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[ Things do enjoy popping up without warning for characters, don't they? There's one for everyone, appearing in a place they're sure to find it. There are spares, sealed up on walls and slipped under doors and lying in stacks on the tables. They're invitations, on textured parchment in shimmering dark gold letters. Some people, if they've been here a while, will recognize the penmanship. ]

As many of you already know, there is a traditional Holiday Ball held every year. This year will be no exception! On Christmas Eve, there will be a path of golden candles and holly to guide your way. Follow the trail and it shall lead you to the location of the ball. Everyone is invited, and you may bring whoever you wish. However there will be no fighting!

~ Angelique

[ ooc: Third year, you guys! :D The post for the ball itself will be up sometime tomorrow night orrr the morning of the 24th. The ball will take place IC starting Christmas Eve (say, around 8pm) and extend (ICly) until Christmas morning. The location of the ball is protected by magic, and anyone who starts a fight will be transported to the entrance and unable to enter for ten minutes. It repeats, so don't bother trying again once you're back in if you do get shoved out.

Mingle and threadhop and enjoy the holidays to your heart's content. Like the other years, this entry can be used to have your characters invite their friends, lovers, enemies, Nobodies, Heartless, whatever. Spread the Christmas cheer. Happy Holidays, everyone. ♥ ]

2 Dec 2010 02:52 pm
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No, no! That is unacceptable! You cannot put green bows on your mistletoe! It does nothing to capture the eye!

[Around the corner there is a small angel arguing with an even smaller [livejournal.com profile] makeltblue hovering in the air and leaving glittering trails of blue as she goes. The angel appears to be a talking decoration, perhaps made of wood, with a very thick French accent shaping her high-pitched voice. The fairy, plump and very real, looks very close to losing her temper.]

Well, what color would you want?

[The angel pauses to think, tapping her chin with her hand.]

Gold. Nonono! That is too bright!

[The argument continues, but sprigs of mistletoe tied with golden ribbon are already growing all around the doorways, just like the years past. If you're not used to it by now, you will be -- the very magical plants will stay all month, and they don't like going against tradition. They won't let you pass until you've kissed.]
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[ Well. Here's someone that several people should recognize, mostly those with Keys or a little more darkness than the general population finds comfortable. Or perhaps none at all, if you're of that variety. Even if you don't recognize her, she probably sticks out. It's a big trait of hers, you see. But when you have virtually no doubles in this place, it doesn't matter how average, or pretty, or odd you are.

Five minutes ago she had been walking through the castle library, as evident by the book held mere inches from her face. She reaches up without breaking her gaze as if to grab another, her hand groping at the air for several seconds before she tears her eyes from the worn pages of the book to look around. This is not the castle library. In fact, she doesn't recognize where she is at all, and last time that happened it was very much not a good thing. The surge of panic that runs through Belle can be heard in her voice. ]

...Hello? Is anyone there?
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[ Scattered about the main rooms and hallways, lining one in particular, are thick red candles. Where they came from is a mystery, because anyone keeping watch would only have seen them appear right out of thin air. They burn brightly, sprigs of holly fastened to their bases, and weave a trail to the main ballroom. Anyone curious enough to follow (or those who paid attention to the invitations sent out days before) will find that the ballroom seems to have grown larger for the ball, and is now completely decorated for the holiday season. A very large tree sits in the back, lit with strings of traditional white lights and frosted, royal blue ornaments. At the very top sits a shimmering star.

Cushioned sofas line one side of the tree, the side closest to the wall (and mysteriously appearing fireplace). On the other side of the room are a few large, round tables decorated with poinsettias and candles, and close by an even larger table hosts all the food. Glass dishes are filled with food of all kinds; traditional Christmas foods of various worlds, including popular dishes and treats. They range from meats, side dishes, birds and puddings, to gingerbread houses (and gingerbread people), to pies, cakes, cookies, fudge, bowls of candy canes, sugarplums, roasted nuts and popcorns. Drinks are at the end of the table; eggnog, cider, hot cocoa and sparkling champagne.

Finally, one thing seems to have survived from last year -- the dance floor itself looks cool and inviting, feather-light snow falling from the ceiling. It lines the chandelier in frost, but disappears before it ever reaches the ground. ]

[[ooc: IC the ball is happening from late-afternoon Christmas Eve to the early morning hours. Happy holidays, everyone. ♥]]
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[Wherever she's been for the past year, the same decorator that hosted the ball last December is back, and once again with invitations. Written in gold ink on sheets of rolled parchment, each is tied with a red ribbon and will be appearing before every resident in the dressing room. The invitation extends to everyone, after all.]

The second annual Holiday Ball is to take place on Christmas Eve, and you are all invited. It will take place in the same grand ballroom as the last year, with a trail of candles appearing to lead your way. As with the last year, the preferred attire would be formal wear. Invite your friends, family, whoever you wish! Surely this year will be just as much of a success!

A follow-up also much the same as last time: no fighting!

~ Angelique

[ooc: Wow a second year. :O The post for the ball itself will be up on the 24th, and extend (ICly) until the next morning. Threadhopping's encouraged. Feel free to have your characters invite their friends and whatnot on this entry.]
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What is this, some form of witchcraft?

[Gaston here has been wandering around the DR a bit, taking in his surroundings. He's wound his way back to the door he remembers coming out of, but every time he opens it there's a different room. He's looking v. v. confused, and a little irritated. There can be mistletoe growing above the door if you're feeling sadistic.]
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[There's a hooded figure walking along the halls, bleeding and leaving a trail of blood.]

[ooc: in school, tags may be laggy >> ]
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[There's a hooded figure slumped against the wall of the Dressing Room, looking gravely injured and looking like they need help.]

[ooc: info on profile.]
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[ this part of the dressing room has been completely destroyed, claw marks on every wall and tapestries shredded. in the midst of it stands the Beast, shoulders hunched and head down. he moves slowly, lethargically, to a chair... and tosses it at one of the walls. ]

It's hopeless...
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[From the main room it starts to line the hall, two thick lines of garland weaved from holly. They form a trail to the ballroom, which has taken a turn for the festive and cozy. Tall double doors are opened wide with large wreathes fixed to the front. The ballroom is dimly lit for the most part, accenting the candles on the large Christmas tree set up in one of the corners next to an equally large fireplace. Candles and frosted glass balls decorate the tree, tied with red bows and stuck into places where strings of beads curve around and small painted doves sit next to. The tree is finished by a glowing star placed high at the top.

In front of the fireplace is an arrangement of comfortable chairs and a sofa, for those who would rather take in the warmth of a fire than be at the tables or dance.

On the other side, the food can be found, which varies from classic party foods to the things one would find at a Christmas feast, from gingerbread men to... well, whatever one could imagine. Drinks of all kinds are served, though the hot cocoa looks especially delicious tonight.

The dance floor itself is equally decorative, with pale lighting and a light snow falling from the ceiling -- or at least, the illusion of snow, for they disappear before they ever reach the ground.

Finally, a soft blend of music seems to flow from nowhere at all, each song as festive as the decorations.]

[OOC: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone. ♥]
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[There's a routine to be followed when organizing and hosting an event in the dressing room; invitations are a must. Fliers, for example, are being slipped under doorways and appearing in a shimmer in the more public areas. How are they getting there? Maybe a little holiday magic. They're intricately designed with an old-fashioned look, and read as follows;

You are all invited to a Holiday Ball. It will take place in the ballroom two left turns from the garden, and begin on Christmas Eve, lasting through the next day. Formal attire is a must. Follow the holly and you should not get lost.

No fighting will be allowed! None!

~ Angelique

The holly has yet to be put up, and on top of that, anyone who should try to sneak a peek into that particular ballroom ahead of time will find themselves completely locked off. No amount of magic will get through those doors.]

[OOC: You wanted a ball? Post will be up tomorrow morning and extend until whenever people stop replying. EDIT: Feel free to have your characters invite people on this entry.]
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Namine? Roxas?

...this place is even bigger than the castle.

[a certain cup is looking a little lost.]

[ooc; was bored. :/]
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[so guys, that's totally a tea set on a coffee table. want to have a drink?

...if you go near enough though you might hear snoring.]

[ooc: Sentient weapons? FUCK THAT. WE GOT SENTIENT FURNITURE.]
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[ there is little rage left in him. it has filled up the cracks of the walls and taken over the space between shards of glass and splinters of wood in the room. though it surrounds him, the Beast has little anger left in him. he's been left alone to his anger and hopelessness. ]


1 Jul 2008 03:03 pm
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I don't mind Riku.

-- But that doesn't mean I trust him.
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Where is that sniveling little--

[hay--- wait a minute]
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[ everything in his path is destroyed; chairs and tables are smashed and walls are destroyed in the Beast's wake. he tears room upon room apart in a desperate search until finally he rears his head back and roars. ]

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... I've never been in this wing of the castle before.

[calls out] Beast? Beast, are you here?
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[ has made himself comfortable in a large red chair, licking the slashes on his arm. he's unable to heal himself and takes matters into his own hands...

that may form hairballs later... ]

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[ pacing back and forth constantly on all four feet nervously. he grunts with every turn he makes to pace back. ]

They're up to something. Always making trouble.

[ pace pace pace. he can't stop himself. ]

Belle isn't safe here.

[ pace pace, then he stops and covers his face with his paw. ]

My rose...


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