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[What do you do when everything changes? Well, that depends entirely on who you are.

[livejournal.com profile] biphasic is putting his tracking abilities to good use, and is stalking through the streets as he heads off to figure out just where the Grid has gotten to.

[livejournal.com profile] incendite has made his way out the Coliseum and is quite happily smashing his way through the various things to fight he's found out there.

[livejournal.com profile] urrose_ihasit is busy getting his dragoon on, and can be found on top of one of the mountains out in the Land of Departure.

Out in Radiant Garden, [livejournal.com profile] please_stand_up is wandering through the city he'd once called his. He's mostly reminiscing, at this point.

Elsewhere, [livejournal.com profile] madvaporskillz has made his way back to where he belongs and is currently drifting somewhere over what looks like an abandoned tea party, out in the forest. There's no one else present though, save an old and fire-scorched windmill and that's perhaps the worst sort of tea party.

And finally, [livejournal.com profile] asparkofsilence is exploring these new environs, with a quiet sort of curiosity.]

9 Aug 2010 12:55 am
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[hi dressing room, there's suddenly a very large CRASH as a bandersnatch comes barreling through a wall, skidding to a stop after crashing through a couple of tables, a lamp, and a couch. there's dust flying everywhere now, and bits of wall littering the floor. the hole seals itself up almost immediately, which the bandersnatch discovers once it's realized that this is not where it meant to end up, and turns ponderously around to leave, only to find that it can't. cue headbutting of the wall, and clawing at it in distress, which leaves large gouges in the wall that heal over just as quickly.]

((ooc: sorry hi, I went on another AiW binge. at least I don't have to be clever for this one, like I did with the Hatter. >_>;;))
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[there's a table (a nice one, all white and silver, with a fine lace tablecloth), one that may not have been there before. it's pushed up against the back of a couch in one of the common areas, its surface littered with (intact) tea things and edibles, some of which have spilled over onto the couch itself. a high-backed, threadbare arm chair (look, a rhyme!) is at one end of it, and a man is sitting in it, arms folded across his chest, head lowered as if in sleep. go on, help yourself to some tea and scones~.]
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lucky seven. )

[ There is a slot machine, and beside it, in gold letters, is a prize room. It looks like said room is locked.

The symbols on the slot machine are simple compared to the ones in the image, pretend: gold, silver, bronze. Care to try your luck?

[ ooc; In celebration of my perhaps-it's-finally-working internet, have one of those character roulette. 8) Anyone on this list will show up by random/choice/you will see -- ]
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[Alice looks all around her. She's terribly confused and not at all sure how she got to where she is. But she's been in other worlds before. Still a name would be ever so lovely. She moves and just walks along with her hands clasped behind her back as she shuffles along. She looks around idly and wonders if she should go this way or that.

Although she supposes so long as she goes some way she'll end up somewhere. Although it would be a matter of caring about where she ends up once she was there she supposes. Which is such a wonderful proof that it's the journey and not the destination. Especially when she doesn't even know where she might destine herself. A sigh escapes her lips and she presses a hand to her lips in worry. Perhaps... she could find an ever so helpful cat to tell her to go this way or that. But no, she doubted very much Cheshire was about.]

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[He's sprawled on the beach, looking quite comfortable. They don't have beaches in Wonderland and it was always raining back home. Alic is quite content. Whether it's because of the warm sand and the sun on his face or the distinct lack of a certain dark haired, psychotic noble...well, who could really say?

He's found a dark swimsuit somewhere, a size or so too big, but tied to fit and hanging on slim hips.

Now this, this was nice.

5 Feb 2009 11:19 pm
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[ Well that's rather extraordinary and unusual. Is that an Alice? It is. Sitting all alone in a corner of the room, a clear jar of cookies resting on her knees. Her pockets are full and there's a tray of tea to her side, and she doesn't even see the normalcy of the place she's arrived. ]

{ ooc: not everything edible in wonderland should be eaten. would you like some hallucinogens with your tea? }


5 Jan 2009 05:58 pm
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[Suddenly, hundreds of flowers sprout throughout the dressing room, unaware of where they are, they all join in song in hopes to attract members to find out of this new place.]

Hello? H-Helloooo~
Is anyone there? We flowers would like to know what is this magical world we've been planted in.
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[Absinthe eyes were wide when the King found his Court Room to be nothing but an empty hallway.]

What sort of fucking trickery is this?

[The Queen King of Hearts was angry. Everyone knew better than to piss of the Queen of hearts. A few curses were echoing off of the walls from the raven-haired royal. Where were his cards, where was that damn White Rabbit!]

I'll kill them all after they bring me his head. 

[Not amused in the least, the seething King was stomping down the hallway with his hands balled in to fists. He wanted demands to be obeyed, he wanted answers, and he wanted some loyal subjects right.now.]
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[ Hair disheveled, jeans torn, Alic believes he's had one too many visits with the caterpillar if he's gone from being chased by a raging Jabberwocky to standing inside a . . .dressing room? He blinks. Stares. And promptly collapses onto a conveniently placed couch. Whatever this is, it's his fault, and even if it's not, Alic is going to blame him because it makes him feel better, regardless that there were no card soldiers to chase him through that door, only the Jabberwocky...and if the ever angry Queenie could control a Jabberwocky, he was pretty much doomed.

At one time, he would've sworn that door led into the Hatter's garden, but it's Wonderland, and really, when does anything ever go as he expects or desires it to? The answer would be a blunt and dismal never.
So he lays, body limp, eyes skyward, and over all quite a mess, on this strange couch in this strange room and ponders. . .]

". . .Why does this shit always happen to me?"

[[ooc: Yes indeed, male Alice in Wonderland, decidedly more cynical and somewhat tired of being jerked into strange worlds.]]

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Don't be fooled. Your shadows are still growing.
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[sitting on the ground. Has needle and thread in one hand and she is sowing some patchwork quilt together of everything she has seen sence she dropped here. There are Roxas pictures Sora, Namine, Kiari, Riku,Keyblades and sketch books. They are very detailed and look almost matching to some of the DR's occupants. They also look strangely happy and peacefull. Okayy maybe not how she really sees it just how she wants to see it. She is humming a tune softly to herself.]

[stops humming and sighs]

Oh how I miss the outside world. I wish I could go back now.

[shakes head sadly.]

But that will never happen.

Not in any life time of mine.

[begins to add another quilt square on. It appears to have Roxa and Namine laughing together on it.]


17 Jun 2008 06:41 pm
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[running as fast as i can]

Off with her head! 

[someone screams form behinde]


Where do I go what do I do?

[feet stamping after her]

Off with her head!

[some one screams again]

can't breath...[thought alice cluthching her chest as she forced her self to run on.]

Off with her head... [the voice fades]

[waking up in a room with white walls all around. She had no idea where she was or how she got here. She was being chased by the queen of hearts men and the next she was here. She went to stand up but clutched chest in pain] All that running. [she thought]

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 [Laying on the ground pale. Not moving an inch. Is she dead? Did she get hit? Is she sick? No one really knows. All she knew was she 

needed help. For some reason she had lost her voice she couldn't move or speak to get that help she so desired.]

Help! Some one please help me!!! [she said as she banged on the walls of her mind.]

I need help!! Why can't i move or speak!?!? Whats going on? where am I? How did I get here??!! [she was screaming in her mind now.]


17 Jun 2008 11:24 am
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W-where am I!?   

[walking back an forth talking out loud to myself]

  One minute i'm sleeping and the next I'm falling threw this very odd Rabbit like hole.

I've been seeing so many people who look the same and some who even look like me!!

Whats going on!?!

[looks down]

I can't find a way back home either..

Can someone help me please!?
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Poor, poor Alice.

Shall we take her heart again?

Return to the darkness?

The show must go on.


17 Jun 2008 01:02 am
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[Wondering lost]


Is anyone there!? 

[stomach growls]

ugh! I'm so hungry.

[walks up to poisnious berry bush but dosn't know it and goes to pick a hand full]


17 Jun 2008 12:17 am
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[runs in panic]

Where am i!?

I think im lost!!


I need help..

[looking down]


16 Jun 2008 11:25 pm
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[sitting in the sun relaxing]

Ahh.. How lovely. I'm glad that i fell threw that rabbit hole. I like it here.

[has a cute smile on my  face] 
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[falls out of the sky, out of what seems to be a giant, weird rabbit hole]


Oh my..! W-where am I? Such a peculiar place...

[ooc: >:P] 


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