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[In one part of the DR Luxord can be found looking his usual gentlemanly-appearing well-groomed self simply strolling through the night. Perhaps looking far more like a vampire than usual without all the tricks he uses to make himself look more like a living man.

In another part of the DR, looking far less groomed while no less well-dressed, Luxord can be found in a hallway pushing some poor Roxas up against the wall to tear into his neck.

Looking at the blood trail through the hallway he's probably been at it a while. Maybe a few unconscious bodies if you follow it back far enough, but nothing dead yet, it's still fairly early though so it's not like there's no time.]
[ooc: backdated to the 14th because ahahaha, some stuff took priority over event participation.]
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[Well this Sora is skittering down the halls and the blood is... Getting to him, since one of the kitchens he hasn't raided yet is down this way and it's the only route he knows to it. So he's being careful and going to try and just mind his own business and walk right on by.

Key word being try.]