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[Sora is walking around, yellow-tinted sunglasses on as he totes a wagon behind him. In said wagon? Jars full of keys, some food and a knife he found. Also, an unconscious and tied-up Shadow Heartless. But that's probably not as important as the other things, right?

He seems to be lost, venturing from room to room, trying to find somewhere--or someone.]
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this was too perfect to pass up

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[Ambling down the hallway is this young Replica. It is also pulling a little red wagon full of jars. However, some of the jars are empty while others glow a warm pink from the captured Hearts in them. There's also a box of animal crackers, because Heartless hunting is hungry business.]
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[It might also help that the Replica is wearing a bright yellow shirt, a color that is part of its normal wardrobe. It will come to an abrupt halt, the jars in the red wagon clinking together.]

Oh. Hi.