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 New event/spell coming up soon. A Discussion/Planning post is up at [community profile] chamberofrepose 
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[It was a perfectly normal day. For the DR at least. But normal in the Dressing Room doesn't usually last. Spells happen. Or Sadists. Or sometimes just unfortunate accidents.

One of which is the cause for that sound of shattering glass, rushing water, and a scream coming from that room over there. Should anyone investigate, and for Nami's sake I really hope they do, they'll find a medium sized aquarium. However, one of the tanks seems to have been broken through by the Screwdiver Heartless now getting to it's flippers to stand over Namine, who's curled up on the floor after being knocked over by the wall of water escaping from the tank.

The Heartless raises it's trident over the still stunned Nami to finish it's attack. She doesn't look capable of defending herself or trying to escape though. The broken glass from when the tank broke did a bit of a number on her...]

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[It had been a few months since he'd last been seen, and with good reason. He'd listened to Riku--he's only been eating the things from the vending machine. But he's realized a distinct problem with that. While they taste good, for sure, they provide nothing for a Nightmare. They're all designed with Spirits in mind, and thus they're made out of bad dreams. Which is, essentially, junk food for a Nightmare. So someone has been starving for a few months, but fear of retaliation has kept him hiding--especially as he's weakened. So he's left with one choice, really: hunt down someone willing to have a bad dream so that he can eat. If he spreads it among a few people, he can get away with it, he thinks. Even Riku can't object to that.

Right now? He's sneaking along the hallways, trying to avoid the Spirits. He's pretty much a prime meal right now.]
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[A certain vampire Sora who's been lying low is out and about today. Or, well, he was, but somehow, in testing out his ability now that he's... Much more coherent than he was before... He's ended up with his jacket caught on a branch, and now he's dangling. And it's not the most graceful of positions, either.]

H... Help.
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[ Happy Valentine's Day, dressing room. Riku's got you a present.

That is to say, there's the delicious scent of warm, baked chocolate coming from the kitchen. Riku's inside, equipped with oven mitts and surrounded by a half dozen trays of baked goods. Some cut out into hearts, others still set out to cool, and yet still more going into the oven. There's a large bowl by the mixer, chocolate dripping down the side, and ingredients all over the place. Riku's popping a couple white chocolate chips into her mouth-- oh. Oh. I'm sorry. Anyone familiar with her could tell you for sure which Riku it was, but it looks like she's been hit by a spell. She looks like, well, the majority of Rikus around here. Male.

And all of the trays are filled with brownies.]

{ ooc: for those unaware, the brownies cause automatic and immediate orgasms. it's a curse. }
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[There's a very... Odd Riku Replica walking along the hallways. He's looking for a library, and there's a book tucked under his arm. Not too much out of the norm, right? Except that foul stench of darkness is probably distinct.

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[Here is a Ri. He's currently sprawled on the floor of a rather large, but sparsely furnished room. He's happily fascinated by a ball of purple fur that's rolling about in front of him, and makes a squeaky purr whenever he pokes it. The purple and pink balls of fur stand out brightly amongst the duller brown balls of fur in the room, but the brown fur balls coo quite pleasantly.

Why don't you join your friendly neighborhood Tribble dealer come in and see what Ri is doing?]
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[Scenario 1: Library]

[In one of the libraries, there is a ten-year-old boy, sitting at a table. More importantly, he's reading a biology book and he's even found a book of school worksheets to go with it. It seems he's imposed some homework on himself for whatever reason. And he seems to be enjoying himself, too, kicking his legs back and forth as he hums and continues to read about, well... In this case, he's just gotten to a chapter on reproduction. This is going to be awkward for anyone should they come across him and he have questions...]

[Scenario 2: Hallway]

[After his daily lessons, Sora can be found wandering the hallways, pulling a wagon full of advanced science books behind him while he tries to make his way to the place he's been calling home. He doesn't stop to play, just pulls the wagon behind him. Obviously, the books aren't for him--they're the kind someone entrenched in the field of science would enjoy. Like a scientist. Also, sifting through the books, there are a few in there on psychology and theories of the heart and the worlds. Guess who the books are being kept for if he ever shows up.]
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[That yell was pretty loud, and quickly cut off. There's an open doorway with the door itself broken from the hinge and sagging against the wall, but more notable is the slithering, slimy mass of tentacles spilling out into what used to be a nice, quiet hallway. There's a broken jar nearby on the ground, and the home-made cookies it had contained are strewn on the ground, some already coated in viscous slime.]
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HMD meme

As always, still accepting meme requests. Let me know in the comments of this post or via PM if there are any memes you want to see posted.

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[After that pesky mustache debacle, there is a woman walking around the halls of the DR. But she's not just walking. If she catches you, she'll happily hand you a flier for the church she's opened up in a room in the DR, with instructions on where to look. It's an open invitation to the blessings of the Light.]

Please, do come. I'd hate for the Darkness to take anyone, and the Order of Initia Nova will happily help purge it all. But I can hardly do that alone, so come. Let us purge the Darkness and welcome the Light's blessings together!
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[Good morning DR! And how are you this fine morning? Feeling itchy? Or perhaps your upper lip is just a bit warmer.
It seems two things have happened overnight: first, some dusks have paved some hallways with gold bricks and second, every man, woman and child in the DR has sprouted a glorious moustache.

Shaving will not save you.]

[ooc: Direct skin contact with the 'gold' with cause random temporary increases in intellect and occasionally sprouting chest hair in the shape of a continent. You can style you moustache but shaving will just cause the moustache to grow back in an hour or two.
This will last four days, it's up to you whether you want to thread on this post or create your own, thread hopping is encouraged if you're tagging here.]

7 Jan 2013 07:42 pm
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[So this lady Vexen probably hasn't been seen in a while.

Nothing to do with any of any being sent home nonsense (especially given she currently can't,) and everything to do finding her natural habitat and refusing to leave until she absolutely had to. Which didn't exactly coincide with things that might have forced her to be social.

This late morning finds her in one of the kitchens, spooning honey into a mug of hot water and somehow, miraculously, out of uniform. Instead opting for some
frumpy night gear she'd probably choose not to be out in public in if she was in any state to really care.

She probably looks bitter and exhausted but it's not like that's ever deterred anyone from prodding this hornets' nest.]

2 Jan 2013 10:08 pm
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The AU meme

As always, still accepting meme requests. Let me know in the comments of this post or via PM if there are any memes you want to see posted.

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[In one of the libraries, someone has set themselves up a cozy corner, making a virtual clubhouse of books--all on lore and mythology and world travel throughout the ages. And sitting on a beanbag char he'd found is none other than a young Master Xehanort, nose buried in a book detailing lore of the ancient Keyblade War. And he seems to be bored with it. This is all stuff he already knows, after all. But maybe there's something he's missing...]
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[ This particular hallway has become a lot less peaceful, as a portal has opened from who knows where, a relatively short silver-haired teenager nearly tumbling over himself from its opening with his Keyblades in hand. Running at his heels is a pair of identical young teenage boys, a bit taller in stature for their age with bright, sparkling green eyes and silky brown hair that spikes in the back. One twin looks a bit worried, and the other looks positively delighted with his find, an Omega Arts accessory! Rikka isn't so sure it was worth obtaining though, as an entire herd of Behemoths are stomping through the portal behind them, and they look pissed.]

Satu! Sanyu! Get against the wall and let them pass! I'll open a portal and get rid of them.

[ And just like that, an enormous Dark Portal opens in the middle of the hallway, the stampede running blindly through. Against the wall, Satu takes a deep breath of relief and looks over with a sigh at Sanyu, who is busy equipping his new accessory. ]
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[There's someone new in the Dressing Room. A mysterious woman all in white, with a veil over her long, green hair--almost appearing like a bride. She walks with a tall gold and white staff in hand, the top being a heart shape with a spire rising through it--almost like a handle--with a small crown on the end. She's walking with a smile upon her face, warm and inviting, while seeking something!]

There must be a room around here somewhere that would be suitable...
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[ At this point holiday parties are to be expected, just as much as spells and mistletoe. Four years of routine and tradition aren't often broken, especially by the DR, and the annual Christmas Eve party is here. There's not a big ballroom this year, or a large snowy landscape. Just a large room, decorated with soft couches and sofas, a large, warming fireplace with stockings hung up, and an enormous fresh Christmas tree, decorated in red and green and silver. It's nothing huge, but there are candles on shelves and the table, wreathes on the doors, and two other doors. One is a sliding glass door on the opposite end that leads to a pier over the water, lined with icicle lights, and the other leads to a snowy outdoor area filled with mysteriously docile and friendly reindeer. Who knows? Maybe some of them can even fly.

There are probably a few people who only come for the food, and they won't be disappointed. There are two tables lined with party foods. Sweets, cheeses, sausage and mini sandwiches. No matter how much is taken they never seem to run out, and there's a smaller round table of drinks, including punch and eggnog.

Formal wear seems to be a given, even with the comfortable atmosphere, and anyone who didn't at least try to dress semi-formal will find themselves in something more festive. ]
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[Someone's been rummaging through things. Presents under trees, special ornaments, decorations... All have been going missing. And the only clues? Is that whatever did it has to be small, and there's some footprints in the snow outside belonging to... Something inhuman. Though it thankfully might lead somewhere if you can figure out the right way, since they cross over each other a few times in some places.

Let the hunt for the Christmas Bandits begin!]
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[Remember that Sora who's messed up and sees monsters if someone isn't wearing yellow? Well, he's wandering the halls with a jar full of keys he's managed to pilfer. And even better: he's wearing yellow-tinted glasses to solve his problem. So for the moment? He doesn't see any real people as monsters! Which means he can focus on other things, like trying to scout out a permanent room to live in.

So for the moment, he's wandering the halls, only stopping to raid kitchens and other empty rooms for any left-behind keys.]


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