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[See, happy as  [personal profile] censoredpilot  is to dick about with engine bits all day, he can't go and let himself get soft even if he doesn't see much (read as: any) fighting nowadays. Which is what finds Cid in the training room.
Though with his spear against the wall instead of in his hands and a large portion of floor cleared, it probably looks more like he's performing a gymnastics routine than anything really fighting related.

There's a method to his madness though: all those jumps and hand springs aren't just for his health. Though that may assume his chain smoking didn't indicate his blatant disregard for his health.

[personal profile] patchworksniper is getting some sun in the Destiny Islands. Without a shirt or his coat he's giving a nice view of the extra metal on him. 'Course sand isn't real good for his mechanical arm, but the sound of him caring is apparently 'zzz.']

[[personal profile] datafreeze is in the library, trying to surreptitiously poke through the filthy harlequin  'romance' section without being seen there. Unfortunately for her, Vexen's attempts to be stealthy probably draw more attention to her than if she tried to be nonchalant about it.
This, however, will not stop her from denying this till the heat death of the universe if caught.

[ [personal profile] gameofpretend  is busying himself examining a room that bears a very distinct resemblance to an M. C. Escher artwork. Said examining currently involves rolling marbles down stairs and watching the room say 'fuck you' to gravity but Luxord is putting some serious consideration in to seeing if the same thing happens with a person.]

[Meanwhile, [personal profile] justalittlesick  is on a nice hallway stroll. With his more obviously identifying features hidden and a squealing boar piglet under his arm. Whether Even's about business or pleasure today chances are, it's going to suck to be piggy later.]

7 Mar 2011 11:21 pm
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[In this kitchen you'll a rather boyishly dressed little Kairi standing on a chair at the kitchen counter to pour boiling water into a mug.

But then, disaster! A splash of water from the kettle all over the hand holding the mug steady. A young girl's hand being perhaps just a touch more sensitive to burning that those of an adult used to working with hot engines all day- but even in his own body it'd probably still hurt... just not as much.]

Fuck. Fuckfuckshitfuck.

[In an effort to knock off the compulsive cursing, 'she' hops off the chair get to the sink and run the burn(already a fairly angry looking red) under cool water.]

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[Here's a sight that hasn't been seen in the Dressing room lately. Although perhaps it was better off that way for the current predicament he might drop some unfortunately victims in.

Strangely enough, Cid's not in a kitchen... or living room... or, yes. Even a hanger. His current hang out is actually the library. The very last place many might expect to see a Cid. Yet, there he is ducked in the confines of one of those booths tucked off to the side of the maze of aisles deep within. Out of sight of most anyone anyway. Maybe to try in keep his image? Some might have argued the case. That is, until they'll notice the bottles laying around his cubicle. And the fact that he is avidly staring through a book that he's holding upside down.

So much for being helpful, Cid.]
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[Cid is looking particularly broody today. Which really isn't all that surprising considering circumstances. He's spent the past couple weeks in search of some way to help out "Spikey" but to no avail. The last Aeris he heard of was from some weird place called Radiant Garden and it doesn't seem like Tifa had any luck either.

He chews on the butt end of his cigarette sprawled out on the couch in a lounge. He stopped caring about what others might do to him because of his antics a long time ago. He's got more important things on his mind. Cid takes one more puff and then grinds the last smidgen of it onto the coffee table in front of him.

But as he goes to pull for another one, he freezes. His hand fumbles with the box carefully at first but it's not longer after that it almost seems like he's having a spasm. But it doesn't matter what he does. It's empty.]


[He pegs that box onto the table and his fist follows soon after.


The table creaks in protest but remains in tact. That's one strong table. Cid's huffing over it now.]

@#$@ son of a @#$%in' Sephiroth!

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[Cid wanders through the hallways, looking considerably less irritated. In fact, it might surprise a few people who know him that he almost looks worried. The truth is he'd been looking for that Tifa he had met before... or any leads to an Aeris. Neither of which he had found.

He wouldn't have found it all that important except with Cloud's condition, the sooner they found a solution, the better. Right now though, perhaps it would be better if someone slowed him down. There are some bags evident under his eyes. Though he's too manly to admit it.]

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[This Cid is currently crashed in front of a television set, an odd place for a Cid to be perhaps except it looks like he's watching something on aircraft. Go figure. He has a scowl on his face though and the air in the room is already thick with smoke from the cigarrette he's puffing.]

That ain't how ya fix that thing! @#$%in' lot'a @#$% hooligans! Ah could'a had that piece'a @#$% fixed ages 'go!

[He hunches further into the couch.]
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[Along down a hall comes a face that may be generally recognizable by a few. After all, it's hard to miss that rugged face partially haloed by the rims of his giant goggles. He's got a cigarette in his mouth and a pair of furrowed brows. Smoking like a chimney would be an understatement. He starts opening doors, slamming each that isn't providing him with what he's looking for. He doesn't seem concerned in the least whose or what's door he has opened. That stern look has a habit of deterring people from confronting him anyway. Perhaps that's why he doesn't even flinch each time he repeats the action. So far anyway.]

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9 Dec 2009 03:38 pm
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[Cid is in a bit of a grumpy mood, whether or not people notice would really depend on if they were aware he has other moods. Rather than being surrounded by his usual toxic smog, he's surrounded by candy canes!
The reason for this would become obvious if anyone stopped to watch.
Getting out a cigarette, upon Cid attempting to light up, the cigarette turns into a candy cane with a little ribbon tied in a bow at the end. The end result is the candy being flicked aside and an extremely twitchy Cid having a bit of trouble keeping his hands steady enough to drink his goddamn tea.]
What the fuck is this shit?

[[ooc:I apologise for my almost complete flake out on the intro post, that was some fail on my part from trying to play too many people at once.]]

8 Sep 2009 08:46 pm
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[[How precious! Lil' Demyx is fast asleep, head resting on a pillow. He's such a precious little guy, isn't he? Except that pillow isn't a pillow. It's an arm. And that arm belongs to none other than Cid Highwind. He's still asleep, and will probably remain asleep for some time. Unless, of course, he's woken up. He's got a little handcuff on his wrist, and it leads to a bigger one on Cid's.]]


{{OOC: Cid and Lil' Demyx are chained together. ALSO, the second thread in the post is for others to jump in. Please, feel free, even if someone else is already in the thread!}}
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[The kitchen table has nearly been completely taken over with engine parts, with only a few newspapers to protect the table surface, there's already a bit of a mess with a blond man hunched over it smoking like a chimney. It's a  Cid however he looks a bit younger than most would be used to seeing, if they've seen one at all.]
Hey, Shera!
Where the fuck is that goddamn tea!?

8 Aug 2008 03:26 am
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Th' heck?! This ain't Radiant Garden!

That darn wizard's messin' with my head again, ain't he?
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[and a gummi ship comes crashing through the ceiling. Cid Highwind emerges from the rubble a few minutes later, and looks around with a huge frown]

Now where the hell is this place?
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Karts? Karts!? What kind've pussy drives around in a kart.

[And he boots one of the offensive hunks of junk]

The future is airships an' planes, dammit! Not some goddamned karts!

[Takes a drag of his cigarette, scowling at 'his' kart]

I need goddamn cup of tea, where the Hell is Shera!?


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