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[ Happy Halloween, DR! Wait, what do you mean it's not Halloween? It certainly feels like it today. Whether you're getting woken up by your door being beaten in, slipping in a sudden trail of blood, or just running into a friend shambling down the hall sans limbs, today's atmosphere seems like it might be better suited for October.

The dressing room has been overrun with the walking dead. Familiar faces and not, they're everywhere, and they come in a variety. Slow, fast, decaying, even some that look like they're still alive. Some wander alone, and some show up in groups, while others are rare, with more extreme infections. Even animals wander the halls, proven not immune to whatever's broken out in the DR. The best option here? Stick together to survive. ]

{ mod's bored, have fun. You can use zombies of any kind to back you up. Here are some examples. Regardless of how they are in canon, these will be extremely resistant to magic, so practice those headshots and try not to get bitten. }
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[Good morning Dressing Room, some of you may find you've woken up with a strong sensation of something missing but you just can't place your finger on what it is. Your loved ones might be able to clue you in though.

Don't worry it's not gone, it may just be wandering around on it's own. Hopefully it's friendly.

Have fun!

[ooc: gist is here, basically this is similar to the gemini events but also quite different. Characters will find elements of their personality or self missing from them and the missing parts are off being their own selves elsewhere. Event ends on the 19th.

Once again this is a make new posts type event thing, but feel free to play out your wake ups shenanigans in the comments of this post if you so desire.]

6 Mar 2013 10:56 pm
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 New event/spell coming up soon. A Discussion/Planning post is up at [community profile] chamberofrepose 
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[Good morning DR! And how are you this fine morning? Feeling itchy? Or perhaps your upper lip is just a bit warmer.
It seems two things have happened overnight: first, some dusks have paved some hallways with gold bricks and second, every man, woman and child in the DR has sprouted a glorious moustache.

Shaving will not save you.]

[ooc: Direct skin contact with the 'gold' with cause random temporary increases in intellect and occasionally sprouting chest hair in the shape of a continent. You can style you moustache but shaving will just cause the moustache to grow back in an hour or two.
This will last four days, it's up to you whether you want to thread on this post or create your own, thread hopping is encouraged if you're tagging here.]
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[ At this point holiday parties are to be expected, just as much as spells and mistletoe. Four years of routine and tradition aren't often broken, especially by the DR, and the annual Christmas Eve party is here. There's not a big ballroom this year, or a large snowy landscape. Just a large room, decorated with soft couches and sofas, a large, warming fireplace with stockings hung up, and an enormous fresh Christmas tree, decorated in red and green and silver. It's nothing huge, but there are candles on shelves and the table, wreathes on the doors, and two other doors. One is a sliding glass door on the opposite end that leads to a pier over the water, lined with icicle lights, and the other leads to a snowy outdoor area filled with mysteriously docile and friendly reindeer. Who knows? Maybe some of them can even fly.

There are probably a few people who only come for the food, and they won't be disappointed. There are two tables lined with party foods. Sweets, cheeses, sausage and mini sandwiches. No matter how much is taken they never seem to run out, and there's a smaller round table of drinks, including punch and eggnog.

Formal wear seems to be a given, even with the comfortable atmosphere, and anyone who didn't at least try to dress semi-formal will find themselves in something more festive. ]

1 Dec 2012 05:38 pm
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[ You saw this coming. You know you did.

It's December 1st, dressing room residents! Just like every year, scattered throughout the dressing room, sprigs of mistletoe line the doorways. Some hold just small pieces, some large, ornate balls, but all are tied with ribbons of red, white, and brown, gold, mint greens and icy blues.

Kiss under the white and you'll find yourself sprouting a small pair of angel's wings, but kiss under the brown and you'll get antlers. (If you're really unlucky, your nose may start to glow.) The red, well, some see Christmas as a holiday for love and lovers. The blues bring snow and frost, but the greens have no effect at all. As for the gold, well... That could be anything. ]

{ ooc: some of you wanted spells. use your imagination for the gold, do what you want. the effects last as long as you like. }
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[ Hey, Dressing Room. Did you miss having working lights? Well they're up again, strings of orange and yellow, lanterns lighting the halls, purple lights hidden in the corners of floors while purple fog waves around at your feet. There's an open field right near the center of the dressing room, filled with carnival rides and games, a great big maze, and great big bags of candy. It's Halloween night, and all the monsters and ghouls have wandered there, the more violent ones driven off by costumes and jack-o-lanterns. There are ghosts on the carousel, bats hanging from the ferris wheel, and werewolves howling with the vampires on the roller coaster. ]

1 Oct 2012 01:11 am
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[ It's that time of year, when spooks and scares start to come alive for the month. In a manner of speaking. There's sure to be costumes and candy on the 31st, but right now, let's focus on something a little more unexpected. Like a power outage.

All of a sudden things are just dark. The sun was up? Not anymore. Not in any room. Settle in for a couple weeks of constant night and no electricity. The water's running just fine, and maybe there's a room or two scattered throughout the place with lighting, but they don't seem to stay on for very long. There are plenty of candles and flashlights, at least. Just remember, even those will run out eventually.

The fun part is when you realize that you're not the only thing in the dark. Every type of monster in lore and fiction has been set loose in the dressing room, it's just a matter of what you run into first. ]

{ ooc: open post. threadhop away! }
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[Good morning Dressing Room, we hope you slept well but you probably didn't. Late night on the 19th or early morning of the 20th, some of you might have found your sleep a little restless for a bit, the more nocturnal/or outright insomnia stricken residents among you who were still awake certainly found themselves awfully sleepy.
By morning (or sundown in some cases) many of you shall rise to find yourselves occupying the wrong bed, with the wrong person for some of the more unlucky saps among you, and depending on how quick on the uptake you are to notice, occupying the wrong body.
Sure it's great to stickybeak someone else's room and stuff, but someone else may be doing the same to you and yours, and there's nothing you can do about it, since the person who's got your body ain't the owner of the body you've got.
Good luck!]
[OOC: Information is here, if you haven't arranged a swap yet, there's still time to sort one out so you can participate, or you can feel free to assume your muses swapped with some random anonymous DR resident and handwave away. It's really up to you.
Though this is a make new posts type event thing, feel free to play out your wake ups shenanigans in the comments of this post.]

8 Jul 2012 07:45 pm
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Spell taking place from July 20th to 24th. A planning post is up at [community profile] chamberofrepose
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[Yo DR, we heard you like mythology so we put some myths in your- no, we aren't doing that meme.

However the DR is putting a little ancient Greek mythology in to the resident's lives. A little thematic decor here, couple of animal bits there, an accidental petrified person or two... That's all it needs right?

Today residents may find themselves waking up as
various critters from Greek mythology. Those who don't, well, they may find their wardrobe helpfully replaced to better fit in with the new architecture.]

[[ooc: thread hopping, backtagging, yadda yadda yadda, you all know the drill by now I think.]]
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[So, remember the slumber party invites from yesterday? Well, those privy to what's going on ought to swing by the game room if they want to have a good time. And even if they don't, Ienzo's made sure to set up some signs to point people in the right direction.

Upon arrival, people will find games galore. Arcade games, console games, board games, and... hey! There's even a game of Twister set up, for those of you who like getting into awkward positions.

There are tons and tons of tables set up for gratuitous amounts of junk food, punch, some healthy meals like salads, and room for guests to bring their own meals and drinks. Just no alcohol for the kids.

Also, the general party is set up between two interconnected rooms, with kids sleeping in one and 'adults' in the other. Partygoers are more than welcome to go between rooms, however.

Lastly, you can find a big screen TV and movies galore. Lots of scattered couches and beanbag chairs, too.]

[ooc: Go forth and mingle! Threadhopping, etc, is all good.]
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[Good morning Dressing Room Residents. Today the Dressing Room has been decorated once again, this time with a far more tasteful combination of balloons and streamers instead of undergarments.

In every cluster of balloons there's a couple shaped
just like a certain heartless, but after that there's nothing really out of the ordinary is there?]

{OOC: Of course this being the DR it's hardly that simple. The Darkball shaped balloons pop at the slightest provocation and release clouds of coloured gas.

list of effects )

Remember: Thread hopping, back dating and multiple effects are all welcome and encouraged.
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[ It looks like a costume shop's opened up in the DR, by the look of this new hallway and the room it leads to. Wigs, rubber fangs, acrylic fangs, claws and animal ears, tails, paws, and full-body suits. Horns, wings, and halos. There are uniforms and spooky cloaks, fake body parts, packages of makeup, and masks. So very many masks. Ranging from cartoonishly deformed, to unsettlingly realistic.

But perhaps most unsettling is the entire far wall, dedicated to costumes and masks and wigs designed to resemble the Dressing Room residents. This could lead to some very unfortunate outcomes. Did we mention that each item becomes real when tried on? Have fun removing those fangs. ]

[ ooc: Open post / threadhop event post. Have fun. o/ The costume pieces come off when covered by another costume, when destroyed, or when the character leaves the hall. Unless you want to keep them. ]

1 Apr 2012 12:06 am
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[Good morning Dressing Room! Whether you just woke up, just went to bed or didn't sleep at all, good morning anyway. The DR hopes you enjoy your lovely, lacy decorations tied into chains and hung wall to wall.

Does that pair over there look familiar? That's because it is. You might even catch sight of a dusk fleeing with similarly familiar underwear.

It's not just brassieres and panties either. Boxers, briefs, knickers, and any other sort of underwear you care to name, if it goes under the clothes the dusks have gotten into it and anything else you might have kept in that drawer.

At least they're clean.

[ooc: thread hopping is encouraged]
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[ It's a nice day to spread the love, isn't it? Romance is in the air, couples are undoubtedly using the holiday as an opportunity for affection (of varying degrees), and the halls are decorated for celebration. There are flowers and dishes of chocolates everywhere, heart-shaped balloons with curly strings stuffed animals on all the couches. There are special meals in the kitchens and even the worlds have decoration (though they seem to wilt instantly in worlds like Halloween Town), and of course, there are spells abound. Because no one gets through the holidays without a little suffering. ]

{ Happy Valentine's, DR! What more could we offer than new and creative ways to make your characters suffer? The theme this year is fairy tales, with some significant emphasis on love. Depending on what you pick, your characters will suffer one of a variety of spells, each of which can only be broken by a kiss. This can be a kiss from their lover, their best friend, or a complete stranger, but it has to have some meaning to it! This should go without saying, but couples don't have to be hit by the same spell, so have fun with that! Here are your options: ♥♥♥ ) }
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{ There's a notice pinned in the main room today, an ornate gold and white board on the wall with a long, pale pink scroll pinned up in the middle. It's so long, in fact, that the end reaches the ground and curls in on itself. There's a brilliant red feather resting on top of the board, with a matching, built in supply of ink. The question the DR is proposing to its residents is big and bold and demanding an answer: What do you find romantic? }
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[ mid-afternoon on the 20th, whether or not they've yet managed to meet up, recognize, or transfer magic, pairs will feel a burning sensation on their body as another piece of the spell takes effect. matching symbols, to help them find each other. ]
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Spell taking place from Jan. 20th to 23rd. Info up at [community profile] chamberofrepose!

1 Jan 2012 05:38 pm
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[ The more things change, the more they stay the same, and things are changing. It's a bit like falling into Wonderland. For those from a universe where 'Ansem' destroyed entire worlds, they might it find familiar, reminiscent of the dark outskirts of the worlds leftover. Soras, especially, will find the way they scatter and melt into nothing familiar. The entire dressing room is shrinking. As the worlds unmerge and become their own, disconnected from the makeshift world around them, things are reverting back to how they were. The outermost walls of the apartment building are expanding, the actual apartments themselves shifting around like a Rubik's Cube, down one, to the side, turning in place. Some go tumbling like a box kicked down a flight of stairs. Houses are sliding closer, squashed together, yards shrinking to fit a uniform length.

When things stop and the dust settles, most people will find the result just as familiar. Anyone who's been here longer than a year surely will. We're back to the original layout of the dressing room; the endless apartments. There's no end in sight, but there's also no roof, and the hallways aren't pristine. Most of them look the same, or similar enough, but they still seem outdoors. Concrete sidewalks and round stone walkways in dirt roads, desert passages made of sand and stone, grassy halls lined with vines and flowers up doorframes, or wet, murky swamps with steps leading up to rooms. There are halls for where people live, but they're virtually indistinguishable from the other halls. The rooms where nothing is predictable. The houses are all along the same 'hall', winding in a large curve back to the main room, which is where all of the halls can be accessed, the main kitchen, and special doors to go to each and every World. All that remains from before is the river, winding through the halls.

Trams still run along the outskirts, because no matter how cluttered and tight things are again, the place really is endless.

And everywhere, everywhere there are colorful bubbles floating through the air, across water, even stuck in trees. Some are clear, some filled with colored smoke, and some dripping. They crackle like glass and burst into nothing when touched, hitting the one responsible for popping them with a spell. It's the New Year, after all. Has to start off with a bang. ]

{ ooc ; Happy New Year, DR! It was voted on a while back on LJ, and now it's happening. Maybe this fresh start (in more ways than one!) will stir in a little more life. As with tradition, spells are recycled during the New Year, so! Here are the available spells to hit your character with! ) Expect more spells soon! }


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