite
I live for that night
Wait for time
Two souls entwine

In the break of new dawn
My hope is forlorn
We will never meet
Only misery and me

This is my final call
My evenfall
Drowning into time
I become the night

By the light of new day
I'll fade away
Reality cuts deep
Would you bleed with me?
My Selene

[ooc: they've been here for some time now, but I never actually posted for them. oh well. Muses from Hercules.

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Aren't we all lookin' lively. Really, being around you crowd is about as fun as choking on a cinderblock. You should all try it, huh?

Some of you pint-sized little mortals might, y'know, actually shut up for half a second.
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[Remember the garden? There's a Hydra rampaging in it.]

[ooc; ...yeah, don't blame me for the username. Also, can someone start slicing the head off this sucker for some lulz?]
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[Comes out of a random closet, holding a sizeable lump on his head]

Holy Hera, that was intense. Champ! Next time, handle your own mob of fangirls, alright? I ain't gonna be a decoy again next time--

[....look at all the ladies and whoa where was he?]
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[just relaxing on a couch. she's pretty bored.]

Hey, with all these gods around, this place is getting to be just like home. [sigh.]
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[Meg's just been laying low through all of this weapon crap, but hey, a girl's gotta eat, right? so she's in the kitchens, scrounging up familiar foods. for her at least. om noming on a pita, she just leans against a counter.]
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A-And... that is why you should try Herculade!

No no...

And THAT is WHY you should TRY herc-u-LADE.

[sjdfhsjk. Aw man, he was never gonna get this sounding right. Heaving a great sigh he shrugged open the door to Phil's hut]

Phil... I don't think I can go through




[and... what? Just gonna stand here and stare, thanks]
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 It's official.

Whatever dumped us all here wants to see how long it takes before we snap.
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If there's a prize for rotten judgment
I think I've already won that
No man is worth the--

...Once wasn't enough?

[she'll be over here duct-taping her mouth shut, thanks.]
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[she walks in, not paying attention to her surroundings.]

Got some good news for ya, Hades--

[a beat.]

I get the feeling I'm not in Thebes anymore.

[ooc: yeah, the dressing room officially ate my soul. but hey, Meg! :D]
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Alright, listen- I go away for a bit, y'know, that whole well deserved break idea, and I come back to this?


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Okay, quick question here:


Just curious. Seriously, I'm really starting to wonder. I've seen dead guys with more sense than some of you... And they can't think at all! Ha! Gotta love irony, you know?

4 Mar 2008 09:57 pm
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Hey, hey, it's been a while since we've had any real fun, huh? Right? Good.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my army of zombies. Fear them and all that, blah blah, you get the point.

Now let's shake things up a little bit!

[OOC: :x Moar truth or dare victims. Uh. Hades has summoned an army of zombies poke me if that isn't even okay DX. Said zombies are just chilling, but you may feel free to mention/freak out over/stare at them. Or something?]
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Hello? Hey, hellooo!

Is this thing even on? Okay. Good. Okay... And while I'm at it, will someone please explain to me WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?

Alright, just chill. Chilling now. Yeah, phew...

'Cause, you know, I'm having the time of my life here already. Really. Words can't describe the obvious state of fun...ness...

[OOC: Technically a Disney Hades, but will be played as a KH!Hades while here, if that's permissable :x *dodges lynch mob*]


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