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[Today, there is a certain Nightmare walking around the dressing room. He is just walking along a path, simply enjoying the sunlight. It's an older Anti Black Coat, Night. And he's got a Tama Sheep and a Jestabocky. He's strolling with his two friends--Spirits--rather happily. They seem a strange trio, the Nightmare and the Spirits, wandering through rooms and exploring.]
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[Today, looking much healthier, Anti Black Coat is sitting in the library. He's looking into a book on human biology, to try to learn them better. It's a god place to start, given that he knows nothing about how they work. Better learn biology before psychology. But the look on his face says he's found something he doesn't quiet understand. Someone's ripped some of the pages out of this book, and he's missing most of the chapter on reproduction.]
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[It had been a few months since he'd last been seen, and with good reason. He'd listened to Riku--he's only been eating the things from the vending machine. But he's realized a distinct problem with that. While they taste good, for sure, they provide nothing for a Nightmare. They're all designed with Spirits in mind, and thus they're made out of bad dreams. Which is, essentially, junk food for a Nightmare. So someone has been starving for a few months, but fear of retaliation has kept him hiding--especially as he's weakened. So he's left with one choice, really: hunt down someone willing to have a bad dream so that he can eat. If he spreads it among a few people, he can get away with it, he thinks. Even Riku can't object to that.

Right now? He's sneaking along the hallways, trying to avoid the Spirits. He's pretty much a prime meal right now.]


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