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[ There's a replica looking awfully displaced. His expression is none too pleased, and his shifty eyes tell of a cautious demeanor. In his short lived life, he has known a handful of worlds, and this is no where close to familiar. He didn't think it possible to take a "wrong turn" using the dark corridors - but who knew? Maybe there was more to using those dark portals than he had ever considered. Either way; here he was, a fresh face in an all too strange place, but still he always maintained his posture and confidence that he could take care of himself. ]
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[She kept her distance.

Lightning had never been one for approaching strangers.

Arms folded tightly across her chest, posture rigid and lips formed into a tight, thin line. Countless reminders that a lost boy wasn't her business, that she had more important things to attend to, echoed in her head but the pressure of leaving someone alone in the dark got to her. Muscles tensed in her jaw and she made a small sound of annoyance.

She approached the boy, arms tightened, and a look of discontent formed on her face as she asked with a sharp tongue.

You lost as well?
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No problem! Lightning can't help herself when she sees a vulnerable, pale haired boy.

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[With a humourless tone of voice she quipped back]

I asked if you were lost as well, doesn't that answer your question?

[The boy's skittish reaction had told her more than his response ever could have. He was lost but more than that, the paranoid body language hinted at some major vulnerabilities. She groaned internally, when was it that the soldier had turned babysitter.

Shaking her head in some twisted mix of pity and frustration she turned to walk away from the boy. Only when her back faced him did she look back with minimal effort.

Are you coming or what?