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[The door to this new room might be normal sized, but once you get inside, everything is huge - and Christmassy. Giant tree complete with decorations, wrapped presents the sizes of cars and small houses, and an enormous almost-empty knitted wool stocking. Almost-empty because Cloud has somehow woken up inside it and is having much difficulty finding his way out.]
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[There's a new doorway along this hall, and Cloud's decided to investigate it, in case it's dangerous.

However, there doesn't seem to much danger in a room filled with stationery supplies. He's checking everything, of course, but apart from someone perhaps accidentally stapling their hand, this room won't cause much trauma.

Well, physically, anyway. Because there is no mirror in this room, he hasn't seen the words that appeared on his forehead the moment he stepped into the room.


(ooc: Another version of a truth room/spell, this room causes what a person really thinks about themselves to be written on their forehead, good, bad, whatever. These words may change depending on a person's mood/who they talk to, but they can't be removed, except by leaving the room. And, of course, this post is for threadhopping!)

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[For the second time since being in the Dressing Room, Axel has ingested what he calls 'bad blood' or, infected blood with something that the nanos can't exactly get rid of as fast or even in the same way as they can a normal virus or sickness that comes from a world like his. Axel is in his room, sprawled on his huge ass bed, currently looking up at the ceiling. The room reeks of puke (normally it smells nice! Or maybe that's because of the blood stains on his carpet... he'd probably be only one of the few that likes that smell). He honestly looks like a very nasty mess: his shirt ripped off and his pants slightly shredded in a few parts, drenched in sweat from head to toe, his eyes are rather extraordinary looking (very different from his normally silvery green eyes), and his hair is tangled in big clumps from rolling around on his bed too much. His parlor is different, more sickly pale than his normal 'vampire' pale. If.. anyone really does look into his puke filled trash can, they will notice that more than half of the puke in there is black. Karma is a big bitch.]

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[Watch where you step.

There is a Cloud on the floor. A very bloodied Cloud at that. He doesn't seem like he's going to get up anytime soon either. Or does he even want to?]

(ooc: Have a post-KH2!Cloud.)

1 May 2010 07:49 pm
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[It was surprising that more people in this place hadn't gone crazy from just sitting around all the time. At least, that's what it felt like he'd been doing the whole time he had been here. Cloud wasn't really use to having nothing to do. Finding the library had been something of a relief - not to say that he liked reading that much, but it gave him something to do. When a place had people from different worlds in it, the books were probably from many places and times as well, so one of them might just have a clue about curing Geostigma. At least, that was his thinking. And doing something that felt productive was better than nothing.]

[It was productive until he started to hallucinate, anyways. Cloud had gotten a few medical books and stacked them on a desk, before his arm had started to get painful and start to ooze the black, blood-like substance again. He had gotten up to take care of it, but ended up staggering around the library, not seeing things quite clearly, or knowing where he was anymore, due to the strange blue spots filling his vision. Anyone passing by the library might be able to hear some of the books he's knocking over as he staggers around clattering to the floor.]

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[With being sick, some days were better than others. Most of the time Cloud could function well enough to do normal things, like getting food, doing laundry, or wandering around. On good days he even managed to go to the simulation room and train a little. It was better than doing nothing, after all. Today, however, was not a good day.]

[There's a trail leading down the hallway, of what could pass for blood. If it weren't black instead of red. Just droplets that started out sparse on the floor, getting more frequent as they rounded a corner, and lead to the blond slumped over on the ground. He was trying to get to his room but hadn't made it before the hallway started to spin and turn black. Cloud mostly looks like he just fell asleep in the middle of the hallway, but with his sword attached to his waist, he might be something of a tripping hazard to people who aren't paying attention.]

4 Dec 2009 09:45 am
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[What's this? Cloud is out and about? Gasp! He seems to be... searching? But he's trying to not seem suspicious... and failing. He's still not even sure what he should do if he finds what he's looking for... but he feels he should do something.]

(ooc: any and all Roxae will be stopped and questioned.)
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[Anyone near the chocobo stables can probably hear a very loud ruckus coming from inside the room. Namely the sudden roar of an engine, chocobos warking frantically, and a few seconds later, a very loud bang which makes the wall rattle.]

[Cloud had been getting attacked by some group of guys with silver hair while on his way to see Reno about a job of some sort. Which had involved being chased by said group of males over a wasteland on motorcycles at high speeds. The one with the longer hair had just managed to get in front of him and graze his head when the dirt had suddenly changed to grass, and the man with the gun was suddenly a chocobo preening. He had managed to swerve before he hit the bird, but then there was a wall. That turn was far too sharp to make going that fast.]

[If someone were to come in now, they would find a Cloud laying a few feet away from the mangled motorcycle lodged in the wall. Looks like he just managed to bail before the bike crashed. He's still bleeding from the head from being shot at though. Maybe someone should see if he died.]

((OOC: Because the DR needed some more Cloud action. Forgive any fail, I've never played an Advent Children Cloud.))
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[There's a teenage boy with blonde spiky hair leaning against the wall - but he isn't a Roxas. No, it seems a small Cloud has arrived, but it seems he doesn't know it yet, as his eyes are closed.]
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[There's a somewhat dishevelled-looking Cloud in a large kitchen, doing what Clouds do best - angsting. Guess he's got a good reason though, seeing as he watched Tifa die and she hasn't returned yet. He's only come out of his room for food, so you'll find him staring moodily at a bowl of cereal. Anyone other than Zacks and Aeriths will proably not get much out of him, but you're welcome to try.]

2 Jun 2009 05:30 pm
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... This isn't funny.

[Barefooted and clad in a hideous dress - one from times long past (which had been saved from it's fate as dishrags by a certain flower girl - Cloud Strife stands in the dead center of a hallway. One hand is resting on the hilt of the Buster Sword, the other is pinching the hem of the dress with a scowl.

The scenery has been noted, but the expression on the girl - yes - girl's face is one of annoyance. One could guess she suspects this is a dream.]

I suppose someone's going to pop out and tell me this is Hades now.
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[...This is a special Cloud. A very special Cloud, because she happens to be female -- not that's it's all that notable. The differences are slight, and right now she's standing with her arms folded observing. This whole place is very odd. Very odd indeed]
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[Suddenly there is a young man kneeling on the floor of a hallway, clutching his upper left arm with his right hand, head bowed and eyes squeezed shut, a pained expression on his face.]

(ooc: Have some AC canon. Also excuse any fail, 'tis my first try with someone like him.)
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[Here, have a now post-KH2 Cloud. He's certainly been gone from the dressing room long enough...]

Oh man... not here again-!

[can he ever go anywhere without getting transported places?]

Great, now what do I do?

9 Jan 2009 07:06 pm
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[A Cloud comes in through a random door, he looks around the room in confusion, and realizes this isn't where he's supposed to be, so he turns around to leave.

But the door is gone]


6 Dec 2008 11:40 am
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[Yes, this is to [[livejournal.com profile] dark_fenrir] again. XD]

[Cloud was asleep in the room he shared with Zack. However, as he wakes, he notices Zack is gone.]

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[Walking around, seemingly looking for someone [[livejournal.com profile] dark_fenrir] and for food. He's rather hungry.]

...where did you go? And where's the kitchen? I could have sworn I knew the way there...
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...so not cool.

[There is a very cute Chocobo sitting in the hallway. He is locked out of his room and could only wait for [livejournal.com profile] dark_fenrir. In the meantime, feel free to squee, laugh, or generally bother the cutie Chocobo!Cloud as he waits.]

[ooc: For the Halloween event! But I have work in exactly 20 minutes, my shift is only four hours, I'll answer any responses then!]
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[This is a Cloud. Actually, this is a very special Cloud. It is like many a Cloud in that it's got blue eyes, spikey blue hair, and an excessively large sword oh, and one wing, and is wearing the Advent Children outfit (more or less, see profile) but it is different for two important reasons.

The first is that this Cloud just fell through the ceiling (or so it seems) into the pool.

The second is that this Cloud has boobs. Yes, it is a female Cloud. God save the queen]
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*With a rather embarrassing cry, Cloud found himself well off of his perch. Two days of constant vigilance wasted, all due to the simple overreaction to a bit of a light show. How was he supposed to react when the world flashed from a sandy wasteland to the hallway of a fancy castle? Perhaps the flail had been of an overreaction, and Cerberus certainly could have behaved a bit more, but still...

The guards had thrown something at him - an apple, probably - and the sixteen year old had found himself spinning towards his death, forgetting he could fly for the moment in favor of grabbing the yappy, shrunken demon dog so he wasn't punished for that. But suddenly, the six story drop seemed much shorter, the omph coming a full thirty seconds too soon - and Cloud found himself in that aforementioned castle.*

... Ow. *he lifted his metal hand to run through his hair, scratching the back of his head and glancing about for a moment, before casting a particularly nasty glare whichever head of the three headed dog that was chewing on his arm.* Hades is going to kill me, but you'd make a nice fur coat. >/

*He'd have to snag the Princess after. Time to figure out where he was now.*


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